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The Best of times...
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Default The Best of times...

Time to brag on yourselves... 8)

What were your greatest victories?

Here are some of mine:

Moral Victories:
Stealth Shas'vre killed an Emperor's Champion in assault.

Killing the Necron Night Bringer 3 games in a row. How cool is it to kill a god? ;D

My command team killed a Wraith Lord in assault.

Crushing Victory:
A tournament game against Dark Eldar I shot them to pieces by turn 4.

A tournament game vs Necrons... for some reason he didn't have a Monolith. >

Victorious Slaughter:
3500 point game
Tau vs. Chaos undivided

Railguns and Ion Cannons shredded his Landraider and Dreadnaught right out of the gate. His Obilerators and bikes were the next victim of my big guns and a deepstriking crisis team took out his Defiler.

He tried a two prong attack. On one flank I executed a near perfect Kaunyon Maneuver. I sacrificed my other Crisis team to his Bloodletters, but then shot the Daemons to pieces after the assault. His Rhinos and Marines were following to back up his Daemons, but they were dealt with in short order.

On the other flank his deep striking terminators took out all my shield drones. Then the terminators were mowed down by my Commander (PR,FB) and Broadsides (RG,PR,MT with assistance from pathfinder Markerlights) that were free since all Heavy supports were gone after turn 2. I had lured his Raptors into an opening in my lines and closed the gap with deepstriking stealth suits and assaulting kroot. The game was decided by the top or turn 3. His greater daemon emerged at the bottom of turn 3. So guess what everything would have shot at on turn 4.

The one crisis team was the only thing I lost. All my other squads were above half strength.

Go ahead, sing of your great victories.

Tau, Believe in Our Destiny
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Default Re: The Best of times...

Small Squad vs Squad. (120 points) he was mad because i killed all of his guys easily the first game so i gave him a free walker. turn one and my guys are in range. I fire at the walker penetrates and i roll a 6. i end up killing 3 guys from the two squads next to him. both fail and both run of the board turn one.
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Default Re: The Best of times...

Brilliant, Funshade!

My best victory was one on one, 1500 pts, my Tau against Necrons. (first ever time playing them.)

Highlights include:

Destruction of his Monolith on the first turn, denying him 15 Warriors.

His Destroyer Lord with Warscythe being wounded by a Sniper Drone, in close combat.

VoD deepstriking lord, with 20 warriors, scattering into a fleeing fire warrior (the only survivor of his squad). Since the central model was within 1 inch of an enemy model, the entire squad died. That fire warrior is now my Shas'O.

I also did very well in a three-way battle, with the same Necron player, and his brother, with Space Marines. After convincing the Gue'la it was in his best interests to destroy the Necrons, I wiped out his entire army (Except for his Commander+5 Assault Termies locked in combat) in a single shooting phase.

Against Tyranids, I collapsed the Synapse web of my opponent, ignoring Gaunts, 'Stealers and Carnifex, and was treated to the hilarious spectacle of the majority of his army failing morale test after morale test, and running off the board.
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Default Re: The Best of times...

Moral Victory: A single melta toting catachan killed two land raiders and two rinos in death or glory and then killed a dreadnought in turn 6
Moral Victory: killing ten termies with 6 rapid firing lasguns in one turn (12 shots, 1 miss, 11 wounds, 1 fails, ten armour saves.... 9 ones and the last ran off the board.

Greatest victory... Blowing up 8 squads (only one actually fully died, 6 others had their remaining men run away and the other one only had a single model left) with booby traps in deathworld terrain. Please note he only killed 1 catachan the entire game....

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Default Re: The Best of times...

Greatest victory: 1500 points: My 2 'fish mounted FW squads rolling up the entire flank of an ork army, doing FoF after FoF and winning the game for me. of course, my opponent was a complete bastard and being angry about loosing to one of the worst players in the club insisted that since I hadn't stated that the game would go for six turns that we should play it until one of us had nothing left. Unfortunately for me his uber warboss of doom (the only thing left on his side while I had my commander and my 2 FW squads) was within assault range of my commander. I still killed him With one FW squad left and won by 250 points for my first proper victory in about 3 years.
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Default Re: The Best of times...

hmmm 13th company space wolves. maxed out Wolven all dead in turn one. rune lord dead in the same turn. the rest of his troops fell to my 72 firewarriors and suites

i love bing numbers.

Speaking of which O'shava army FW beat Orks in combat. but this was with the old rules.

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.• Shas'O Venom•´
(¸.• (¸.•
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Default Re: The Best of times...

well, wiping out Dark Angels an Necrons to a man is always a fun part of life.

"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris
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Default Re: The Best of times...

Just last week a took down a sisters army for the loss of a fire warrior squad, some piranha drones and a few tank weapons.

Although the BEST game I ever had was much closer. We were playing a modified cleanse mission, actually against another sister player. The thing is, this guy was just damn good. He played the mission beautifully, hiding behind hills and forcing me to send my tau foreward to dig them out (luckily I was running my mechanised list that day). He didn't start unnecessary fights just for the sake of killing something. His seraphrim played my stealth team like a fiddle, drawing them out one turn, only to hop back behind cover and rob me of a turn of firing while I repositioned myself. When I actually managed to win that game it felt like a great accomplishment due to the sheer amount of chess-like cat and mouse sort of play that went on. Probably the best game of my life
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Default Re: The Best of times...

okay as mentioned above FUNSHADE this is the guy you beat stop gloating about it. All in all if any tau player wants to dominate guard should listen to him. ive lost 18 in a row.......
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Default Re: The Best of times...

Taking 1000 points of Guard and Orks and losing 30pt of Fire Warrior's. My Stealth Team inflicted 11 wounds on a 6 man squad, and my Crisis Shas'vre (BC, MP) took out whole Boyz squad my himself.

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