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Farsight and other Crisis!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Farsight and other Crisis!

when i first bought my battle force a few months ago the first thing i Bought after that was 6 crisis suits haha... so when it came to picking a commander I chose farsight.
the other evening i was reading his rules and The part about all crisis suits counting as 1+ suits... does this mean what i think it does?!!? do all my suits count as shas'el or shas'o???

Ohma Gawd
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Default Re: Farsight and other Crisis!

LOL, no. It means the same thing as the Fire Warrior 1+, which means you must have 1+ units of them in your army. I.E. you must have at least 1 unit of Fire Warriors, and you must have at least one unit of regular cirisis suits. Also, you'll need one crisis commander (Shas'o/el) as farsight seems not to fuill that requirement for some odd reason. So already you'll have 3 different units of crisis suits (including Farsight) in your farsight army.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Farsight and other Crisis!

HAHA wonderful thank you very much for clearing that up... that cuts my costs a lot!

haha what a missunderstanding!
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