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Need a good weapon to compliment a fusion gun.
Old 25 May 2007, 16:00   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Need a good weapon to compliment a fusion gun.

Hello all, I have been playing tau for a few months. I have six crisis suits and I have equiped to deal with different threats: three of them have plasma rifle, missle pod, and multitrackers for dealing with MEQs and light armor and the other three have plasma rifle, burst cannon, and multitracker for dealing with light infranty and such. I just picked up three more suits. I want to arm them fusion guns for taking out heavy infrantry and tanks. I have seen meltas put to great use in other armies. But unfortunately the meltas were protected by squads of wounds. Since our suits are kinda own their own (besides drones) what would be a good conpanion weapon to a fusion gun once the suit is within range, due to the fusion guns low rate of fire?

My thoughts were that a missle pod wound not be good, since the range difference in the two weapons would lean towards stays farther away and not using the fusion gun. That leaves plasma, burst cannons, and flamers.
I am open to suggestions.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Need good weapong to compliment a fusion gun

Actually, I'd recommend the MP because of the range difference. Unless you're planning to Deep Strike these in you'll need something you can fire as you advance in and out of cover across the board. The MP has the range, and the strength to easily wound. Only drawback is the lack of AP against MEQ. On the other hand, you could use them to pop light vehicles on your way over, increase wounds (and therefore saves) once you're in range and you're still going to get the FB kills.

If you want guaranteed deaths (assuming the shot hits), then pair with PR.

If you want a little something to add fire rate, the BC would be your best bet.

The Flamer's only good use, IMO, is that it denies cover saves to those in cover. It's also shorter range than the FB itself.

Other than those suggestions, the only thing I'd toss out is that you might wish to consider a hardwired DC for your squad lead. A shield drone or two is going to be necessary to keep this from being a suicide unit.

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Default Re: Need good weapong to compliment a fusion gun

If you want them for anti tank and heavy infantry I would put a plasma rifle. It won't help as much for the armor, unless you are deepstriking rear armor, but it will help more than the MP for heavy infantry.

If you want to lean more towards anti tank I would do what Sightline suggested and equip them with MP. My suicide suit is TLFB MP HWMT. The high strength and rate of fire helps compliment the FB. If you aren't deep striking then the range of the MP will be very useful. Don't worry about wanting to stay at range, play them aggressively and move them towards the enemy. If they only had a FB they would be wasted with short range, but paired with MP you can take out light vehicles during the first couple turns, and then hit the hidden Defilers and Bassies.

Commander Scoutfox
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Default Re: Need a good weapon to compliment a fusion gun.

That's easy...another Fusion Blaster. If you are going to have a tank hunting Crisis Suit with FBs you want to make sure whatever you are shooting dies. So you need to make sure you hit. TL helps that immensly.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Need a good weapon to compliment a fusion gun.

I would take the Missile Pod as it is can destroy light vehicles and has a good range
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Default Re: Need a good weapon to compliment a fusion gun.

As has been said, T-L the FB, or make sure at least two (preferably all three) suits in a squad has one FB. Either way, it gives you redundancy of rolls, which is direly needed with the sub-par BS3. I would recommend that you add some Shield Drones if you can, because getting that close will necessitate some nasty pre-emptive- and counter-fire, probably in the form of Instant Death Lascannons. I have been giving my suits lately Burst Cannons, as this makes them excellent multi-role fighters. Combined with Shield Drones, I have found they are much more survivable compared to Stealth Suits, but I DO lose the Infiltration, unfortunately.
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Default Re: Need a good weapon to compliment a fusion gun.

i have a unit with 3 TL fusions, and missle pods.
i also use a unit with a Fusion, Plasma and MP with a H-W Mulit-Traker this way i can lay down fire untill i get close enogh to take out a tank.

hope this helps

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