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Batrep: Tau vs Eldar (750pts)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Batrep: Tau vs Eldar (750pts)

Well, folks, the day started out with a fog of apprehension. I was set to do battle against those pointy-earred psykers from the Craftworlds. The brave forces of the Kadas Cadre from the Sacea Sept world fielded the following:

-Shas'El w/ CIB,MP,SG, and HWMT
-12 Firewarriors w/ Shas'ui, Bonding Knife, Mounted in DF w/ Decoy Launcher and MT
-Kroot x10
-Stealth x 3
-Crisis Team of 2 suits. 1 BC,FB,Targeting Array. 1 BC,Flamer,MT
-Piranha w/ FB, DL, DP, and Targeting Array
-Broadside w/ Adv. Stabilisation.

The Eldar of Craftworld Swordwind (I believe it's a made up name for my buddy's Craftworld.) fielded the following
-1 Warlock
-Guardian Squad w/ Missile Launcher on Hvy Support Platform
-Pathfinders (upgraded Rangers)
-Striking Scorpions w/ Kharandis (sp?) (Yeah, apparently, there's not a point limit for the Phoenix Lords. Nothing that says army must be 1500pts or some such, they can drop in anytime)
-2 Warwalkers w/ starcannons (I believe starcannons, I know they weren't lances)

We only played three turns before game was called on account of lunch. If we'd continued to 6 turns, I'm fairly certain I could have evened things out to our usual conclusion (both of us battered, bloody, and with much respect for the other guy).

The Board: Standard table with three hills placed across the center of it long ways (height 1, middle hill was height 2). A few sparce fortifications thrown up between hills. A category 3 tower just at the edge of his deployment zone. Not much cover for either of us, but oh well. The game was intended to introduce a curious friend to the basics.

The Objective: We played what we call a 12" beat-em-up. Deploy as standard, 12" in from the short edges and 12" deep, so a four foot zone for deployement in the middle of the 6' side. Kill as many as you can.

The Deployment: He won the deployment role and graciously allowed me to deploy first. My Broadside wound up centered in my deployment zone towards the edge of it closest to him. My Crisis Team and Commander (not attached yet) were forward of the Broadside and to the right. Firewarriors deployed behind the DF, which sat at an angle further to my right. Piranha holding the left flank. He deployed his walkers, one centered, one tucked behind the tower. His guardians w/ attached warlock were deployed between the two warwalkers at the far back of his zone.

The Infiltration: His Pathfinders went in on his side of the leftmost hill, facing the Piranha. I infiltrated my Kroot so that the tower was between them and one walker, placing them 12" from it and 18" from the guardian squad. He set up the Scorps 18" from the Kroot and I put the Stealths 18 from his Pathfinders.

Initiative went to the Eldar.
- Warwalker A, behind the tower, took it's Scout move and came out from behind the tower to take up position just forward of the guardian squad.

1st Turn, Eldar:
- Scorpions advanced led by Kharandis. No other movement.
- Guardians Weapon Platform fired a missile at the DF (stationary) and missed! (*sighs in relief*)
- Both Walkers fired at the Kroot, killing a total of 5. With the unit reduced to 50%, I made my leadership and stayed in position.
- He measured to fire the Scorps but found they were out of range.

1st Turn, Tau:
- Broadside came up with a 6 on DTT for Adv. Stabilisation and moved forward.
- Crisis Team jumped forward almost to barricade.
- Shas'El followed Crisis, staying between them and the Broadside
- FWs loaded into DF and zipped up onto the slop of the right most hill.
- Stealth jumped forward and right
- Kroot moved towards the Guardians.
- Piranha zipped about 20 inches towards the Walker in center, unable to fire, but not in range anyway.
- Stealths shot at his Pathfinders, inflicting five wounds. However with the hill between them, he was able to claim cover and their cloaks enhanced. He made all his saves. No joy.
- Shas'El fired Missile Pod at Walker B, centered in his deployment zone. One round hit, but bounced off the vehicle's armor.
- Broadside opened up with Railguns at Walker A, penetrating it's armor and destroying it.
- The remaining 5 Kroot fired into the guardians, only 4 having the range. I was only able to remove one Guardian from the board.
- All crisis suits and stealths jumped towards the enemy deployment zone.

