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[BatRep] Grouped Combat Patrol, Tau + Eldar vs Space Marines + Iron Warriors
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Default [BatRep] Grouped Combat Patrol, Tau + Eldar vs Space Marines + Iron Warriors

The players:
Out of the group, I have the most experience with my Tau army. Next in experience with his army was the Iron Warriors player. Equaling him in play time, but having used several armies was the Space Marine player. The Eldar player is just starting and this was his second game. Both teams knew what the terrain would be like beforehand and then chose troop lists. Both teams could confer about strategy prior to (and during) the game.

Background Fluff from the TAU PoV:
Shas’vre Stormcaller gazed out over the battlefield that misty morning. An Eldar farseer had contacted his Firestorm cadre and requested support in fighting some humans that were known to be in the area. After deliberations, and assurances that this would be for the greater good, Shas’el Sunshield gave his approval and sent Stormcaller along with a contingent of Snipers to aid the Eldar.

Shas’vre Stormcaller gave the order and his three sniper teams moved stealthily into their positions. Their setup allowed Stormcaller excellent sniper coverage of any route the humans may take to approach. As an added defensive precaution, Stormcaller had also requisitioned a small, mobile fire warrior team to act in response if the sniping perimeter was breached. Stormcaller waited with his fire warriors behind the cover of a small hill, and then the signal came.

Rushing quickly up to his position rambled a ponderous walking craft bristling with missiles and lasers. An Eldar pilot inside indicated that the humans were just across the river and the time to strike was now. Looking to his right, Stormcaller saw 10 Eldar troopers wielding impressive guns move up ahead of his deployed sniper team. His battlesuit was already warmed up and ready to fight, and he fired his jump jets to round the protective hill. He was surprised to see that other Eldar were already across the river and charging to engage the humans. It seemed that the speedy Eldar wished to waste no time in this battle…

Tau List:
Shas’vre Crisis with AFP, TL MP, HWMT, HWBSF
6x Firewarrior Shas’la with PC + EMP grenades
3x Sniper Drone Squads

Eldar List:
Warwalker with EML and Scatter Laser
8x Striking Scorpions including exarch with powers
10x Dire Avengers including exarch with bladestorm power

Iron Warriors
2x Heavy Weapons (Dev?) squads with flamer, ML, and bolters or Plasma, ML and bolters
5 man squad in Rhino
1x some sort of vanilla chaos leader

Space Marines
Land Speeder Tornado (missiles+heavy bolter)
Tactical Marine Squad of 5 with bolt pistols and bolters
Dev. Marine Squad of 5 with heavy bolter and plasma and bolt pistols
5x scouts (includes leader) with sniper rifles and bolt pistols
Appologies if these lists are not completely correct. I’m going from memory and not 100% sure of the opponent’s armies.

Terrain includes a river cutting across the map. Each side has a small hill partially in their deployment zone. There are many copses of woods area terrain. To the west is a small house (non accessible, can land on flat roof. Four triangular hills act as level 3 impassible terrain. The map was very symmetrical and was on about a 5’ by 5’ playing area.

Deployment goes as shown. Tau/Eldar deploy first.
Warwalker takes scout move behind hill to achieve “hull down” status.

Eldar player rolls and Tau/Eldar win first turn! (Good thing he rolled…I never win that).

Tau Crisis jumps out from behind hill to try to line a shot on Tornado or Rhino. All other tau units stay put. Eldar striking scorpions move through difficult terrain water in an attempt to assault space marine dev squad. Eldar Dire Avengers move up, and fleet (one inch) to behind woods.

All Tau units out of range. Eldar Warwalker shoots missiles at Rhino and is just barely out of range. Scorpions shoot pistols at Marines and kill one (the closest)

Assault: Tau Crisis moves westward. Scorpions attempt to assault Marines, but are just out of range (difficult terrain roll + loss of marine made them farther away!) Scorpions stuck in the open.

Tornado flies forward and moves to a position with some cover behind trees. Rhino swaps spots moving to behind hill. Tactical Marines and Chaos Leader move out from hill toward advancing scorpions. All other units remain still.

