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Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha
View Poll Results: Who shall lead the Gue'la on Golgotha?
Gue'vesa'o Harkins Gerrow 12 54.55%
Minister Alidar Janlo 10 45.45%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha

Your choices are below:

Gue'vesa'o Harkins Gerrow

Gerrow was formerly a Colonel in command of the Cadian 62th, however when his regiment was sent to fight the Tau they were caught in a warp storm and suffered horrendous losses to foul beast therein. When they finally arrived in Tau space they were attacked by marrauding Dark Eldar forces. Facing certain annhilantion they sent out a desperate call for help, despite the lack of any known imperial ships in the area. To their surprise the first forces to respond were those of the Greater good. After driving off the Dark Eldar the Tau offered them assitance and friendship. Stunned by the alien's gesture of goodwill Gerrow accepted, and now serves as chief Gue'vesa officer on Golgotha.

************************************************** **********************************

Minister Alidar Janlo

Born and raised on Golgotha, Alidar was farily unremarkable. He had been born to a wealthy family, and so while he was able to escape service in the Planetary Defense Forces, he was not able to escape his destiny: politics. He fell to it with a passion, however, and rose through the government, swaying people to his cause through the power of words. At least, most of the time.

One day early in his career, he was serving as scribe for the Governor when an Inquisitor came from Holy Terra itself. The Inquisitor was a thin rail of a man, but with a aura of power and fear that radiated from him. This man, Alidar realized, wielded true power, not just the trappings of it that the governor did. This was something to emulate, a power to wield. Alidar may not have liked anything else about the Inquisitor - his fanatacisim and penchant to overreact to the slightest thing (he had a man killed just for brushing him in the hallway) for starters - but this power would be useful.

And so he began cultivating an aura similar to the Inquisitors, but different. He made sure that people knew two things about him: that he had power over people who had the keys to the kingdom, and that he had control of ways to eliminate those who opposed him. Now, at first only the second was true - he in fact knew, and put into his employ, an assassin, as well as employing various other methods for eliminating a person as a rival or threat. But as he had expected, this allowed him to gain the first.

As such, Alidar was in the highest offices of the planetary government very quickly. At least, until the Tau came. He knew upon meeting their Ethereal leader after their conquest that this Xenos, too, had power, like the Inquisitor. Only the Ehteral didn't use it to kill those in his path, or to instill fear in those beneath him. This Aun used it to further the goals of his people, and to preserve life whenever possible. He knew that these aliens would be better masters than his own Imperium, and although he also knew that should the Empire reclaim this planet he would be executed, he accepted the Ethereal's offer to become the leader of the Gue'vesa on the planet. He had finally achieved power, and would do anything to preserve it, even if it meant fighting against the Imperium if - and when - they returned.
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Default Re: Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha

Only a few more hours to vote, so make sure your voice is heard.

Commander Scoutfox
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Default Re: Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha

i was actually just wishing my voice could be heard 3 more times :P
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Default Re: Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha

So I take it Gerrow wins? Cool.
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Default Re: Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha

Yay, my choice won. I just figured it would make more sense at this stage in the Tau's presence on Golgotha to have a military commander rather than a civilian one.
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Default Re: Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha

Yup I agree.

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Default Re: Poll for Gue'la leader on Golgotha

I liked the fluff for the minister better. Not a big deal I guess, I suppose you'll be able to do more on a battle field with a military commander than you would with a diplomat.
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