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CDR Farsight
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Kroot Shaper
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Default CDR Farsight

I just got CDR Farsight in the mail and I want to start painting him, but I don't know the actual colors to use. I have looked through the Codex and can't find anything. It looks like Scab Red. Can anyone help me out with the color scheme?
Is it bad to vary the color scheme a little?
Thanks for the help
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Default Re: CDR Farsight

He's from The Vior'la sept, so red is traditional on him somewhere.

That said, he's your model, paint him however you like. Have fun, too, the blade gives you something a bit diff from most tau stuff.
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Default Re: CDR Farsight

Since is a special character, I'd paint him the way he should be: some red...
Unless you plan on using him and it's rules but change he's name and history to create a new character.
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Default Re: CDR Farsight

You are in luck:


It is a Scab Red - Red Gore - Blood Red progression. I would advise you to keep the Blood Red highlight sharp. Use too much and it will end up the same shade as Space Marine weapons. They use a Red Ink, though, which should help cut the highlight anyway. It is fine to pick whatever color scheme you want, but the one they give you produces a pretty nice result. I would do all the red first, then the grey and black, then go back and touch up any red areas. Make sure to leave some black in the recesses of the panel lines when you are basecoating.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: CDR Farsight

Thanks a lot!! That is exactly what I needed.
I know he is my character but it is CDDR Farsight and I wouldn't want to take anything away from the "Special Character" bit. If anything I might just add a highlight here or there.
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