Tornado shoots Warwalker with missiles, glancing hit (6) and destroys vehicle. Striking Scorpions draw fire from scouts, marine dev squad, chaos leader, and chaos dev squad 1. Reduced to 2 men (1 is exarch). Remaining chaos dev squad fires at sniper drones, but can not see them.


Shas’vre Stormcaller took aim from his open position at the human’s crude skimmer, but his missile system would not respond as he wished. A flickering red light informed him that his target was out of range and the XV8’s battlesuit failsafe to conserve ammunition had kicked in. Stormcaller swore, then considered that the battlefield being larger than he originally thought might work to his advantage. He quickly fired his jump jets and moved westward

Crisis flies westward to open up a shot at Tornado from side between trees (map not to scale). Dire Avengers attempt to move through difficult terrain with fleet to assault marine scouts. Scorpions move in to assault marine dev squad. Middle Sniper Team moves one sniper model onto high part of hill for better lines of sight.

Middle sniper team and crisis get some shots on Tornado and stagger it so that it can only move (not shoot). Scorpions shoot but fail to wound any. Avengers fleet only 2”, still in difficult terrain.

Crisis moves westward behind impassible terrain out of line of sight. Avengers roll and fail to get enough to assault marine scouts. Scorpions assault marine dev squad and kill all. Scorpions roll 1” for consolidation and are ½ “ short to consolidate into chaos dev squad leaving them in the open.

Rhino with troops moves eastward. Tact Marines and Chaos Leader move toward scorpions. Tornado flies with full move behind impassible terrain – right across from crisis. Marine scouts move out toward dire avengers.

Scorpions die in a hail of fire, but not before a Chaos Dev man rolls a 1 with his plasma gun and fries himself. J Marine scouts fire pistols into dire avengers killing one.

Marine scouts assault Dire Avengers, killing 2 Avengers and 1 Marine. Avengers fail their morale and break away successfully running back 8 inches. Marine scouts consolidate behind woods (one can’t make it behind completely).

Watching as a missile flew over one of his sniper team’s heads, Shas’vre Stormcaller winced as the Eldar Warwalker was hit and burst into flames. That skimmer was going to cause a great deal of trouble with it’s mobility and armament. Stormcaller fired his jump jets again and planted himself yet further to the west, this time allowing himself a brief glimpse of the back of the human’s skimmer through the trees. His instruments indicated he had range and he fired two long range missiles at the craft. They hit but only served to stagger the crewmen of the craft’s guns. Not destroyed, but at least it won’t be shooting at us for a bit. His jump jets fired again, and he positioned himself safely against the side of one of the small hills near the river.

Crisis moves out to fire on Tornado. Firewarriors also move out from their protection toward Tornado. Dire Avengers regroup and move back toward marine scouts.

Crisis fires AFP, which misfires back toward him but does not hit him. Crisis also fires missiles with no effect on Tornado. Firewarriors out of range of Tornado just barely. Middle Sniper team fires on Tornado and gets a Vehicle Destroyed! Right sniper team picks off the lone marine not behind the woods. Avengers fire on scouts and take out two from shooting.

Crisis moves behind trees to block lines of sight. Dire Avengers Assault Marine Scouts.

Rhino continues to slide eastward. Marine Tacticals and Chaos Leader move up.

Not much visible or in range. Some attempts to see sniper teams fail.

Marines and Avengers stalemate.

TURN 3 Fluff from TAU PoV:
Shas’vre Stormcaller was shocked to see the human skimmer speeding toward him at impressive speed. He jumped out from his position of hiding and in a panic fired all on board weapons, not taking his usual care in aiming. The fragmentation missiles impacted and exploded not 50 feet in front of him and he raised the arm of the battlesuit instinctively to shield himself from the burst of heat. The smoke cleared just in time for him to see his two long range missiles flying well past their mark and into the distance.

Suddenly, two hypersonic projectiles shot past his head and impacted the front of the skimmer. It lurched and then crashed to the ground in a fireball. Shas’vre ignited his jump jets and thanked his sniper team over his comlink.

