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[Battrep] long narrative: Tau Vs Necron; 1500, gamma, take and hold
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Default [Battrep] long narrative: Tau Vs Necron; 1500, gamma, take and hold

Gun oil permeated the air, and the methodic clang of fio caste engineers fixing crisis suits echoed off the curved dome of the hangar bay aboard the Morning Light. A small group of enthusiastic Shas’la cornered Shas’ui Mont’ray’yr, the famed XV88 pilot under the command of Shas’el Luk’boo. They pelted him with question after question, “What are the Mont’ray like, how do their weapons work, are they hard to kill, is it true that they can repair themselves?”

“Settle down young Shas. I know that you are eager to prove yourselves in battle, since graduating from academy, but listen carefully. The Mont’ray are an enemy that demands your respect, because one mistake will cost you your life,” said Mont’ray’yr as he leaned against his gauss scarred battle suit.

“I will tell you of an engagement we had with the Mont’ray, while cleansing a Tomb World. Shas’el Lyi’ot had just punched through the main lines, and along with Commander Scoutfox and several other Cadres we maneuvered deeper into enemy territory. Our Cadre was stationed on the left flank, and had just received word that an Orca had dropped some supplies over the next ridge. Our Kroot scouts reported a Phalanx waiting for us in a line across the bottom of the ridge. The fight started and ended very quickly.”

[1500 point gamma level, take and hold with four objective markers. Terrain consisted of a level 2 LOS blocking building near the center/left, 6 scattered pieces of wooded area terrain, a small hill, a crater, and a couple rock outcroppings; basically 25% of the board. Sorry no pics, maybe next time. Forces were:]

Shas’el PR, CIB, TA, HWMT
XV8 team leader TLFB, PR, HWMT
Kroot X 10
Kroot X 10
Fire warriors X 10 in Warfish
Fire warriors X 10 in Warfish
Hammerhead railgun, SMS, TL, MT, DL
Bass team PR, team leader BK, MT, TL, HWDC, SD X 2
Sniper drones X 3

Destroyer Lord Orb, staff of light, lightning shield?
Immortals X 5
Immortals X 5
Flayed Ones X 10
Warriors X 10
Warriors X 10
Warriors X 10
Scarabs X 10
Destroyer X 4

************************************************** **********

“My team was on the far right flank, atop a small hill with our shield drones guarding our fronts. Behind us was Shas’vre Kel’mor’ka with his AFP ready to continually bound over our heads to rain death from the sky. To our left was a unit of dismounted fire warriors and their Warfish beside them. Shas’el Luk’boo was using them for a Kauyon attack.”

“Toward the center was a patch of forest where one unit of Kroot was taking cover, and using the forest as a screen the Hammerhead and Shas’ui Ill’ar’na with her twin linked fusion blasters and plasma rifle waited to pounce. A little further down the field I could only make out one of the sniper teams, but I knew there were two more, which my HUD confirmed.”

“Then to the far left was Shas’el Lukboo with one mounted fire warrior squad and the other unit of Kroot. All of them were hiding behind another forest.”

“The Mont’ray were in a straight line all across the battlefield. Two warrior squads were in front of my team partially covered by foliage, and trying to seek shelter on the other side of a wooded area was the squad of four destroyers. In the center were the two squads of Immortals and then on the Commander’s side was another unit of warriors and the Lord embedded in the scarab swarm.”

A confused look came over Mont’ray’yr as he remembered the beginning of the battle. He said, “for some odd reason the enemy just stood there; they didn’t advance or fire their weapons. We couldn’t understand it. Not wanting to waste the opportunity to strike first, Luk’boo gave the order to fire.”

“There was a lone destroyer not fully covered by the woods. I could see it clearly, but my bondmate Yel’ro’ri could not get line of sight to it, so I ordered him to fire on the Immortal squad. Both our shots hit true and we vaporized both targets. That was the signal to open fire, and the rest of the Cadre followed suit. The closest sniper spotter lit up the far right warrior squad, as Kel’mor’ka bounded over our heads. The fire warrior squad, to our left, utilized the marker light and scored many hits, but the tough Mont’ray armor protected all but two warriors. The rail rifle equipped snipers and Kel’mor’ka’s missiles took out another three.”

“To the far left Luk’boo and the rest of the Cadre concentrated their attention on a squad of flayed ones that had burrowed out of the ground. Perhaps that is why the Mont’ray did not move, they were trying to set a trap for us. When the dust cleared not a single flayed one stood intact.”

