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Crisis Suit Config Question
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Default Crisis Suit Config Question

I know it is around here but what are the different type of Crisis Suit Config Names and Loadouts and what is this supposed Ninja'O?? Is there even more Crisis config names out there too?
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Default Re: Noob Crisis Suit Config Question

A Ninja'O is a Shas'O with vectored retro thrusters, a stim injector, plus your choice of weapons. The idea is that you can fire, charge into combat (something completely unexpected with Tau) and then use the hit-and-run rule to escape in the next combat round after tying up the enemy unit for a turn.

Here's some of the more common suit configurations:

Sunforge: Twinlinked Fusion Blaster
Deathrain: Twinlinked Missile Pod
Burning Eye: Twinlinked Plasma Rifle
Fireknife: Plasma Rifle + Missile Pod
Helios: Plasma Rifle + Fusion Blaster

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