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Marker Lights
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Default Marker Lights

I'm really frustrated. I've been through the codex and back and I can't understand how maker lights are paid for in points and how they are allocated onto units........ please help?
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Default Re: Marker Lights

They're treated as a weapon. Pathfinders, sniper teams, and sky rays come with them by default. Firewarriors and stealths can buy one for the team lead, and marker drones are purchased the same way other drones are.

I really dont want to get into the use explanation atm...suffice it to say that unless its networked, use it on a unit firing AFTER the one that shot the markerlight.
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Default Re: Marker Lights

1. You don't just buy marklights from the armory and attach them to squads. Though Marker Drones are sort of a way to do this.
2. Most marklights are already attached to units. Pathfinders, Sniper Drones, Skyray.
3. If a unit has the option to upgrade to carry one, it's in thier profile, not in the armory. Look as Stealthsuit and Fire Warrior Team leaders entries.
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Default Re: Marker Lights

Yeah, the leaders of Fire Warrior teams have the choice of taking a markerlight, but sadly it doesn't affect the unit it is attached to unless it is networked like Tyndmyr said. I believe it is about a +5 point cost (Don't have codex at hand atm). As Orange has already said, it does not include a entry for it in the armoury section, but I do believe there is a description in there somewhere.

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