“This brought the Mont’ray to life, and the wall of metallic warriors slowly marched forward. I looked to my left and felt pity for the fire warrior squad, because the destroyers had taken the bait, and moved out to engage them. Gauss fire stripped the bones clean of half of the squad; they did not stand a chance as their armor was too thin. A testament to their training, they stood firm. On the left I heard reports that the Lord and his scarab retinue had turbo-boosted in a straight line, and were now threatening the middle and left flanks.”

“Luk’boo ordered the skimmer to form a wall to protect the vulnerable sniper teams, one of which repositioned. On the left the fire warrior squad mounted back into their Warfish after the incredibly successful ‘fish of fury’ against the flayed ones, and added to the skimmer wall. The Kroot to aim from the forest, and with most of the rest of the Cadre fired on the scarab swarm, determined to thin their numbers before they reached melee. Of the ten that originally threatened our lines, only four remained.”

“On our side of the field, the Hammerhead came to support us, as we moved to sight in the destroyer squad. All three of us hit and obliterated the whole squad. The half strength fire warrior squad, along with the Kroot took out another couple warriors, from the right most squad; although a few had repaired themselves from the last volley.”

“Once again they marched forward. The two warrior squads on the right split up to get around a rock formation, which would prove to be their downfall. On the left the Immortals managed to stun the crew of the Warfish, and kill a couple Kroot amongst the trees. The scarabs and the Lord then charged into the woods and engaged the Kroot. Shrill battle cries could be heard as the Kroot leapt off the trees to crush the scarabs under their feet. Scarabs were one thing, but they were ill prepared to fight against the Lord and many fell to his staff, not to mention lighting arched off the enemy and killed five more. The two remaining Kroot was ordered to disengage and get to safer ground.”

“In front of me, two more fire warriors fell to the gauss weaponry, but yet again they held. We stepped forward into rapid fire range of our plasma rifles. I thank Fio’ui Hec’tal for the hard wired multitracker because Yel’ro’ri and I were able to destroy five warriors ourselves. Kel’mor’ka’s AFP launched two into the air, that were shot down like clay targets at the range. None of them would stand back up, being too far from the second squad.”

“The fire warriors, in the stunned Warfish, disembarked into the woods and brought the Lord and his scarabs in their sights. Twenty shots later, and only the Lord was intact. Commander Luk’boo walked up to the Lord point blank and hit it with two plasma rounds and five ion burst rounds, one of which punched right through his armor, along with both plasma shots. The Lord crashed to the ground.”

“Everything was moving toward our location, to keep the abandoned outpost blocking line of sight from the Immortals. The second warrior squad, on the right, was surrounded by a Hammerhead, a Warfish, the three remaining fire warriors, a Kroot squad, and two XV8s. Needless to say, that squad met the same fate as the first; complete destruction.”

“To Luk’boo’s horror the Lord’s resurrection orb flashed to life and mended the broken Lord. He rose defiantly and blasted two clean holes through her armor with his staff. The destroyer body picked up speed and he crashed into her, sending her flying through the air; she stopped moving. It then banked left, ignoring the two fire warriors falling back from gauss fire, and headed toward the shimmering form of the sniper teams.”

“I could finally see the Immortals slowly walking past the building edge, and raise their weapons at the closest sniper team, as they walked into a crater for cover. The stealth field did not offer enough protection in such short range combat. In order to deny the Lord a unit to charge, and get closer to our lines, the drone spotter took the shot, and without the spotter the snipers returned to camp. The Lord was now stranded in the open.”

“Though the Lord was still damaged, and probably an easy target, Kel’mor’ka took control with Luk’boo incapacitated, and ordered everyone to fire on the Immortals. The first one dropped to rail rifle fire, and then the last two in the first squad to the Kroot and fire warriors fire. That left only four from the second unit, and a unit of ten warriors walking our way. A submunition round landed in the middle of the warrior squad, and tore three apart, while Yel’ro’ri and I put two clean holes through a couple of Immortals. Ill’ar’na landed right in front of the remaining three Immortals and melted one of them with the fuision blaster, as a pair missiles streaked over her head and impacted squarely on the chest of the weaker warriors. There was a shimmering in the air and the Mont’ray phased out of existence. We immediately called in for medical air evac, and luckily Luk’boo’s wounds were not fatal. I can’t say the same for the fire warriors or Kroot though……” His head lowered as he remembered his fallen comrades.

************************************************** **********

The Shas’la looked awestruck at the XV88 pilot; his story complete. They thought of those killed, and hoped they would not share the same fate in the coming war of the Golgothan Insurgency.

Hope you liked it, and learned a little bit on how to beat Necrons. CC welcome.

Commander Scoutfox
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