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[BatRep] Take and Hold (Omega), Tau vs. Chaos (Khorne), 1000 pts
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Default [BatRep] Take and Hold (Omega), Tau vs. Chaos (Khorne), 1000 pts

Battle Report – Tau vs. Chaos (Khorne) Take and Hold (Omega Level) – 1000 pts

Fun game my friend and I played.

Tau Army List (order of appearance):
2x troops units
8x shas’la firewarriors with Pulse Rifles
1x shas’ui firewarrior leader with Pulse Rifle, EMP grenades, and Markerlight
1x fast attack
3x shas’la pathfinders with Pulse Carbines and Markerlights
1x shas’ui pathfinder with Pulse Carbine and Markerlight
1x Devilfish (Warfish) with BC, SMS, TA, MT, DL, MB, LG
1x Crisis Suit Elite
1x Shas’vre crisis with AFP, MP, Pos. Relay, HWMT
1x Hammerhead Gunship
1x Tank with RG, 2 BC, TA, TL, MT, DL, LG
1x HQ Crisis Team
2x Shas’vre Bodyguards both with PR, FB, TA, HWMT
2x Shield drones for commander with 2+/4+* saves
1x Shas’el Commander with PR, CIB, Shield Gen, HWMT, HWTL, HWDC, Iridium Armor, and Stim Injectors

Chaos (Khorne) Army List (order of appearcance – I don’t know all details of unit upgrades)
3x troops units
6x warriors with pistols and CC weapon
1x “flag waver” with plasma pistol and CC weapon
1x aspiring champion with pistol and CC weapon
1x Defiler
1x Bloodthrister
1x Dreadnought with 2 CC weapons/flamers

We play on a 5 foot table, so we changed our deployment zones a little. You had to deploy between 6” and 18” from your edge. This gave 24” between 12” deployment zones as you would have on a 4 foot table. The extra 6” just gave us a little more space to maneuver or fall back.

Mission rolled was a Take and Hold at Omega level. We chose that the center of the “bridge” over the river be used as the Take and Hold location. There was no dusk/dawn rolled. At Omega level, we played with Escalation and Concealment. Tau began with 2 FW squads and pathfinders (without devilfish) deploying on table. Chaos began with 3 warrior squads deploying on table. All other units entered from reserves. Units deployed were hidden as per concealment mission rules. Chaos won roll and elected to allow Tau to go first.

“The Bridge too near”
Pregame Tau PoV Fluff:
Shas’ui Brightbeacon stayed low scanning the horizon. He motioned with his arm, then he and his team of 3 pathfinders moved quickly and stealthily onto a low rise. Dropping to his stomach, Brightbeacon and the others crawled forward, up the side of the low hill. Peering over the edge they saw their target. Just ahead, flanked on either side by a dense wood, was the bridge. Lt. Commander Sunshield had identified this bridge as an excellent location to use in a future Kauyon, and the Tau were meant to have it for that purpose. Shas’ui Brightbeacon turned behind him and moved his markerlight device in a signaling pattern. Stealthily, 2 teams of fire warriors emerged from the darkness and began moving up on Brightbeacon’s left. They moved carefully, approaching the woods to the left of the bridge. Brightbeacon activated his team’s personal beacon, signaling the cadre that they were in position, and more forces could begin to move up into place.

Tau Turn 1 (see slides)
FW squad 1 moves into difficult terrain of woods. No other movement.
No shooting.
No assault or assault moves.

Chaos Turn 1 (see slides)
Warrior squad 1 and 2 frenzy and charge at the FW 1 squad in the woods. Warrior squad 3 does not frenzy and moves into the difficult terrain woods ahead of them also toward FW squad 1.
No shooting.
No assaults (out of range).

Turn 1 Tau PoV Fluff:
Shas’ui Brightbeacon jumped as a scream tore through the silence and serenity of the scene. He twisted and fell to his belly once again, looking toward the bridge. Charging across were no less than 2 full squads of Khorne chaos marines! They were headed straight toward the woods to Brightbeacon’s left – the same woods that the fire warriors had just entered. The weight of the situation finally fell on Brightbeacon. The Tau had not been fast enough. The Chaos were already at the bridge, before they had time to set up their full forces in an ambush.
“Warfish, come in!”, yelled Brightbeacon into his com. “Warfish! The chaos are here, we need support NOW! Get in here!”

