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Kroot Warrior
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Default Ethereals

I dunno if this is allowed but since the old codex isnt current and those rules arent used, is it possible that someone here could tell me the rules for the old ethereals, all i hear about is how they are much better
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Default Re: Ethereals

Well, the main difference between the two (without the codexes at hand), are how the moral worked. Namely, under the old codex, the Etheral gave a bonus to every Tau model on the table, while in this edition, the etheral only benefits those in its line of sight. To counteract this, now when an etheral dies the Tau units get preffered enemy, but it is still not worth it.
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And Mav is the probably the smartest one of us, so it makes sense.
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Default Re: Ethereals

I think only Tau units that take the moral check get prefered enemy.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Ethereals

Currently we're not allowed to post the rules for the Ethereals from the previous codex because Games Workshop still has copywrite on them.

but they were better than now's editions.
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Default Re: Ethereals

Is it worth it to play them? They look very cool, so I am interested in purchasing one, but how are they game play wise? Any particularly useful strategies?
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Ethereals

Ethereals in now are only good if your entire cadre is based around them. If you can find a third edition codex and your opponent lets you play with those rules for your Ethereal, I'd suggest you do it.
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Default Re: Ethereals

I use them all the time.

My army's generall hybird construction with the static component generally coming to around 500 Pts. The rest are suits, tanks, infiltrators, etc.

I love to use him, because your foot slogging taus, and even the suits are regularly taking ld checks at Ld8. Failing one is usually catathrophic. Not failing one is also sometimes catasthropic too.

Also, the way i deploy him, i put him in with my xv88 suits, who sports 2x shield drones. This allows the xv88s to pass their target priority check more reliably, and save them from running away when the drones are sacreficed.

LOS isn't a big issue for me as xv8s are generally set up with great LOS anyways.

Beside, if my firebase has been assaulted and my ethereal and xv88s go down, then i'm doing so badly it really doesn't matter anymore.

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Default Re: Ethereals

is it worth taking an ethereal in a 1500 point match because i have a great ethereal but i dont know if it is worth it or not.....
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Default Re: Ethereals

Originally Posted by magnesium
all i hear about is how they are much better
They were much better last time because you didn't need LOS to them to get the LD bonus that they gave (which is the same as the current ethereal). So not only can't you hide them, but even putting them out in the open dosen't guarantee that your troops will get the benefit (mumbles about SM "Rites of Battle"). And to boot, the only ethereal with an Inv. save was dropped.

Oh and last edition you diden't have to take a XV8 commander, so you could easily get away with a cheap 50pt ethereal HQ.
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Default Re: Ethereals

... (sobbing) I love Aun'shi... :'(....

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