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Question about markerlights
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Question about markerlights

Hi, im just making sure ive got this right, when you hit a squad with a markerlight you dont wound obviously. But you can hit that squad with Seeker missiles, and whatever needs a Markerlight.
All help appreciated
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Default Re: Question about markerlights

Correction: You can LAUNCH a Seeker Missile by taking away 1 Markerlight Counter.

When you hit a squad with a Markerlight, you don't roll any futher, you put a Marker Counter beside them. From there, you may use the counter how you wish. For the Seeker Missile, you tae away the counter, as well as a Seeker Missile. You roll for "to hit" at BS 5, and then roll "to wound" and "to save" using the stats of the Seeker Missile and the squad in question. Hope that answered your question somewhere in there
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