Tau Turn 2 (see slides)
Pathfinder Warfish and Shas’vre Crisis suit make reserves rolls.
Warfish races up right of pathfinder’s hill. Crisis deepstrikes into woods to right of bridge – scatters 9” northwest at first, but re-rolls with devilfish marker beacon and makes target.
FW 1 moves through difficult terrain to set up firing arc to attack charging marines. No other movement.
Pathfinders light up front charging marines with 2 ML. FW1 in woods rapid fires using 2 lights for +2 BS and takes out front 4 marines (only possible casualties in range for rapid fire). FW 2 fires a few shots (some blocked LoS) at marines #2 and no casualties. Warfish fires SMS at marines 2 and no casualties. Shas’vre fires MP at marines #2 and no casualties, AFP also fires at marines 2, but scatters away with no harm done.
No assault moves.

Chaos Turn 2 (see slides)
Defiler makes reserves roll and enters from edge.
Marines 1 and 2 both frenzy again, 3 does not. 1 and 2 charge closest target moving into difficult terrain toward Shas’vre monat. Squad 3 moves through difficult terrain toward FW 1.
Defiler fires at FW 1 within range and LoS with battle cannon. 3 FW die, save vs. pin, but fall back due to shooting casualties. No other shooting.
Marines 1 and 2 roll for difficult terrain and both have just enough movement to base the monat in CC. Monat fails to cause and casualties with his attacks. Chaos troops wipe out crisis scoring 5 wounds (he only saved 3 of them due to Khorne axes). Marines 1 and 2 roll low consolidation distances and consolidate toward pathfinder hill.

Fluff from Tau PoV:
Instinctively, Brightbeacon ordered his team to light the closest charging marines. Nervously markerlights were fired, and two found their mark. An instant later pulse fire erupted from the woods to Brightbeacon’s left and the front-most four Khorne dropped to the ground lifeless.

Then to Brightbeacon’s right, the large Warfish skimmer tank raced up next to the hill, its powerful turbine engines roaring to keep it hovering above the ground. Missiles fired up and over the woods towards the charging khorne marines. Then a message came across the com. Brightbeacon could hear it, but it wasn’t for him.
“5 clicks west, Stormcaller! You’re off target!”
“Are you sure that’s a safe distance?”
“If you want to use all your missiles, you’ll need to be right there. Adjust your course!”
Descending from the sky, Shas’vre Stormcaller dropped into the woods to Brightbeacon’s right, his descent slowed by his jet packs. Moments later a flurry of missiles erupted toward the charging Khorne marines striking them in the flank. It got their attention, but none were harmed. Like a winding river, they suddenly changed course and charged directly into the woods on Brightbeacon’s right.

“Stormcaller? Stormcaller!”, yelled Brightbeacon into his com, but there was no answer.

The silence of the com was contrasted by a horrific explosion to Brightbeacon’s left. Several trees toppled as the ordinance rained down.
A scream drew Brightbeacon’s attention back to his right. Emerging from the edge of the woods towards him came the Khornites.

Tau Turn 3 (see slides):
Railhead and HQ crisis team make reserves rolls.
Railhead moves up to left of pathfinder hill. HQ crisis deepstrike to right of pathfinder hill behind Warfish. Warfish moves further right and toward woods. FW 1 regroups and moves back into woods setting up firing line vs. Chaos marines #1. FW 2 moves to right behind hill (out of LoS of Defiler and spreads formation). Pathfinders stay put.
Railhead shoots Railgun at defiler. Hits, but rolls a 1 for armor penetration so no damage. Pathfinders light up marine squad 1 with 1 ML. Firewarriors rapid fire chaos 1 killing 1. HQ crisis use ML for +1 BS and kill remaining 3 warriors in squad 1. Warfish fires BC and SMS at squad 2, but no casualties.
No assault moves.

Chaos Turn 3 (see slides):
Failed all reserves rolls.
Marines 2 frenzies and charge devilfish. Marines 3 more up through difficult terrain toward FW 1. No other moves.
Defiler fires at Railhead. Shot scatters west into firewarrior squad killing 3. They make pinning test and don’t run. No other shooting.
Marines 3 try to assault FW 1 but don’t have distance. Marines 2 assault Warfish, but do not have high enough strength to hurt it.

Fluff from Tau PoV:
“This is Lt. Commander Sunshield. We have monitored the situation, Brightbeacon. We’re coming in to support your position.”

With a crash and a roar, a Hammerhead gunship, complete with railgun, raced up next to Brightbeacon’s hill, just as the Warfish began to move off closer to the woods. Then, from the sky dropped in 3 crisis suits and 2 drones.

“Markerlights!”, demanded the Shas’el over the com.

Jerking into action, Brightbeacon put a single bead on the marines emerging from the woods. The Khornites were caught between pulse fire from the opposite woods and the withering hail of fire from Sunshield’s group. They were destroyed to a man.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Brightbeacon lowered his weapon for a moment. But the hypervelocity projectiles from the Hammerhead as well as the Warfish firing missiles at some unseen foe in the woods to the right reminded him that this was not over yet!

