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Question about Piranhas
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Default Question about Piranhas

Do the Piranhas have landing gear? In the Tau Empire Codex it says that all Tau vehicles have them, but in the army list it seems to note that Hammerheads and Devilfish troop carriers have them while leaving it out on the Piranha entry. I ask this question because it would allow them to hide behind terrain features and be even sneakier and more annoying as a flanking tank buster as there would be no line of sight until they race up and unload a volley.
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Default Re: Question about Piranhas

no they dont but remember this. one skimmers CAN HIDE BEHIND TERRAIN they only cant if they are moving through it or stay on top of it. Two the landing gear only works if you dont move that turn so then your a sitting duck. skimmers are great for cosatnly moveing back and forth.
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Default Re: Question about Piranhas

I would work under the assumption that Piranha's do not have landing gear. The fact that it is listed in the wargear section seems to imply that it is not universal, as is how it is specifically mentioned on Dfish and Hammerhead entries. There's also the nifty little fact that there doesn't seem to be any form of landing gear on the Piranha whatsoever.

Plus, what Funshade said is correct. It's much better to keep moving- it's what skimmers rely upon for survival in combat. If you spend an entire turn in one place, the enemies tank busting units are going to kill you.

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Default Re: Question about Piranhas

Eh, strictly speaking, I would say no. Its hardly clear, but regardless, it's really not a big loss, as the little buggers aren't all that good at blocking LOS anyhow.

Besides, penetrating hits on open topped vehicles are absolutely horrific. I can't imagine not moving if I have the option.

Tetras are similar, I imagine, is landing gear mentioned in IA?
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