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Human Auxiliaries
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Default Human Auxiliaries

Can space marines be Human Auxilliers?
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Default Re: Human Auxillaries

Nope. The rules for human auxiliary troops (commonly known as Gue'vesa) can be found here: http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/tau-auxiliaries/1/

They are more akin to the imperial guard than the Space marines.

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Default Re: Human Auxillaries

There is also the Codex made by Hivri on the House Rules forum under completed Codexes.
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Default Re: Human Auxiliaries

would be super cool if you could but sadly no.

Tau are considered to be the Zeno's (sorry if thats spelling is mistaken) to the Space Mariens.
the Mariens would fight until there last breath than been taken by the Zeno's.

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Default Re: Human Auxiliaries

it's spelled Xeno, Zeno. like xyolophone, the x is a z sound

anyway, sorry, but no marines in the gue'vesa. strictly un genetically modifed humans

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Default Re: Human Auxiliaries

There are house rules on this site if you go out of the forums, into the www.tauonline.org homepage and click the house rules.
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Default Re: Human Auxiliaries

Space Marines would never become human auxiliaries.

They're too "pure", lets say, to ever become servants of the Tau Empire. They consider it heresy and would never do such a thing if I'm not mistaken.


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Default Re: Human Auxiliaries

Can't you have them as allies.

Forgive me if I'm wrong I only have the macgrage rule book.

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Default Re: Human Auxiliaries

The Space Marines (especcialy Ultramarines) are very "fanatical", and they prefer to die in combat to live fighting for Xenos.
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Default Re: Human Auxiliaries

Of course, no marines have ever diverged significantly...and none of them have EVER comitted heresy. Nope.

Without further ado, I give you my SM house rules.

0-1 Astartes Gue'vsa(feel free to come up with an appropriately tauish name)

The unit consists of 3-5 tactical marines, as chosen from Codex: Space Marines. One of them may be upgraded to veteran at the usual cost. The unit also may contain up to 5 scout marines, as chosen from the same codex. They may not have any traits, and while they have other standard space marine traits, they no longer possess "And They Shall Know No Fear". After all, they surrendered. However, they do count as bonded.

You may purchase heavy and special weapons as per normal with the following modificiations. A Vet Sgt may access the tau infantry wargear. Imperial plasma weapons are not an option, however, for +20 points, the tau plasma gun may be taken as a special weapon. Frag, krak, emp and photon grenades are all purchaseable at the normal price, but you may only take two types total.

Squad members are armed with standard weaponry from the original squads.
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