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Stealth Suit Conversions
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Default Stealth Suit Conversions

i like the new stealth suits a lot.
but i also have converted most of my tau army because i like every thing to look their own way. even fire warriors.
problem is you cant so much with the stealth suits. i loved the old ones. there where 6 different poses for them so they didn't need converting much.
but i got new ones and am not to happy with them.


i was thinking Terminators. there about the same size and a lot more poseable.
with filing clipping greening i think i can make it work.

any other ideas?

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Default Re: Stealth Suit Conversions

1. Wrong Board
2. Read rules
3. Welcome to forums ;D
4. Poses... 6 different poses? U have got to be kidding me! Take a green stuff in one hand and stealth suit in the other and take a hobby knife in the teeth like a pirate... now-> Posing time!
There is a lot u can do. U can make them "fly" Hey they got Jet pack. Take a spare "white stick" from drones and Put suits on it! Trust me, Any model can be converted if u really want to!
5. Mixing models is good, But I am a cheap ass and will not do that. I can use spare parts, but to waste stealth suit box & terminators... I will not do that ;D

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Default Re: Stealth Suit Conversions

Well, new suits or old? Old don't give you a ton in the way of flex, but the new ones, being plastic....go nuts.

Or take the bits and a termie and have fun. Swap out the SM shoulder pads with a pair of FW pads, and trim off obviously SM-like stuff. You'll get a look somewhere between the old suits, the new ones, and a termie, if all goes well.
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Default Re: Stealth Suit Conversions

My friend, go over to the hobby board and look at the topmost stickied thread. You will find answers there!
Originally Posted by Komrad
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