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Some kill team questions
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Default Some kill team questions

Hello there, I'm building a tau kill team out of the bazillions of bits I had lying around. Right now I have completed two characters, but before going on I would like to ask some questions:
1st- My kill team is formed by a Shas'ui firewarrior with pulse rifle, hardwired drone controller and marker drone, a pathfinder with rail rifle (breaks one mutable rule), and the rest is just standard firewarriors with pulse rifles and carbins. What do you think about it?
2nd- The 40 points wargear limit per character includes the promotion to Shas'ui?
3rd- Do the special wargear (like silencers, wirecutters, scramblers and such) can be chosen from the very start, and thus discounted from the squad point cost (so the goons wouldn't get the bonus) or do you have to achieve experience to get it (meaning that you would give the goons more points to spend)?
4th- If you can choose special wargear from the start, what would be better for tau? (I would choose "Silencers", "Wirecutters", "Scaling Ladders and Grapnels" and "Camo Gear").
5th- How many pulse carbins should I include in the mix to make them effective? are they useful at all?

Well, I think that's all, thanks in advance for the comments.

P.S: Are you guys getting also an annoying automated message (telling that they are very occupied and you should ask elsewhere) when you ask GW directly?
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