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Where do I Go Now?
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Default Where do I Go Now?

O.K. guys, I need a kick start. I have a 500pt Hybrid Tau army, and nothing to do with it.

There are 2 GW's near where I live, so the obvious choice would be to go and play there. The other option would be to play with my brother, but he isn't interested in the hobby, despite owning over 500Pt's of necrons, including the Deceiver, and barely 300Pt's worth of Tyranids. I know a friend who collects, but he is waaaaay more experienced than me, and will possibly crush me with his Tyranids. Other than that, there are few people I know or can easily contact who play.

All I need to know is, where do I start, how should I expand, and where in the sweet blue bajebus is the time when you... no, wait, that's me being lazy. : So, simply, What Now?
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Default Re: Where do I Go Now?

let me tell you a story about being crushed in Warhammer.

I play tau (no duh) i go to my local game shop where about 70% play Imperial guard. i win every single fricking time. i played my eldar friend. crushed him too. Space marines, won again. Tyranids, same old same old. i was so sick of winning. was it my army? was it me? was i good?

so now I go and i look for the baddest Necron player in the store and i fight him every chance i get. allways looking for that special way to beat them. trying hammerheads, ionheads, skyrays, sniper drones. i try it all trying to beat him. so far i have been unsuccessful at winning ageist him. but i keep trying.

A game must have risks of wins and losses. but if you always win, its not much of a game.

As for a side note. go and play at the store. make some friends. play some games. its fun.
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Default Re: Where do I Go Now?

Play your friend that is much better than you. The only way to truly learn to be a good Commander, is to loose repeatedly. It is only from your mistakes that you will get better, if you learn from them that is. Always try new tactics, units, and wargear. That way you can find what you like, and what suits your style of play.

Go to the two stores as well. There you should be able to get a game, and you will be able to play against different armies. It is easy to make a list that destroys one army, but to make a great all comers list is a lot harder.

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