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Sniper donres, Vespid, and the Ionhead
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Default Sniper donres, Vespid, and the Ionhead

this was in a another topic of how to beat SM but i thought it deserved its own topic. Made this to compare the three units that all have AP3
All AP3. when your fighting space marines having that AP3 is the golden number. unless they are in power armor. then stick with the plasma. but lets face it, if you could just fit a suit with only a plasma rifle its 45 points, then multi tracker and the fusion makes 62 points. Snipers plow out 3 shots AP3 a turn at a longer range.

Advantages over a Crisis suit
Longer range
Markerlight helping hits or reduce cover saves.

Disadvantages over a Crisis suit
Not a scoring unit
Cant move and shoot
If Crisis is in 12 inches it puts out more shots per points

Its a good idea to have a mix of crisis and sniper drones, unfortunately sniper drones cant grab objectives but are great for holding them back. now the sniper drones will do one of two things...
1. drive them away from the drones in fear of the units dieing
2. become a target and draw them in close.

So remember that stealth fields, their saves are in their distance. further you are away better chance they will miss. the 3+ hits for the markerlight on the spotters can help the crisis suits also (works really well in Crisis teams) but the markerlight will increase the shots the drones hit by about 33% instead of 1.5 hitting now 2 hit.
Now for the ion head!

~Forces glancing if moving (GET A MULTI TRACKER)
~shoots more accurate shots then the sniper drones at the same AP,
~can move 12 inches and still shoot
~armor 13 in the front
~Scoring unit! YAYS

~More expensive then the sniper drones
~if managed to become glanced they have a 2.5/6% chance of being unable to move or becoming destroyed (the % is included a Decoy launcher)
~If glanced (assuming you moved more then 6 inches) It will not be able to fire the next turn.
Hurray for the Vespid
~Can move 12 fricken inches INTO cover with only a 2% chance of dieing
~AP3 weapons
~Toughness of 4 (can make a world of a difference)
~can benefit from markerlights
~Cheapest in terms of amount of shots of an AP3 per points spent (86 points for 5 AP3 Shots.)
~Does not take up a heavy weapons point.

~If they don't get their cover save chances are they will die in a horrible fit of rage.
~12 inch range
~pretty weak in CC

The entire thing with the Vespid is to kill one unit at a time. and make bloody sure that they are dead. The vespid cant take a hit but can deal out quite a bit. so its mostly a jump in, kill, leave. a good idea is to take a large squad and pop them into a building or something near some marines. put a markerlight on them and BAM you got plenty of AP3 shots that HIT.

Notice!: Vespid are good at LOW POINT GAMES. at high points they wont make up their points.
I swear upon this day.
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Default Re: Sniper donres, Vespid, and the Ionhead

Nice. I see you didn't put up any thing on their other uses but I now see it's against SMurfs and power amour.

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