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Assault and different weapons in Firewarrior unit
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Default Assault and different weapons in Firewarrior unit

This is probably more of a core rules question (and quite a basic one at that), but it's something that arose in a game recently that strangely made us question it....

I'll use a Firewarrior unit as an example:

Let's say we have a unit of 6 pulse rifles and 6 carbines. If all models were to shoot in the same round, how does it work if they then wanted to assault? Of course, the rifles can't assault but the carbines are Assault weapons. Is the whole unit restricted from assaulting due to containing non-assault weapons? If only the carbines were permitted to assault then they would quite likely loose unit coherancy.

It's probably some fundamental rule we've missed but it's raised a curiosity.

Many thanks.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Assault and different weapons in Firewarrior unit

If you fire any kind of Rapid Fire weapon (pulse rifle) from the unit then it cannot assault. So in Your example you could fire 6 shots from your carbines (assault 1 weapon) and then make an assault move OR fire 12 shots from your rifles (rapid fire range) and 6 from your carbines (and hope for pinning!) and not assault in the same turn.

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Default Re: Assault and different weapons in Firewarrior unit

If one cannot, then none can.

Same with heavies. Say you have a devastator squad, and you move the non heavy carrying sergeant, none of the unit can then fire their heavies.

Also like if you have an assault unit with a bolter. If you fire the bolter, none of the assault unit can charge.

Termies are an exception, as are battlesuits however.
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