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Tau Food and Drink
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Default Tau Food and Drink

Fluffwise, is the name of any Tau food or drink ever given?
Originally Posted by Col.Angus
I picture the Ethereal looking out the window of the Devilfish from his seat: "Hey this isn't the way to Applebee's?! Where are you guys taking...Aw man, a battle?! Aw, you guys are total dicks, I swear! I'm still wearing my bathrobe! Can I at least have a gun? What do you mean you don't have any extra? What should I do, hit Khorne Berzerkers with my symbol of office? Man, you're gonna be sorry if I die... dicks."
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Default Re: Tau Food and Drink

Umm, not that I can think of. I sent in an inquiry to the Black Gobbo team a few months ago asking if any imperial planets still have pizza... Haven't got a response so my friend and I just went ahead and built a Pizza place
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Default Re: Tau Food and Drink

I know they have J'hal nectar (at least I think it is J'hal) and otherwise I'm not completely sure....
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