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Noob vs Noob Battlereport
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Default Noob vs Noob Battlereport

Just played my first 40k game. 500pts of my Tau against Space Marines. My opponent are pretty new in Warhammer too, im noober in 40k but experienced with Warhammer Fantasy.

Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle , Multi Tracker

8 Fire Warrior
Pulse Rifle
1 Devilfish
Burst Cannon, Gun Drones, Multi Tracker, Targeting Array, Decoy Launcher

6 Fire Warrior
Pulse Rifle

Railgun, Burst Cannons, Multi-Tracker, Target Lock, Decoy Launchers

497 points.

Space Marines

2 Tactical Squad


2 Woods,3 Hills,1 Rocky area and 2 Ruins.

Tau HQ Black, Devilfish Light Blue, Hammerhead Dark Blue, Fire Warrior White.

Space Marine HQ Yellow, Tac Squads Green, Dreadnought Red.

Deployed in opposite quarters of the board, Tau got first turn (Space Marine won dice but choose to go second). Objective was to control most Table quarters.

Turn 1
Devilfish move east, Hammerhead move north and fire on Dreadnought, immobilized and may not shoot next turn.

Space Marine moves toward Tau.

Turn 2
Hammerhead fire on Dreadnought, Devilfish Move, Shas'el fire.

Space Marine Move towards Tau

Turn 3
Hammerhead fires on Dreadnought again, Devilfish unload troops between rocky area and ruins. Shas'el fires.

Space Marines move towards Tau and Dreadnought and a Tactical Team fire on Devilfish.

Turn 4
Hammerhead fire on Dreadnought. Shas'el fires on a Tactical Squad, a few casualties, Two Fire Warriors Squads, Drones and Devilfish fire on a Tactical Team, a few casualties.

Dreadnought got 2 glancing hit on Devilfish, may not shoot next turn. A Tactical Team try to fire on Fire Warriors but drones are closer and fail target priority test. Both Drones Dead.

Turn 5
Hammerhead shoot on Tac Squad, a few casualties. Devilish move, Firewarriors and Shas'el fire, a Tac Squad wiped out.

Tac Squad assault Hammerhead, no damage. Other squad fire on Fire Warriors, two brave Tau dies. Dreadnought hit Devilfish again, may not shoot next turn.

Turn 6
Hammerhead fire on Dreadnought for last time but still no more damage. Devilfish move. Fire Warrior shoot at a Tac Squad and other Fire Warrior and Shas'el wipe out Space Marine HQ.

Dreadnought fire on Devilfish again, may not move or shoot next turn.
Last Tac Squad assault Fire Warriors and kill 2 more Tau.

Tau had lost 2 fire warriors from each squad and two drones from Devilfish.

Space Marine lost HQ, a Tac Squad, 7 marines from other squad and Dreadnought immobilized.

One quarter unoccupied, two quarters contested and one quarter in Tau Control, Tau win game.

Learned allot from this first game, i shoot pretty well, my vehicles can take allot of beating but i have nothing to do in close combat.

The Space Marines had a nice armor save from my shooting, and eat me alive in close combat.

I was pretty lucky to immobilize the Dreadnought in first turn.

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