Tau Turn 4 (see slide)
FW 1 moves toward Marines 3 through difficult terrain to get within 6” of terrain edge. FW 2 moves back eastward preparing to support FW 1. Hammerhead moves forward toward bridge. HQ crisis team speads out a little and moves slightly west near warfish. No other movement.
Pathfinder markerlights score 3 hits on marine squad 2. HQ crisis fire with 3 markerlights (+1 BS, -2 Cover saves) and cause 6 casualties on marines. FW 1 fires on Marines 3, but causes no casualties. Railgun fires at Defiler and misses (rolled 1) while BC’s fire at marines 2 but cause no casualties. Warfish fires all guns at marines 2 and kills remaining 2.
HQ crisis assault jump 4” (iridium) to east behind hill, preparing to support that side.

Chaos Turn 4 (see slide)
Both Bloodthirster and Dreadnought make reserves rolls.
Dreadnought enters from back edge of board. Bloodthrister summoned on aspiring champion from group #3 (figures…). Bloodthirster flies over woods and lands near left rear engine of Hammerhead. Marines 3 (7 remain) move forward toward FW 1 in woods.
Marines 3 shoot pistols at FW 1, killing 2. Defiler fires indirectly at HQ crisis team, scatters, but causes 1 wound which a shield drone fails save and goes away. Unit not pinned.
Bloodthirster assaults hammerhead (was determined to be on side, not rear). Lands 3 attacks and stuns it (no move no shoot). Marines 3 assault FW 1. FW 1 hit with all attacks and score 2 wounds, but marine armor saves. Marines 3 massacre FW’s and consolidate north toward bloodthrister.

Fluff from Tau PoV:
Bolstered by the arrival of the Lt. Commander, Shas’ui Brightbeacon set his jaw. Methodically, he and his team took aim and landed 3 markerlights on the many chaos marines within the woods. Sunshield took full advantage and coordinated the attacks of his crisis team. The hammerhead’s burst cannons and warfish’s smart missiles and burst cannons all joined in, and when the smoke cleared, no taint of chaos remained in the right hand woods.

Then the earth shook and horrific screams and howls filled the air as the fabric of the warp tore space and time. Out of nowhere, a bloodthirsty demon appeared flying from the woods to the left. It swiped three times with its claws at the nearby Hammerhead, and curses from the air caste crew could be heard over the com as they struggled to regain control of the mighty vehicle.

Tau Turn 5 (see slides)
FW 2 moved back and away from proximity of demon. Crisis team moved east to bring demon into rapid fire range of all models. Warfish moved back to a position just right of pathfinder hill.
Pathfinders light demon with 2 MLs. HQ crisis use 1 ML for +1 BS. Out of 2 FB, 6 PR and 5 CIB shots at BS 5, only 1 FB, 3 PR and 5 CIB hit. Of those, 1 FB, 2 PR, and 1 CIB (AP 1) wound. Demon makes 3 invuln saves and takes only 1 wound. L (wayyy too many 1’s rolled!!!). FW 2 fires on demon with other ML for +1 BS, but fails to cause any wounds on demon. Warfish fires on demon, but he saves vs. wounds.
HQ crisis roll 3” for assault move and pull back and a little to west.

Chaos Turn 5 (see slides)
No frenzy. Dreadnought lumbers forward toward bridge. Marines 3 move north toward FW 2. Bloodthrister flies to location between FW 2 and HQ crisis team (off back edges of groups).
Dreadnought fires at pathfinders, but it scatters safely away. Marines 3 fire plasma pistol twice (later found this to be illegal!) at the hammerhead. Hit and rolled 6, penetrating and destroying tank!
Bloodthirster assaults FW and kills 5 of 6 that were eligible combatants. 1 remaining FW runs to back edge of board. Bloodthrister consolidates 3” into HQ crisis bodyguard.

Fluff from Tau PoV:
Doom seemed upon them as the Bloodthrister roared and clawed at the back lines of the Tau deployment. Brightbeacon’s team stood fast, and landed 2 markers on the beast, but Shas’el Sunshield’s group’s fire failed to find the mark. It seemed the twisted energy of chaos surrounding the beast caused the rays from the Tau weapons to bend and refract away from its hide. Suddenly, the Hammerhead came crashing to the ground, hit by bolts of plasma from the left woods. Brightbeacon hugged the ground closing his eyes to protect himself instinctively from shrapnel. When he looked up again, a lone firewarrior was fleeing the scene of horrific carnage the demon was causing. In only seconds, it had killed nearly an entire squad of firewarriors and had engaged Lt. Commander Sunshield’s bodyguards.
“Orders?”, came the voice of the pilot of the Warfish into Brightbeacon’s head…

Tau Turn 6 (see slides):
Lone firewarrior can’t regroup and flees off board during movement.
Pathfinders move 6” to west and embark on Warfish. Warfish then moves 12” south to location between right hand woods over river near center of bridge.
Warfish fires all guns at Marines 3. 3 fail saves and unit is reduced to 4 remaining.
In assault, demon starts by instakilling 2 bodyguards with 2 wounding hits. Shas’el fails leadership check and flees off board.

