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Nifty Move I pulled.
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Default Nifty Move I pulled.

We were playing at a weekly 3 game turney at my local group. I had my '17 game winning streak' list, and was playing against Orks.

The mission was simple. Take and hold an objective in the middle of the board.

Infiltrate, Deep strike, and Reserves. (During this mission, you could enter your reserves on any table edge)

He, being a fairly typical Ork army, had no infiltrators, So I infiltrated my Kroot right onto the objective, which just fit the 19 strong squad. These ended up blowing up warbuggies, tons of orks, and gunning down the warboss and his squad of nobs in one RF volley, after my broadsides popped him out of his buggy, entangled.

But that wasn't the nifty move.

On the second turn, he managed to get his kannon squad to come into play. This cause me great worry, as my kroot would be defenseless, and undoubtedly break with the 1st barage. He couldn't fire the squad -that- turn though, because coming onto the table edge counted as moving. I got a squad of Fire-warriors and my broadside squad in at the start of my next turn, and I *needed* the Firewarriors on the other side of the field, to put some shots into the rear of a looted Rhino full to the brim with heavy squads. I didn't know what to do...then started laughing manically.

I brought my Broadsides in right next to the kannon squads and assaulted them into the hapless grots. in two round of assault I had them all squished, which meant that by my next turn, they could fire their heavy weapons, just as if I had brought them onto the field somewhere else. Accept that now they had the cover save afforded by the bunker the Kannons had claimed.

I could just see the Shas'vre receiving the orders.

"Ok, Sir, you want us to come in...where? but that's right next to...yes, Sir."

"Wait, you want us to...Ch...charge? and then....then...as...asau...lt? Whats that sir?"

"What?! How? ...You mean, as in, -not- firing our guns? Just step on 'em? That 'll work?"

"Yes Sir, If you say so..."

[size=3pt]** Edited for retarded spelling and contration incompletions **[/size]
No expantion without equilibrium.
No conquest without control.
Pursue success in serenity
And service to the tau'va.
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Default Re: Nifty Move I pulled.

nicely done. I've never really played a scenario where you could come in from any table edge, so I don't know if I'd ever be able to have an opportunity like yours.
War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. - General William Sherman
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Default Re: Nifty Move I pulled.

lol, that was a good maneauvear (sp) well done. Too often the power of battlesuits vs. weak outnumbered foes (like in this example) is overlooked and the principle that tau dont do clse comabt WHATEVER applied, good tactics!
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