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Hall of Heroes Tournament Results
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Default Hall of Heroes Tournament Results

Well today was the Hall of Heroes tournament and I decided to add the 90pts to my list instead of running 90pts under. I added shield generators to my broadsides and added shas'uis and bonding knifes to both pathfinder and fire warrior squads

My first game (recon) was against Dark Angels. Basically 25 terminators and 10 space marines with plasma/plasma combo. No vehicles no deep striking and so the Death Wing started walking across the board into the Tau gun line. By turn 3 it was over and I ended up with a Massacre result 6-0

Second game )Cleanse) was against Mech Eldar, game was very intense and one of the most enjoyable I have played. It was a game of moves and counter moves with skimmers zipping all around and neither side really able to penetrate the armor of eachother. By turn 6 every table quarter was contested and I had inflicted 541 pts of damage on my opponent to his 530. A draw so my points out of 12 so far was 9

Third game (take and hold) was against another Mech Eldar first, I got the first turn and by the end of my shooting phase 2 Wave Serpents were destroyed, their passengers entangled in the wreckage, 1 Vyper destroyed, 1 Waveserpent armament destroyed. This one side battle continued until turn 4 where I eliminated all but 1 of my opponents scoring units leaving him a Falcon against 1500 pts of my army at which point he conceded giving me another massacre and a total generalship score of 15 out of 18

At the awards cermony a Feral Ork player won over champion and I walked with Best General and best painted.

Overall it was fun and I didn't have too much of a problem except in the second game where Eldar Grave durability proved its name, I shot that falcon over 20 times with glancing rolls but the holo field kept it alive until turn 5 when I immobilized it.

So got a nice little trophy, have to get the litte plaque engraved but Mech Tau are certainly a tournament army
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