Chaos Turn 6 (see slides)
Demon flies south just to bridge side of pathfinder hill, chasing pathfinders. Marine squad 3 rolls 2” for difficult terrain and moves in woods back toward bridge. Dreadnought lumbers forward toward bridge from Chaos side.
Defiler is just barely able to see front tip of devilfish. Fires assault cannon and destroys it. It crashes to ground. Pathfinders emergency disembark onto destroyed vehicle and make all armor saves! Unfortunately they are still entangled (but alive!). No other shooting.
No assaults in range.

Roll made for additional turns is a 1 (because I made it…) and game ends.

Fluff from Tau PoV:
It was too much for Brightbeacon to take. “Get in the transport!”, he ordered and the pathfinders abandoned their position and raced into the armored devilfish tank. “Bridge. Now.” The monosyllabic orders were clear to the air caste pilot and the Warfish raced away from the demon and toward the objective that had been the cause of all the trouble from the start. Trying to use the trees as cover as best possible, the Warfish hovered inches over the surface of the river next to the bridge. Its burst cannons and missiles roared to life and tore into the remaining khornites, culling their numbers further.

Then the warfish shook violently and began to spin. Heavy gun fire had clipped its guidance systems and it was going down. “Brace for impact!”, yelled Brightbeacon to his team. They crashed into the river and the transport began to sink into the mud. Brightbeacon and his team clambered out the access doors onto the newly formed island that moments ago was a Tau transport. The air caste pilots, however, did not survive.

Breathing heavily, Brightbeacon dropped once more prone and rolled to his stomach. He opened his eyes and saw ahead of him the bridge. For a moment, he reflected. The bridge. It was supposed to be used in a Kauyon maneuver by the Tau to entrap the Chaos forces. But in the end, it turned out to be a trap for the Tau themselves. “Oh the irony”, he thought.

Victory Points
In the end, no scoring units were actually within 12” of the objective (due to the pathfinders being entangled). In terms of units killed, the Chaos earned just over 900 points, while the tau earned just under 500 points. The difference was just under 500 points.
Solid Victory for the Chaos!

Chaos: Bloodthirster (especially in turn 5 – yikes!)
Tau: Pathfinder team (58 points for 4 models never better spent!)(Warfish didn’t do badly either…)

LVPs (least valuable players)
Chaos: Dreadnought (never was involved in game due to arriving late/no frenzy/no ranged attacks)
Tau: Hammerhead (2 railgun shots on defiler did nothing, burst cannons failed to wound anything, caused firewarriors to take defiler scattered shot hits, had no positive impact on the game for the Tau – aside from possibly drawing the demon’s attention in turn 4, which ultimately resulted in the tank being destroyed. Expensive 170 points to do nothing for the greater good.)

Hope that report was enjoyable. Lots of lessons learned both on the Tau and Chaos sides. Feel free to chime in if you have comments - either on the match or on the report, I'm still new to including maps with fluff and descriptions in a battle report.

We all live in the fish!
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Take and Hold (Omega), Tau vs. Chaos (Khorne), 1000 pts

I could be wrong, but it seems like a lot of play mistakes were made, many of which were against your favor ... But again, I could be wrong.

Overall, nice read. I applaud you for actually making all those diagrams in paint ;D

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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Take and Hold (Omega), Tau vs. Chaos (Khorne), 1000 pts

so nobody won because of objectives? Or did chaos win VP wise?
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Take and Hold (Omega), Tau vs. Chaos (Khorne), 1000 pts

Originally Posted by shasocastris
so nobody won because of objectives? Or did chaos win VP wise?
Omega level as we understood was Victory points for both enemy units killed and your units within 12" of objective. Since he had Khorne, he chased me around enough that he didn't have any units end within 12" - so no "objective points" for him. I had my pathfinders there, but they ended the game entangled, so no "objective points" for me. He won a Solid Victory because of the number of Tau points of units he killed.

And Arctic Lancer, alot of player mistakes (as in strategic choices) for both sides could have been better. We also probably did a few rules/mechanics wrong, I find it hard to play a game without anything getting messed up. But the strategy stuff really will help us both we decided.

Example: He learned a little better how to use his Bloodthirster in combat (didn't feel he made a good initial attack with it on turn 4); while I learned a little bit more about the speed of khorne and just where to try to deepstrike against them (don't feel I did too well in those areas).

We all live in the fish!
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