2nd Turn, Eldar
- Walker B moved left 6"
- Scorps moved towards the Kroot, putting the tower between most of them and my DF.
- Scorps fired into Kroot, killing 3. I once again passed morale (don't ask me how) and they stayed.
- Walker B shot down my Piranha before it could further close the distance. :-[
- The Guardian Platform made another try at the DF and missed again.
- Pathfinders lit into the Stealth squad, killing two. I failed Morale and fell back.
- Scorps tried to charge Kroot, but were out of range.

Turn 2, Tau:
- Broadside advanced 4" and took cover behind the barricade the Crisis had hopped into cover of during assault last turn.
- Crisis team advanced from cover between hills 2 and 3.
- Shas'El followed them, attaching to unit.
- DF moved up, steering for the right side of the tower.
- Kroot advanced towards the guardian squad.
- My lone stealther, unbonded, fell back off the edge of the board
- Broadside took a shot at Walker B and missed despite Twinlink.
- Shas'El fired both missiles at Walker B and succeeded in glancing. The damage roll resulted in Crew Stunned.
- DF fired into the Scorps with BC and Gun Drones. The Gun Drones inflicted 1 casualty, but pinning failed since Kharandis was with them.
- Crisis unit with attached Shas'El jumped forward, starting to emerge from between hills 2 and 3.

Turn 3, Eldar (Finale)
- Kharandis detached from the Scorpions.
- Scorpions moved toward the 2 surviving Kroot
- Kharandis moved towards the Crisis unit.
- Pathfinders fired into the Crisis suits, inflicting 2 normal wounds and 1 AP 1 wound. Took the normals on my Crisis and the AP 1 on my Shas'El, only the Shas'El made his save.
- Guardians tried a final time to hit the DF and missed. ("Now I see why no one takes Guardians," said the Eldar player)
- Scorps assault Kroot, massacre, and consolidate for 3" after dice roll.
- Kharandis assaults Crisis Team and attached Shas'El. They're all in support range and he's using a Scorpion Claw. Since it's effectively a powerfist the Tau win the initiative and attack first (*blink blink blink*). 7 attacks, 5 hits (yay!), 2 wounds (aw), 2 saves made (Enter expletive of choice here). Kharandis responds with 8 attacks b/c of charge, only inflicts 2 wounds (omg!) and kills the Crisis suits. Shas'El fails his morale chk, falls back.

Turn 3, Tau (Finale)
- Shas'El rallies after resuming IC status (cuz the unit was dead)
- Shas'El hops back 3 inches.
- DF rounds the tower and the FWs disembark out the right side and back.
- Broadside fires at the Walker, stunning it. (After penetrating the armor my dice failed me)
- Firewarriors and DF unleash Pulse fire upon Guardian squad wiping out all but the warlock. Warlock promptly fails his morale check and retreats off the board.
- Shas'El fires both CIB and MP into Kharandis. MP misses, CIB hits 4 out of 5, and then fails to wound at all.

At this point, our friend who we were showing the game to had to go b/c his son was hungry. We tallied up VP and he had a slight edge. All in all, a fun game after a few months downtime. I didn't take my standard configs on Crisis which cost me some long range firepower and my dice weren't with me today. But our buddy got to see pretty much every aspect of the game except psychic tests (darn Warlocks and their cover save power). Feel free to let me know what you think.

Murphy's Law of Combat Ops: There is no such place as a convenient foxhole.
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Default Re: Batrep: Tau vs Eldar (750pts)

Nicely Done.

Cant you start your firewarriors inside your devilfish though?
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Default Re: Batrep: Tau vs Eldar (750pts)

If you cant completely hide your devilfishes from LOS it is a good thing to partially hid it and jam the squad behind it out of LOS. That way if they happen to penetrate and destroy your fish, your firwarriors dont get wounded. Eve if they penetrate the fish your fire warriors have to load out and if it isnt destroyed they have to take a pinning check and if they fail your fish has to hand around another turn waiting for them. Never start your firewarriors in the fish if you cant completely hide it. Certan exceptions like loads of indirect fire or a hell hound. Hellhounds can be gay so that they shhot at you fish and angle the template to hit the squad :-\. Anyways, very nice bat rep, but i think with khandris on the board you were still in a lot of trouble =P. Tau are good at pulling victories form no where though. Good luck in your next battle.

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