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Tau Allies
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Default Tau Allies

Who in the warhmmer 40k universe make good allies with tau (from both a gameplay and fluff perspective), i ask because we're thinking a team campaign. (consider all races because we might have others soon)
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Default Re: Tau Allies

Kroot mercs, Guard, maybe Marines or Eldar. Not orks, chaos, or the inquisition. Definitely not Nerons, 'nids, or Dark Eldar.

Any alliance with the imperium would be temporary, same with Eldar. Orks and chaos are to risky for the tau to ally with. The whole 'kill the alien' of the inquisition isn't good, and the others would just kill you. People don't have too many friends in the forty first millennium.
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Originally Posted by runer60000
Originally Posted by Gearhead
I believe so, I get mine at Walgreen's for around $7. Brake Fluid works too (Pine Sol Works on metals, not so well on plastics), but I prefer the spraycanniness of the Easy Off. Spray it (Wear gloves, it's important), let it sit, and take a toothbrush to it later.
so what your saying is that oven cleaner can remove paint from plastic models? and after that, you take a toothbrush to your plastic model, and the paint just comes off?
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Default Re: Tau Allies

I think Eldar would be a perfect match. Makes for an interesting dynamic, I think. The old Eldar on their way out (theoretically) teaming up with the young energetic up and comers.

I could see them teaming with the Imperial Guard too, to fight off an even greater threat.

I could even see them teaming up with an Inquisition army, a radical Inquisitor wouldn't mind the help I don't think. A Puritan surely never would, and having Grey Knights makes it even more dubious in my opinion. Which leads me to...

Space Marines, which i think might be stretching it a bit. It could still work fluffwise though, depending on the chapter.

I wouldn't even consider them teaming with Sisters of Battle, Necrons, Chaos (at least not knowingly), Nids, or Orks.

That's all fluffwise though. If it is just 4 people getting together to play a 2 vs 2 game, I never care who is on who's team. All in good fun.
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Default Re: Tau Allies

Actually, I could see them teaming up with the Orks if they didn't have the manpower or the time to be picky about who they allied with. If they could convince the orks that teaming up with them would lead to a" 'uge Bat'l wif da emeny", and even more importantly VICTORY... I don't think the orks would mind. Remember, the orks really don't care WHO they're fighting, just as long as there's fighting to be done.

Edit: Besides which, the Orks have a real likening for the kroot. Using a shaper as an emmissary would probably help relations. After all, fighting is fun for both, but a little more necessary a thing for the Kroot.
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Default Re: Tau Allies

They might also ally with the Guard as a kind of propaganda exercise, trying to win over Imperial forces by helping them out in their time of need. You could always say that the Guard army is from a recently conquered/liberated (delete as appropriate) Imperial world now loyal to the Tau Empire.

Radical Inquisitors should also be ok, depending of course on which Radical faction you're talking about.

Eldar's fine too, they'll team with pretty much anybody if it'll get the job done.

Necrons - no chance.

Nids - no chance.

Orks - slim chance. They'll probably turn on the Tau after the battle anyway.

Dark Eldar - as above.

Marines - very, very unlikely. It's only in the direst circumstances that the smurfs will accept help from xenos, and even then they're unlikely to be fighting shoulder to shoulder.

Chaos - depends if the Tau even know that they're Chaos... (dun dun DUN)

Sisters - same as marines, I reckon.
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Default Re: Tau Allies

i'm surprised at how liberal your all being.
Eldar? The Eldar proved how they don't regard the Tau anywhere near as possible allies in the Medusa Campaign.

Imperials? Yeah sure, but on the radical side. Kroot Mercs, yeah, they make sense and I don't know why the majority of their higher functions are denied. Space Marines don't make any sense, the Tau can't stand them. Orks? Farsight Mercenaries have been seen working with them along with Chaos. And besides, Ork mercenaries have worked for Empire forces in the past.

Nids- no way.
Necrons- i'm honestly tired of this one- no no no
Dark Eldar- on the same terms as the Eldar in my opinion
Chaos- its an anomalous trans-dimensional human force- why not
Sisters- less likely the Marines
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Default Re: Tau Allies

Well calmsword, as far as fluff goes, between all the races the Eldar and Imperials are probably on more of a level footing with the Tau when it comes to getting along. By no means do they get along, each faction is dead set against the others (that's why their different armies). But between all the races, if their was going to be an ally, the Eldar and Imperials would probably the first one's in the que for compatibility. In fact I don't see the Eldar being that hard nosed, they are notorious for using other factions so who's to say their alliance has anything to do with friendship? They may just be making use of the Tau when and where they have no other choice for success.

In a friendly campaign though does it really matter? Why not just play the game and try to make up fluff later to explain it, it could be quite fun that way. I play 2 vs. 2 games with my buddies all the time. I can't tell you how many looks we got when it was Necrons and SOB on the same side.

Orks I could possibly see. They love to fight, if you promise them that they'll be happy (for a while). Maybe the Tau will promise them a good fight as well as some tech. for their mech boyz just to stay on their good side for a while.

Factions can be allies by just having the same objective too. They don't necessarily have to work together. Nid's want to eat everything, Necrons want to kill everything (either way everything is going to end up dead). Hey Hey it's a match made in hev...hell. Heck chaos likes killing stuff too, might want to throw them in that lot as well.
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Default Re: Tau Allies

lol fluff wise i dont think imperial guard would team up with me... 26 victorys in a row undefeated doesnt really help my props with them
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Default Re: Tau Allies

Personally, I doubt that Kroot Mercs would team up with normal Tau. If Tau realized the kroot were selling themselves everywhere they would probably be pissed.
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Default Re: Tau Allies

im sure they already know... i but i bet tau pay more.
I swear upon this day.
I will always win some way.
I have half times the strength
I have half the weight
I will have five times the stamina
~those who never louse... always win~
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