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Default Farsight?


I am looking for something new and different for my next army, and then i came across something about farsight. and then I thought of an all-suit army, which I have heard of before, so I was wondering, are they fun to play? are they hard? do they win, or are they plain out terrible? and how many can you get in total, and how many points would it cost? Also, for the auxilliaries, can you only take 1 squad per army? I was thinking of having a suit army with guardsmen and kroot, would that be able to win at all?


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Default Re: Farsight?

do you have any idea what your talking about?

you cant have an all crisis list. Farsight cant take kroot.
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Default Re: Farsight?

You are required to have at least 2 units of troops.

Therefore an all suit army isn't possible
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Default Re: Farsight?

Well, the human aux's officiality and numbers are in the grey area.

And how formal a list do you want? If your groups's relaxed enough, you may try ouse-ruling it(I've got some made up, though they lack other's playing). Search XV-0

If you're staying with GW-approved stuff, Farsight lists are more challenging due to Farsight himself and the restrictions.

Max Battlesuits: 23:
Farsight and 7 bodyguards
Commander and 2 bodyguards
9 Crisis suits
3 Broadsides

as for points: You'll want it to be higher to get the use out of Farsight et co.
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Default Re: Farsight?

Technically, if you take a normal tau army, you can get more via the broadsides.

You lose five bodyguards, but gain six broadsides, for a grand total of 24. =)

Depends on whatcha want, though. Personally, I find the nine broadside list entertaining.
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Default Re: Farsight?

I think he just wants to know what you can do with farsight, he probably doesn't have the codex and wants to know what can happen before he gets it.
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