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Guard vs Tau
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Default Guard vs Tau

ok so i posted this for a friend in http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=47235.0 but i thouth it was nice enough to give to every tau player also.

"those who know there weaknesses can live longer"

The way i made this it was helping Guard try and beat tau. hehe if you win every time you play its not really a game

First of is the classic Fire Warrior
Yes they are a big threat against pain old 5+ save guardsmen but truthfully your supposed "Auto cannons" are some big deal on them. here is the real deal. my Fire warriors out range any bloody lasguns so chances are ill let you come to me. if not for objectives but rarely do i ever send my FW to do anything. so ill stuff them in any piece of terrain i can get my hands on. so best thing to do is rush them with guys such as ogryn's in Chimera and equip the Chimera with two heavy flamers on it. i get no armor save and no cover save. but it wont do much ageist thing such as oh... CRISIS SUITS

Crisis Suits~
These will be pesky little buggers. i mainly equip mine with an "unorthodox" setup of Twin flamers and a Fusion blaster in a 3 man squad. BEST WAY TO KILL THEM! Krak missiles Str 8 ap 3. i don't get my saves and if you kill it no more wounds. or the best idea is Lascannons because it can be used for something much harder to kill such as oh.... THE DREADED NINJA 'O

The ninja'o is a "Ghetto" term for a Shas'O upgraded to it is almost impossible to kill. He has a BS of 5 so hits on 2's, a 2+ save, feel no pain, Hit and run, a Plasma gun, and a Cyclic ion blaster. here is how i use him. I jump close inside of 6" and shoot two shots of a str6 ap2 weapon and 5 shots of a str3 ap4 gun that rolls to wound of a 6 become ap1. then i assault you (In Soviet Russia Tau Assaults YOU!) and it will be almost imposable to kill him. i then jump away using hit and run during Your assault phase preventing you from ever shooting that squad of units. now your out of CC and i blow the Klkn out of anything left of the squad then my Ninja'O moves to his next target. he can die from one of two things. power weapons (i don't get my 2+ save OR my feel no pain) or instant death from a Str8 or more with an ap of 2 or less so all my wounds are gone and i get no saves what so ever.

Stealth suits! Oooo these are cruel towards IG. they may infiltrate and get three ap 5 shots on you that will wound on a 2+ they are cheep and have stealth!. 2D6x3 to see them if you don't you waste your shots. so i can take on like small groups with JET PACKS! main idea to kill these stay in cover and just try to see them max distance i can get after i can shoot you is 24" so about 40 something % to see. And truly they aren't that tough. the main problem is 3 save. past that and your good. Oh forgot to mention that if you move 6 to the stealth suits so your now 18” and a 72% chance to see them. Speaking of stealth lets talk about their better half Sniper Drones

Sniper drones have the same effect as stealth teams but put out a more deadly punch. With str6 ap3 it will take down about any infantry. The main problem you face with them is the constant pinning tests. I can spit my fire with a 50% chance to hit so 3 shots at least one will hit if not more and cause you to make a pinning test. I will continue to do this just to make you roll and roll and roll until you fail and stops your unit from doing anything. Best thing is the fact that its ONLY str6 so tanks can get in there without being harmed. Only with a 4 save they are pretty much just FW with bigger guns. Lastly watch out they have a marker light on them that can get tricky.

Kroot are one of my favs to use. 7 points each with 2 WS4 S4 attacks. Let alone with charging so ill have like a squad of 20 run at you. Or the guard tactic of “Ya can't kill them all” ill infiltrate and run at your more important units such as heavy weapon squads. And stay them the hell away from the main infantry. OR! Ill put them in terrain such as a building or a forest (Both give me a 4+ cover save) and my guns have ap 5 so if your in the open ill just gun you down with out even charging you. 20 shots Not in rapid fire range 10 hit about 6 wound. And if your not in cover 6 die. Let me tell you if a flamer is not in sight stay in close orders drill it bugs the Klkn out of me because now you have a higher leadership let alone a better initiative preventing me from wanting to run at them with suits or kroot.

Gun drones. They are FW on jet packs. Shoot them and they will die… I hate those things.

Pathfinders can lead to trouble by making my already good guns better. I mostly carry around 6 so 3 will hit of what I’m shooting so I can beef my BS by 2 to make me hit on 2s and reduce your cover save by one all in one firing. This ability gets lethal if I’m in rapid fire range. Once again same as FW shoot and they fall.

Vespid. IG don't have to worry about them. they can jump and stay in cover. With a str 5 ap3 weapon they are no different at killing IG then basic pulse rifles.

