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tactics against plague marines
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Default tactics against plague marines

I need help my friend who plays Plauge marines keeps wiping the floor with my tau Any tactics that work especially good against them. I have a devilfish a crisis suit (with plasma rifle ,missile pod and multi tracker) 12 fire warriors and 16 kroot including a converted shaper. what am i doing wrong.
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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

I think you lack firepower. Maybe more firewarriors. ???
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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

These questions really strain my nerves. 40k was designed to be balanced at 1500 points. If you can't get that, the next sorta balanced level is 400 point Combat Patrol. Questions like these are pointless.

With a squad of Kroot, Firewarriors, and a single suit what sort of answer do you want? Are you shooting them? Are you making saving rolls? That's basically all you have to do at this level.

That being said. Plague Marines are an easier match up for Tau at lower points levels. They don't have heavy weapons, and they move slowly. Just line up Firewarriors 30" away and pump shots into them until they drop. Shoot with the Kroot in cover. Plague marines are expensive, you should have a lot more stuff then he does. This should tip the balance in you favor.
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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

Is the crisis suit your commander? If yes, then maybe taking a Fusion Blaster, and/or taking a shas'o with a better BS would help. The Plasma Rifle is your only high AP weapon so I'd milk it as much as I can.

How does the game usually play, i.e. what tactics does your opponent use. Give us more info. and we can give you more help.

With an army that small we can't really suggest much. I'd guess your pretty much stuck playing 400-500pt games, correct? Are you taking a lot of extra options/upgrades on your army just to meat the pt's limit of the game? Because that's a common mistake new player make thinking that it won't hinder them much, while their opponent instead max's out on troops giving them a big advantage.
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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

first step?
buy more models ;D
chaos is expensive (point wise) basicly for their super cool spiky guns and their 3+ save... and nurgle is a "sit, shoot, wait for charge, hold on charge and put a beat down with our true grit" no? am i getting this wrong? because this is the only way i see it being played
for me, the true anti-chaos for tau is battle suits... i love me some crisis suits...
i run 5 crisis suits (2 HQ's and 3 seperate elite suits) and an ion head (sometimes two) against my khorne/slaanesh/nurgle friends and 2 mounted fire warrioir squads.
the suits and ion cannon put a BEATDOWN on their armies.
the suits are kitted out for marine and tank busting
plasma rifle/plasma rifle/ targetting array/HWMT
and on one HQ i give it a Cyclonic Ion Blaster, to utilize the BS5

but if thats all you have, and cant buy any more models for awhile, then i dont know what to tell you unless you tell us how he plays...
whats his usual list, what tactics he uses against you, what you're doing to him... ect.
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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

Crisis plasma...and lots of it. An ion head couldnt hurt either.

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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

Thanks for the feedback. I suppose I should have been more specific, we play something like combat patrol. Are armys are still in the making so a lot of rules have bee broken( he uses terminators in combat patrol and three of his squads are under the mininum man limit). His Plauge marines use infiltrate as there veteran skill so there on me by turn two. his army list im not sure of but he uses 7 Plauge marines, 3 terminators, 2 nurgling bases, 3 plauge bearers and a rhino with an annoying havok launcher. He uses his rhino to screen his terminators and his nurglings simply walk towards me and at 10pts each i dont bother shooting at them.
I drift in and out a lot, so my return really does not deserve it's own topic.
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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

The main problem I see is that his illegal list is immensely helping him. In such small games, three termies make a great difference, expecially if your only weapon to deal with them is a single Plasma Rifle.

The only advice I can give you is play a REAL Combat Patrol scenario with all the rules, and force him to play a legal list. Otherwise it just doesn`t make any sense to play...
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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

***Opinion has no warranty or return policy ;D***

..... well, besides that nurgle has an extremely resilient core troops, and other deadly tricks... Your opponent cheats... and not "powergamer kinda way", but absolutely real one.

There is a reason why terminators are not allowed in combat patrol. Also I am not sure that nurgle can even use the "inflitrate" as their veteran skill... But you better check with a chaos experts on this one.

Aside your opponent cheating, ... well I see you have a full list (somewhat). A you can not use Shas'El in patrol, -> he has 3W so no go. You can use Shas'ui team leader with TA + PR + Missile pod + HW MT. You'll get a BS 4 fire knife. keep him out of range. First bust his rhino (with missile pod it should be a peace of cake), without it he can't screen anyone or run away. Even if he uses Termies, plasma rifle should solve your problem.

Against infiltrate ... dude, hears what you can do -> Nurgle is slow and even with inflitrate he can't get to you fast enough (rhino can't infiltrate so it can't give them a lift). Just fire once, next turn -> hop into your fish and run. He has no special weapons (operantly) he can't really hurt your fish unless you turn your rear to him. Bolter CAN'T hurt frontal armor or even side one. So you have a fortress that can fly. Unless he'll get some weapons. After first valley of shooting -> Hop in fish and execute FoF. and then until you kill all 7 of his marines. Suit can take care of his rhino and termies. Also for extra 15 points you can upgrade your suit to Shas'Vre and give him stimulator injector (just for this battle, in bigger ones give it to someone bigger) so he will be VERY resistant to bolter fire.

Well and all this not counting kroot... who BTW are very strong. Use them to counter infiltrate his marines and annoy them. If he is dumb enough to charge you while you in cover... well then he is in for a treat

I hope I helped.

EDIT: Small note -> NEVER use FoF versus termies, they'll powerfist your fish to death. Str 8 strikes are more then enough to punch a whole the size of well feed squig right in the frontal armor of your fish.

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Default Re: tactics against plauge marines

I would say one of the biggest weaknesses you are facing is the fact that he's out-right cheating. If it's not intentional, ask him to make a proper combat patrol list.

From what I seem to recall about combat patrol rules:

No unit may have a combined armour value of over 33. (Rhinos good, Land Raider bad)

No unit with more than 2 wounds.

No unit with a save of +2.
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