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Help with XV15 Color Schemes
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Default Help with XV15 Color Schemes

Hi. I picked up some XV15 stealth suits, and I love the models (they are fifty times better than the XV25's, IMO), but I can't decide how to paint them. I could paint them my normal scheme (Shadow Grey (which is sorta purple) armor with Codex Grey back), but it seems like they should be sorta special, if you know what I mean. I was thinking of painting them black, but it's kinda drab...

Are there any fluff references I'm missing as to their color? If not, what would you guys suggest?

Oh, and if a mod wants to move this to painting fine with me, but I thought it would belong here because I'm asking about Tau Fluff more than actual painting.
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Default Re: Help with XV15 Color Schemes

Try Shadow+Codex Grey for the armour and Adeptus Battlegrey(If you have it, otherwise Codex Grey+Black) for the undersuit.
The main distinction with stealth team colours is that they tend to be a darker version of the standard colours, or give the darkest colour in the scheme more dominance.

Another alternative is to paint them in 'optical camo', there's an example in the WD that has the Bruno Rizzo army showcase. Might also be on the net somewhere, but I'm not sure where.
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Default Re: Help with XV15 Color Schemes

just but bases on the battle feild they are stealth after all :P

only joking.

i got like three colour schemes.
midnight blue all over, then regal blue strips, withe ultramariens blue then lightning blue on top.

black with a mix colour the same as my base it looks like its going into stealth mode.

try dark colours with contrasting clours works well.

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