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Tau 1500 points, first efforts!
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Default Tau 1500 points, first efforts!

Hi there everyone, I'm very happy to be a new member of this most excellent forum
i've been playing 40k for about 8 years and recently I have been thinking about collecting a tau army for a new challenge. I have read through many forum posts regarding tactics, FoF etc etc and i was hoping someone could advise me on my first 1500 point list. The main focus for my army is to keep it as mobile and and as balanced as possible because i face a very broad range of opponents. So without further ado here goes...


(plasma rifle, missile launcher, hw drone controller, 2 drones, multi tracker)



6 man stealth suit team
(team leader with hw drone controller, 2 drones)

2 man crisis battlesuit team
(both armed with plasma rifle, missile launcher, multitracker)


12 fire warriors with devilfish
(devilfish with decoy launcher, multi tracker 1 x seeker missile)

12 fire warriors with devilfish
(devilfish with decoy launcher, multi tracker 1 seeher missile)

6 fire warriors
(with team leader, marker light)

12 Kroot

Fast attack

8 gun drones

Heavy support

hammerhead with railgun, seeker missile, decoy launcher, multi tracker

1 broadside with smart missile system and multi tracker

I didn't want to post points values but i have 11 points spare. Please have a look and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance! O0
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Default Re: Tau 1500 points, first efforts!


Welcome to the Boards... and to the Greater Good!

Your list looks good to me, however there are a few problems.

HQ - If you drop him to the Shas'el, and save a few points, you can do a lot more. Also, this commander doesn't need gundrones as you'll probably always be out of range to have the gundrones take some fire shots. I would save the points to beef up other squads as this guy is solid on his own. (Saves near 47 points)

Elites - Solid stealths. I like full teams with drones, as getting their squad size up is great and those drones get the benefits of the stealths abilities.

Elites - Seperate these two crisis suits into two different squads. Then you're golden

Troops - You need your Shas'ui for sure on these. The multi-trackers and seeker missile are just eating your points away on devilfish. You don't have enough markerlights to use these seekers reliably (someone can waste your markerlight squad and your seeker missiles become wasted points), and the markerlights hit only half the time, so you may only get one seeker off anyways. The multi-tracker is an upgrade best reserved for hammerheads. A good upgrade for the fish is a Decoy Launcher though, so give that one a try. (Can save up to 10 points, if you take the essential upgrades, and drop the non-essential ones... shas'ui and decoy launchers, drop multi-trackers and seeker missile).

Troops - Little markerlight team, well, this team is expensive for what it can do. I would drop them. If you want an extra markerlight, consider some Auxiliers, as they're a load cheaper and have the same effect. Otherwise, just fill the squad out and lose the markerlight and send them marching on (Ethereal could guard them to help stand ground).

Troops - Kroot are good, but fill this squad out more if you can. With some saved points, you can at least bump up to 16 and a few more, up to 20 and then you're set.

Fast - Solid gundrone squad.

Heavy - The hammerhead needs to lose that seeker missile and instead take target locks.

Heavy - Good broadside, however, this is where I would put the gundrones instead of your commander. This xv88 cannot move, so a little protection is useful.

Good luck!
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Default Re: Tau 1500 points, first efforts!

lookin good but make the 6 man squad bigger i tried the same thing and they were out of the game after losing 2 men. So they never made there points
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Default Re: Tau 1500 points, first efforts!

drop him to 'El to save points, drop the drones, he wont need them.

youre playing a mecha cadre here so drop the etheral, he'll get killed real quick.

split the crisis team and youve got a winner.

Drop the Seekers, you have one ML. swap them for Shas'ui's, drop the multitracker or give them a targeting array, its only 5pts a pop and a BS4 BC is worth 15pts IMO.

drop the small team, they just arent worth anything IMO, 6 models drop fast and 3 casualties makes them a nonscoring unit.

I'd be tempted to drop the drones for more kroot myself, but its not a neccecity.

you need a secondary weapons system, so swap the seeker for BC and youre set.

I'd drop the BS myself, with the points from the FW team you can afford another HH.

good list overall, just some niggles.
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