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Change of mind. Selling tau.
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Default Change of mind. Selling tau.

I'm probably posting this in the wrong section.

Anyone interested in some tau mini's?

PM me. Sorry if it is in a bad place!
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Default Re: change of mind. Selling tau.

I don't know if it's in the right place or not but which ones?

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Default Re: change of mind. Selling tau.

Just a tip for selling, post what you have, and the condition, as well as what you're hoping to get.

Normally, theres a trading board for this sort of thing, but until that comes back up, it looks like the race specific boards are probably the most appropriate place(though Im not a mod, so I cant say for certain)

In any case, if the forum fails you, try ebay.
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Default Re: change of mind. Selling tau.

The trading boards are down because we are reorganizing them. They should reopen some time this summer. Please hold off on this sort of thing until then.
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