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Battlesuit Loadout Question
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Battlesuit Loadout Question

Hi guys. So I've got a tournament coming up (in January) and i've decided to attend using my tau list. I don't have it written up but as of the moment it consists of 2 fire warrior squads, one unit of Vespid, one Battlesuit with Plasma Rifle and Burst Cannon.

So obviously to meet the 1200pts limit, I'm gonna need some more models. However I started the army without any tournament ideas in mind, I intend to make it less of an army that will do the best in tournaments and more of an army I can look at that think is cool

This brings me to my actual issue. I'll soon be purchasing some more battlesuits, and inspired by some of the amazing conversion work of Shas'el Tael I'm going to be doing some work on them aswell, probably meaning they won't have interchangeable weapons.

I plan on running a pair with Plasma and Burst, and another pair with Twin-Linked Missle Pods with a flamer. The rest of the army will involve two squads of 10 kroot, two piranhas, possibly a unit of pathfinders and most likely a Fireknife Shas'El. Heavy Support has been undecided.

Now its the latter of these configurations that i've been uncertain about. Naturally the flamers would only be used when i've got something nasty on my doorstep. I don't really like the standard Fireknife configuration either, which is why i'm largely devoid of it.

Before you say it, I know that I can't fire both the twin linked missle pod and the flamer, but the flamer is mostly a situational and a personal thing. I have to admit that I love the idea of flamers on battlesuits.

So what our your thoughts about this modified Deathrain config? The benefits as I see it is a long range unit that takes out light armour with the option of adding its flamers when a GEq or Hordey melee unit has reached me.

Its something that I just want to do because its my army, but is this really just too unorthodox to work properley?
(sorry for the massive post too)
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

I'm questioning the Plasma and Burst suits...but whatever floats your boat.

In the third edition of the Tau Codex, Flamers were often employed on Crisis Siuits because they were cheap and effective enough to be used if you got yourself into a really sticky situation. So I'm not opposed to it.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

In retrospect the suit would've been better as a burst+missle suit, but the army started with small dreams in mind, and in 500pts the plasma would be for dealing with MEqs.

Besides if all else fails, volume of shots will bring down those MEqs. But one criticism would be that my i've sort of gone half half with each pair of battlesuits and that none specialise in anything.
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

Do you have something against magnets? I see no reason to permanently attach any weapons, on a crisis suit. However, the flamer Deathrain suit is a great one. I always have at least one in my army. It is very cheap, and I actually have used the flamer before, to good effect. Allthough I am going to try the TA Deathrain, and see if I like that.

Commander Scoutfox
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

Scoutfox, the Targeting Array Deathrains almost never misses for me. I have a Deathrain squad with the Team Leader as a Shas'Vre with AFP, HW Target Lock, & HW Multi-tracker. They're great light vehicle killers and they don't do too bad verse troops. The AFP is those times you need a Pie Plate of Doom[sup]TM[/sup] NOW!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

@Scoutfox; Ah, its not that I don't like magnets but the conversions I intend to do require the bitz to be modelled directly. Well, particularly for the flamer deathrains whose missle launchers I intend to model in the torso, replacing one of the pectorial armour pieces in sort of a mechwarrior fashion.

My one plasma+burst at the moment has the burst glued on since it is shoulder mounted and I wanted the gun facing the same direction as the head (which is on an angle).

Its good to hear that you've used the flamer deathrain before and with some success though. The only chagrin I have is that it means I didn't think of it first
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

Before Codex Tau Empire was released, the Flamer was the default option to occupy the 3rd hardpoint on Deathrain config XV8's. It's only since the new codex came out and our support system options have increased that you're starting to see Target Arrays and Blacksun Filters supplant the Flamer as the hardpoint options of choice.

So the short answer to your question is, yes, a Flamer is a perfectly good option to fill the 3rd hardpoint on a Deathrain. In fact, before Tau Empire was released, it was the standard. Good luck!
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

im going to experiment with a squad of crisis suits with this on them

Twinlinked Flamer
Fusion blaster

Twinlinked flamer
Fusion blaster

Twinlinked flamer
fusion Blaster

The twin linked flamer is one of the funnest weapons i have ever had. one it will blow though any +5 saves but as for someone like space marines well lets have this load out

each of my crisis suits hit about 6 guys with there flamers each thats 18 guys roll to wound becomes 9 now add the twin linked part comes out to about 11 wounds then they have to roll there saves causing about 2 wounds for such a cheep weapon.

its just the fact that they auto hit and twin linked roll to wound for only 6 points. then if a tank rolls buy you can use your fusion blaster and take it on! its going to be eaither or so no real point of shoot both at one target.
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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

Hmmm I got few things to say on this one...

1st On magnets... Yeah ScoutFox hear is right AND wrong. right as it will give you variations for the army. You can switch it around and see whats works best. Wrong is he because that will cut the number of the conversions in half if not bigger. You see, IMO converting suits is one of the biggest options for a TAU player. But magnets limit that... For my Shas'El (Who is under constraction, yeah still...) I made a converted plasma rifle. But for second weapon and support systems I will make it swapable. Not with magnets but with Pins. I'll try to make it as easy and better looking as I can.

2nd on Universality. I do not really like that. At least not for suits. When you the only thing that separates your Sunforge from a laindraider is 6' of thin air... You want to MAKE SURE that you will hit. Thankfully, Fusion blaster will ensure that you will do some good damage. But there are exceptions of course. But before you do anything, ask yourself what cadre are you running?

Static Cadres tend to have Marker light support. They do not really need TL weapons or TA. I mean sure it is nice, but BS from lights is way better. Hear you can try some weird combos like PR & BC. Its not bad, juts lacks of actually hitting things... But if target is light up like a Christmas tree... Then problem is solved!

Mechanized are tend to do not use that much lights then static. They may run a team of pathfinders. May be a skyray. But usually there is just not enough points...
Meaning your suits are on their own. Now the can use that TL fusion/PR/Missile pods so that they WILL hit.

In the end it boils down to the number of lights in your cadre. The more you have the more weird combos you can try.
***Note on flamers, while Tonka is right (again :shifty I don't really like that. Sure its a good combo, but if someone will get close enough to your death rains (Working arc of 42' ! Its a BIG arc) they are pretty much done for...

I run mech and was going to try this -> Storm surge (no I didn't made that up Storm =BC, Surge = Fusion)

Fusion + BC + MT X 2 = 45 X 2 = 90 points. They can engage APC and dudes inside them. AKA chimera's night mare... They are cheap, and when guided should do fair. They can easily look after main dakka fishes.

I am not sure whether am I going to try this or not... I want stealth in my cadre as well and I need Sunforges & death Rains... Running out of slots hear... ;D

I hope I helped

***Another note, tactical part is just an opinion, so there is no warranty or return policy ;D***

P.S. Your combo called Storm Blade (Storm = BC, Blade/Knife = PR)

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Default Re: Battlesuit Loadout Question

[quote=Lonely Tau]
I'm questioning the Plasma and Burst suits...but whatever floats your boat. [/qoute]

agreed id think a Plasma missile pod combo for tournaments but as LT said what ever floats your boat.

[quote=Lonely Tau]
In the third edition of the Tau Codex, Flamers were often employed on Crisis Siuits because they were cheap and effective enough to be used if you got yourself into a really sticky situation. So I'm not opposed to it. [/qoute]
agreed again.

as for the Heavy choice. if you are expecting lots of Power armour opponents id say snipers but Seekers can work well against them. board sides are all ways a good choice as are two hammerheads a ion and rail.

good luck

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