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1500 point Hybrid Army- suggestions please!
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Default 1500 point Hybrid Army- suggestions please!

Heres the damage:
HQ: 195
Commander Shadowsun with vectored retro-thrusters and stimulant injector

Elites: 190
3 X crisis suits with TL Plasma Rifles, 2 gun drones and leader upgrade.

Troops: 355
2x 12 FW, one squad armed with carbines, the other with rifles.
Devilfish with targeting array and multi tracker
15x Kroot and 1 shaper.

Fast Attack: 250
7x Pathfinders with Shas’ui upgrade
Piranha with Fusion Blaster and targeting array
5x Vespid’s with strain leader

Heavy Support: 375
1x Sniper Drone team
3x Broadsides with leader upgrade, 2 shield drones, multi trackers, advance stabilisers and a target lock for the leader.

Opposition: Usually SM (Black Templars) or Eldar. Always struggle with Terminators deep striking in front of the Broads and engaging in H2H, therefore rendering them useless for most of the game.

Main dilemma is not having a rail or ion head. Other note includes having the carbine equipped FW squad aboard the Fish to counter enemies up close, using Shadowsuns leadership.

All items in black have been purchased, so any changes to the red would be appreciated!
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