Every one's favorite Broadside! These will get annoying and FAST. One of the best tank killers in the game. Hitting 75% of the time it will take on most demolisher's. If you try and charge them with light infantry they have 4 shots with pulse stats that can go around cover. I keep them with shield drones so you cant just instant death them straight off. The tactic to killing these? Frickin lascannons. Get in distance and fire those shots. A 50% I will save with my shield drones but after they fall I don't have a save from that and taking out both wounds they will die. The hard part is getting to them. most games the table length will be 48” from your side to his. Well in Las cannon range. When you deploy just put your units aiming straight at his broadsides. Now for the armors

The Piranha is fast and most will be smart and put a fusion blaster on him to tank hunt. Don't worry to much about them with a 11 front and open toped most anything will kill it. Just glancing it put him at a high chance to be unable to move next turn witch has or lead to dieing in a horrible fit of rage. 1 shakes it (only problem) 2 stuns it (now you pen it up the ***) 3 destroys the only good gun on it (the gun drones aren't really guns so if you score two it moves to an immobilized) 4 Immobilizes it (ill make you re roll with decoy launchers and if I moved more then 6” it dies) 5-6 destroyed. Hit it once and its pretty much gone.

The sky ray is definitely one of my unorthodox units I put smart missiles and the works (targeting array, multi tracker, decoy launchers) your biggest problem is the 6 seeker missiles that come with it that I will try and use to get side armor on your tanks when you least expect it. all I need is a markerlight and guess what! It has two of them that hit on 3s with front 13 it is annoying and if you surround me I just fly over your guys. Once again lascannons. Or a demolisher. One of those two will take it down. A 100% I cant fire (keep in mind if I'm stunned or anything but destroyed I can still fire my seeker missiles with a maker light. And an armament destroyed can only take one one markerlight or one missile. Take out the smart missiles) and a 2.5/6 I cant move. That is the sweet spot is when one of my tanks cant move then you can pen it and if you do that I have a 50% I cant move and the other 50% I'm dead.

The hammer head is pretty much the same thing only difference is the gun. The subammuntion shot is fun but Klkn all in one. Stay in lines or large spread out groups and if done right I can only hit 3 max ever. Really same thing as the skyway. But now weapon destroyed is much more devastating to me.

Markerlights! Yum yum. Now lets get to how I can use these to kill you.

1. I can launch a seeker missile. If I have the markerlight on you I can use that to fire one seeker missile per markerlight BS5 and Str8 ap3. most of the tanks side armor is 13 so most the time a seeker missiles wont do jack even to your side armor
2. increase my BS. This only gets really bad if I can get in rapid fire with FW’s 24 shots that hit on 2s take down pretty much anything they can get there hands on.
3. Reduce your cover save. “think your save in that building well I got a red dot on you!”
4. reduce your leadership for a pinning test. If I really hate a group of guys and I got enough marker light I can pretty much make you almost always lose a pinning test but a huge gamble I rarely take.

Those are the main ones. The other marker light effects I wont even bother with
Oh and minion. Ya I beat him again yesterday.
I swear upon this day.
I will always win some way.
I have half times the strength
I have half the weight
I will have five times the stamina
~those who never louse... always win~
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Default Re: Guard vs Tau

I noticed some things that seem wrong to me. Heres my thoughts.
-since the plasma rifle on the ninja'o is rapid fire, I dont think you can assault after shooting it.
-the kroot rifle is S-4 AP-6 So even measley guardsmen get a save. Albiet not a very good one. Only 1 out of 3 guardsman will survive 3 wounds.
Otherwise, nice work, I think I might try a battlesuit kitted out like that in Cityfight at least the TL Flamer part.


Ah yea, I was unsure about that, thanks for that Deus. Im not one to go on the assault with those guys so I never really caught that. :P
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Default Re: Guard vs Tau

I'd suggest reading the entry of Jet Packs a little closer: it mentions that you can charge after firing Rapid Fire weapons.

The general rule is, if you can make an assault move, you can charge (and vice versa).
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Default Re: Guard vs Tau

how the hell did i not notice it was ap 6... after all these games
I swear upon this day.
I will always win some way.
I have half times the strength
I have half the weight
I will have five times the stamina
~those who never louse... always win~
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Default Re: Guard vs Tau

Also, the Sky Ray markelights cannot be destroyed, as even though they count as defensive weapons, they are below S4, which is the minimum Strength before a weapon can be destroyed. (Which means that things like IG Heavy Stubbers can't be destroyed either).

On the other hand, the Seeker Missiles can be destroyed by Weapon Destroyed Results. It really annoys people when they say "weapon destroyed" then you say "what, seeker (1 of X) or SMS?". And the look on your opponents face is just brilliant.
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