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Tau vs. Space Marines
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau vs. Space Marines

Im going up against space marines in a 1v1 1500 point game and i want some advice or tactics on how to beat them. The SM army is mainly troop based. Please give me some help!
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines

It would help to know what kind of army you play- mech static, hybrid, whatever, and a brief rundown of what your army list looks like wouldn't hurt either. If you want to post your army list in the "Tau army list" board I'm sure that the people here would be happy to help you tweak it.

But without either of those things, here's a few things to keep in mind when fighting marines:

Armor saves: he gets lots of them, and at 3+ he will be saving a considerable number of the wounds. More if he's got terminators. When shooting at marines there is no overkill. Only "open fire" and "I need to reload". [Rule 37, schlock mercenary]

Assault: If he knows anything about Tau, he will want to get into assault range quickly. If he manages this, his units will slaughter yours (barring extremely lucky/unlucky dice). Endeavor to prevent assaults at all costs. Additionally, keep at least 7inches of space between units that might get assaulted, in order to prevent sweeping advances into your units.

Speed: Getting into assault range is one of the things that any marine player will have to do. They have a number of ways to do it- Drop pods, teleporting terminators, Rhinos, assault squads, bikes... Keep this in mind and attempt to hamstring him by smashing his means of transportation. Making his army march across the board gives you more turns of firing into his ranks, and that is always a plus.

Maneuvering: If you're playing Mech Tau (and even if you're not) you should try to stay mobile. use JSJ with your commander and any crisis suits to keep his troops under constant attacks. Position your vehicles behind cover on the first turn to deny him the opportunity to smash them before you get a chance to move.

Remember one thing- at the end of the day, this is just a game. The point is to have fun, and you can loose and still do so. Whatever happens in the game, sportsmanship is one of the hallmarks of the best players.

Good luck and Good hunting!

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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines

Difinitialy take lots of plasma rifles, they are the bane of Space marines. Also the Cyclic ion blaster is possibly worth taking on your commander, as it can get lucky and roll a couple of 6's and ignore armour saves. Also Sniper drone team will hurt +3 save models, well worth taking a couple of them for a static army.

Don't underestimate the power of massed fire, from strengh 5 pulse rifles againest high save models, cause enough saves to be made, and they'll drop like flies, remember you'll be wounding on 3's(mathshammer aside). And marklights are probably very valuable inclusion.

You'll likely outnumber him, force him to react to your movements, by using XV8's to circle around the place, taking pot shots.
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines

First of all, your going to need to discribe your army if I can give any help whatsoever.

Once you do, I'll get back to you
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines

There are two ways to bring down an armoured foe. 1 is to bypass the armour. Tau have a limited number of quite effective MEQ busters. The only problem is, like I said, it's a limited number. Most "take all comers" lists cannot afford to simply load up on plasma and fusion. So what's the alternative? Pulse Death. Hit em with an absolutely bucket load of pulse weapons. The rate of fire and high strength will ensure he has to take a lot of saves, and he'll fail about 1 in 3 of those.

I personally advise a mix of the two. A good selection of armour busting weaponry for things you need dead, NOW backed up by a demented amount of pulse fire
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines

I played 1vs1 against a 500 point space marine squad and underestimated the devastator squad. I know you are playing 1500 points but protect your heavy's for the first couple of turns and use the Tau's long range weapons to fire into the upcoming squads. He will most likely bring an assault squad or two and a Terminator squad and those are going to be the toughest to kill with a 2+ save unless you focus on them with the plasma, rail guns, and other stronger weapons.

I love Stealth suits in a 1500 point game because they can deep strike in and really do some damage to some squads. they are very versatile in how you can play them.

What weapons are you going to give your Crisis Battlesuits? I love DS a squad of CBS around some cover, moving six inches firing and then moving back into protection. it is always a nice move.

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Default Re: Tau vs. Space Marines

DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA. You don't need tons of plasma rifles as any good marine player facing AP 3 weapons will hunker down in cover at which time your AP 2 shots are wasted.

I have never had a problem against marines and I run only 2 permanent AP3 weapons in my army Ionheads, the way I beat marines is by DAKKA. y army is caple of putting out over 75 str 5 shots a turn + the rest of the shooting which is higher then str 5, the way to beat any army is not by a few AP 2-3 shots but my making the enemy make armor saves.

Also if you mechanize your army you pretty much make them immune to any weapon less then str 6 from the front which will neuter a lot of marine players fire power and if they tool up on heavy support just maneuver away from it.

I took my mech tau to a tournament this past weekend and went 2-0-1 and won Best General. I faced Mech Eldar x2 and Death Wing
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