Crisis moves to get good shot on Rhino from behind trees. Firewarriors return to position behind hill.

Crisis hits and penetrates Rhino side armor forcing troops to disembark and become entangled. Rolls vehicle annihilated result, vehicle explodes killing 2 chaos troopers. Left sniper drones fire at tactical marines and pick off one. Marines fail pinning check and are pinned.

Dire Avengers and Marines each lose 1 man and stalemate again.

2 remaining heavy weapon squads (both chaos) move up finally. Chaos leader moves up as well. All other units are pinned.

No valid targets or units able to shoot.

Marine Scouts finally lose to Dire Avengers. Avengers consolidate back to “our side” of the river.

Landing with a little jolt safely behind some trees, Shas’vre Stormcaller turned around to assess the battlefield. His eyes met one of the human’s land tanks churning up dirt and moving forward on his far flank approaching the river. Glancing down, he saw his suit registered range and he carefully fired his two long range missiles at the tank. They struck square in the side armor and penetrated directly into the vehicle’s skin. Humans, screaming in agony bailed out of the vehicle as it erupted into a tremendous ball of fire. They threw themselves on the ground attempting to get clear of the smoldering wreckage.

Crisis JSJ’s both AFP and Missiles at Tactical Marine squad. Dire Avengers move up to ensure range to entangled chaos troops.

AFP direct hits and gets the Chaos leader under template as well. Leader takes 1 wound. Marines take 2 wounds, but pass pinning test. Left sniper team fires at Chaos dev squad and hits 1 killing it, they are not pinned. Dire Avengers use bladestorm and eradicate chaos troops remaining.

Crisis completes JSJ behind woods.

Mostly conceded at this point. For “fun” Chaos leader attempts to move through much difficult terrain to assault Crisis suit. He rolls 2 sixes and is close. We roll for it and decide he can make the assault. He then chooses to use his power fist, allowing crisis to strike first. Crisis lands two wounds and he only saves one. Since he had a wound from the AFP, this second wound kills him and the Crisis unit is safe. J

Feeling safe and regaining his calm, Shas’vre Stormcaller used his XV8 battlesuits sensors and detected a proximity group of humans moving tentatively toward his position. Smiling, Stormcaller fired a burst from his jump jets and landed in a flanking position with a mob of humans directly in his crosshairs. He let loose the storm and all missiles flew directly at the targets, harbingers of pain of death.

Remaining Units:
ELDAR: Scorpions dead, Warwalker destroyed, 7 of 10 dire avengers remain.
MARINES: Scouts dead, Dev Squad dead, Tornado destroyed, 2 men of 5 man tact squad remain.
CHAOS: Leader dead, Rhino annihilated and troops within dead, 3 of 5 man dev squad 1 remain, 5 of 5 man dev squad 2 remain.

Closing Fluff from the TAU PoV:
With a full volley of his missiles streaming at the pack of humans, Shas’vre Stormcaller’s jump jets once again burst into action carrying him to safety behind the trees. He listened as he heard the two large missiles and countless tiny fragmentation shells impact. Victory was nearly won, and Stormcaller was proud of the part his Tau had played. Due to the speed of the Eldar attack, the human forces were caught on their own side of the river. This distance allowed the Tau weapons to take full advantage of their range and stealth capabilities, and they had exacted a terrible toll on the humans. And all without a single wound to any Tau!

Suddenly, a maniacal human burst from seemingly nowhere. Wait, not nowhere, but straight out of the copse of trees Stormcaller was using for protection! His grotesque face drooled and spittle flew as he yelled some incoherent battle cry in the human tongue. Almost in slow motion, he drew back a mighty arm and the gauntlet it wore began to glow with an unearthly power. Instinctively, Stormcaller reacted and brought the heavy barrel of the Airbursting Fragmentation Projector down squarely on the human leader’s head. There was a crack and a squish and the leader slumped to the ground right at Stormcaller’s feet. The final sign of victory, the gauntlet’s glow faded as the last of the human forces were completely routed.

Hope you enjoyed this battle report (this is the first one I've tried posting with map pictures, so we'll see how it goes...)

We all live in the fish!
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