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TL weapons
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Default TL weapons

can you have a twin linked weapon AND an additional? with multi tracker ofcourse to shoot both, but you can have that can yo
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Default Re: TL weapons

You have three hard points on a battle suit. You may take a twin-linked weapon (two hard points) and a regular weapon (one hard point)

However this means you can't shoot both. With access to a hard-wired multi tracker you would be able to fire both weapons though.
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Default Re: TL weapons

I think he meant a TL PRs and an additional PR. That`s, unfortunately, not possible, though you could field a Crisis with a TL weapon and anoter, different, weapon.
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Default Re: TL weapons

a t-l wep counts as one weapon so yes you can have another weapon and a tracker
check the rule book its there some where
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Default Re: TL weapons

or perhaps a Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle and a Twin-Linked Rail Rifle ala Broadside.

As far as I know, Twin-Linked weapons are counted as one weapon for purposes of firing with an ability to re-roll something. A multi-tracker allows you to fire two weapons. However, you will have to fire at the same target with both weapons.

However, I don't have a codex and the BBB on hand, but look under "Twin-Linked" under "weapons" and it should be there.
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Default Re: TL weapons

how about a crisis team leader?
he could have a twin linked weapon, another weapon and hard-wire his multi-tracker.
is this possible?

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Default Re: TL weapons

Originally Posted by Grey Knight
he could have a twin linked weapon, another weapon and hard-wire his multi-tracker.
is this possible?
One of the advantages of the HQ+Bodyguard is that all members can do that, while regular XV8 teams can only have one member do that.

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Default Re: TL weapons

If you a weapon - it's not twin-linked obviously.

If you take two of the same weapon - it's twin-linked - you can't have them separate. This takes up two hard-points but fires like a single twin-linked weapon.

You can't take three of the same weapon.

As for the rest, it's covered above...
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