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Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?
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Default Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?

Hi all,

Having received my two Forge World XV88-2 Broadsides yesterday. I noticed that they came with the wrong sized bases. Now, I'm quite sure that this isn't an accident, but my Question is: Why?
Why do Forge world Supply them with the larger bases. As far as I am aware this makes them illegal for tournaments. Is this true?

Any help at all is much appreciated,
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Default Re: Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?

There was a brief disscusion on this a while back, and as far as anyone knows, they use those bases because they look better when the model is fully painted and based. Note that it is not illegal to use a base larger than what the model comes with, but rather that it is illegal to use a smaller base (BBB, pg 6, "Bases").

General consensus is that it's okay to mount Forge World models on 40mm bases despite this, since that is what all other crisis suits come with, and most people jsut use them to represent these.

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Default Re: Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
The Forgeworld models come with larger bases to give hobbyist more opportunity for dynamic modeling, converting and posing.
There is nothing wrong with using a 40mm base either, it's just a bit bland. (and ruleslawyers get a dreadsock for saying it needs to be on a larger base)
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Default Re: Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?

Hi brettonian4

I raised this very same question here not too long ago....check it out: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=46528.0
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Default Re: Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?

For tourney's, unless explicitly stated, there's usually no problem in mounting a model on a larger base. Check the rules first obviously...

At the moment I don't feel the XV25s 'fit' on a 25mm base.. so I just bought a pack of 40mm bases. Looking a lot better already.
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Default Re: Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?

Check out p.6 of the main rulebook. Models are allowed to be mounted on larger bases, but not on smaller ones. The base a model comes with is to be considered the minimum legal size base. Therefore, there's nothing wrong with mounting an XV8 or XV88 on the larger monster base. Of course it does make it easier to assault you, more difficult for you to hide behind terrain, and allow your opponent to fit more models in base to base with you in close combat.
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Default Re: Size of Forgeworld Battle Suit Bases?

I mounted my XV89 commander suit on an actual dread base, as I thought it looked cool.

Upshot was, he looks cool, and has died 3 times as a result of the larger base.

But he looks cool, so its ok

As said, there is nothing wrong with putting your forgeworld suits on the 40mm base, and anyone telling you otherwise needs a serious dreadsock.
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