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[Bat Rep] Campaign Tau v. Eldar, ~550 points
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Kroot Shaper
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Default [Bat Rep] Campaign Tau v. Eldar, ~550 points

i threw the ~550 points in because we both had different point totals. his was (i think) 540. mine was 590.

as quick background (someone stop me if this is copyrighted, i didn't find the material, one of the other players did), our races were sent to attempt to take and hold this planet each for our own. due to some force of nature, all of our forces were scattered to hell and thus we are all across the planet (also explaining our ability to fight different battles without coming across each other or more of ourselves). anyway, we're playing each fight as an attempt to expand. we start out with 3 territories each, each territory granting different advantages or bonuses, and wager one per fight as well as a third on whose ground we actually fight. so at the end of the battle, someone walks away with two territories, either one of the wagered territories (even if it was his to start with) and the battlefield territory or both wagered territories (if they're good enough). eventually, when everybody gets to between 8 and 12 territories, we're going to switch into tournament mode.

here are the army lists:

Tau (me):

1x ionhead w/ burst cannons, MT, DL, TL

1x 10 man FW squad + 1 Sha'sui

1x 6 man SS, 2 with FB instead of BC

1x command suit, fireknife config

Eldar (him, though forgive me, most of this is from memory, and i don't really know his units well).

2x walkers

1x wave serpent

1x ~15 man guardian squad

1x autarch acting as IC, but moving almost exclusively with another unit

1x 5 man squad of dire avengers

we were playing basically on a CoD board because of the terrain we were supposed to be fighting for. tall buildings which we couldn't go on top of but we could go into. no long firing lanes, though his corner of the board did allow me to use the terrain for a natural funnel, which ended up essentially winning me the game. we rolled special rules and the only things allowed on the table were our basic infantry, no special anything in terms of vehicles or suits. everything else had to deploy late. it was table quarters, and we deployed on opposite corners.

Round One:

he moves his dire avengers and the autarch length-wise across the board, ends out of range and ends his turn.

i move my into the closest building and use it as a base of fire (to start). his men are behind terrain, no firing lane, i end my turn.

Round Two:

he fails to get to deploy anything new this turn. he moves his men further behind terrain closer to me, and ends his turn.

i roll and get to deploy my SS and ionhead, but my cmdr has to stay off the field for now. my SS and FW move up the short side of the board, heading off a flanking maneuver from his DAs. and my tank goes length-wise across my side of the board to create what i had hoped would be a cross fire if/when he came out into the open. i now had 2 table quarters. no one is in my line of sight, i end my turn, we move on.

(isn't this just so gripping so far?)

Round Three:

he gets to deploy everything this turn (lucky rolls). he throws begins to move his walkers, troop transport with his guardians inside. but as i attempted to explain earlier, the terrain acted as a funnel and he had them all bottle-necked up...just within range of my tank. he moved the DAs and autarch into shooting range (but still well beyond charging distances) of my FW.

i deploy my cmdr and, finally, the first shots of battle! i JSJ with my SS, lay some death with my FW, killing 3 of his DAs. my tank hits his transport and immobilizes it for a turn.

Round Four:

he moves his walkers up the short-side of the board closer to his area of deployment (opposite end from where i deployed). my tank is just out of range of them. he advances with his DAs and doesn't do anything, because he was trying to shorten the distance to charge next round.

i continue to rain down death with my FW and SS and take his DAs to 1 model and the autarch. my tank circles around slightly, putting it within range of one of his walkers (i'm not sure how, but they had been separated slightly and were staggered. i shot and killed one, the other i was still out of range of the other one.

Round Five:

he charges my FW with his one last DA and autarch, kills two, and because of failed morale check, they fall back. he then sweeping advances them off of the board. he disembarks his guardians, ends his turn.

my SS kill his DA and autarch. my tank takes out his walker, and my command suit kills 3 of his guardians.

Round 6:

he fires his heavy weapon at my commander and wounds, but thankfully he doesn't die. that concludes his turn.

between the 6 SS, the BC on the tank and the commander, i completely annihilate what he has left and the board is completely mine.

out of it i got additions to my army total, so thankfully, next fight will be with a little more kick to it.
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Campaign Tau v. Eldar, ~550 points

Ooh, I remember this campaign. Now I have to get it from Black Gobbo again

Good job on using that firing lane and on winning. With the extra points, I'd suggest getting a few more fire warriors or maybe kroot. Good luck in the campaign.

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