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[BatRep] Tau vs. Tau at about 450
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Default [BatRep] Tau vs. Tau at about 450

Hey guys, just got back from a day of playin 40k with a friend and his brother and goin out to dinner with my girlfriend. Fun day.

Anyway, one of the two games we played (The first was just a semi-unfair victorious slaughter (I had railhead. They had infantry :P, so I'll report on that later) was a 450 point game with my friend's brother (Goes by Mr. Mister around the forums) with his Tau vs. my Tau.

Points wern't entirely exact, but it was approximatley:

Shas'El Dus'nett- Shas'El, TA, BC, PR, HWMT

Firewarrior Squad 1- 12 FW, Shas'Ui, Devilfish w/SMS

Firewarrior Squad 2- 8 Firewarriors

Mr. Mr.-
A Shas'el with a CIB, PR, TA, HWMT, and some other stuff I think. 2 Gun Drones

Firewarrior Squad- 12 Firewarriors

Kroot Squad- 16 Kroot

Deploymnet was very simple- there was essentially no terrain (just some ruble that had no effect on anything). I played my FW1 Squad Mounted on my left, my commander in the middle, and my FW2 squad on the right, hanging back a little bit to force Target Priority. On my left was his Firewarrior Squad, his Commander in the middle slightly forwards, and on my right was his Kroot. They were all shoulder to shoulder, how I daydreamt of railguns... >

We roll for tuns, I get to go first

Shas'El Dus'Nett surveyed the battlefield. His force had been dispatched to clean up the reaminder of an enemy force of heretical Tau that had allied with enemy Eldar. Not having participated in the battle, he knew not whether the enemy that now appeared in his sights was guilty, but he would obey the Ethereals to his last breath. With a radio command, his Devilfish zipped forwards towards the enemy lines, while he himself leaped over the rubble. His static squad shots blue pulse rounds across the battlefield, covering his advnace. The mounted squad leapt out, rifles blazing, and Dus'Nett smelled victory.

Geek Turn 1- Devilfish swings forwards and commander jumps forwards. FW1 hops out of the 'fish, pumps 24 pulse rounds into the enemy firewarriors. Only 3 kills, he got really lucky on his saves. My Devilfish shot some more rounds into them, killed two more. He passes his Ld Check. My Commander shoots his Kroot, kills 3, and my FW2 shoots the Kroot and kills one. Pass Ld

Mr. Mr. Turn 1- His commander jumps back, apparantley to avoid my commander even though they were almost identical :-\ The Firewarriors pump rounds into my firewarriors, killing three or four. His commander shoots at m Devilfish, Stunning it. The Kroot move forwards, shooting my commander, but he shrugs off all the shots.

Dus'Nett leveled his weapons at the oncoming Kroot, taking off several's heads with charges of superheated Plasma. Suddenly he heard the cries of his brothers as the heretics took their blood. He ordered more cover fire, but to no avail- his men were simply not hitting.

Geek Turn 2- Getting a little hairy here, shoots his Firewarriors, killing another two. My commander shoots his Kroot, gets lucky and kills 4. FW2 doesn't do so well and kills 0 Kroot.

Mr. Mr. Turn 2- His commander shoots my DF again, and after having to re-roll my damage roll because of being a sissy roll ( :P, the die barely rolled) it went from shaken to destroyed. Poo. The Kroot again fail to make an impression on my commander, and his firewarriors kill another two or three of mine. Pass Ld.

Dus'Nett cringed as he heard his Devilfish drop to the earth, forever more a pile of scrap. More screams of dying firewarriors, but this time of the fleeing enemy. Once again, success is within reach, even though he himself was not setting an example in shooting skills for his men. Suddenly, a plasma charge hit Dus'nett square in the chest, though he fought on.

Geek Turn 3- FW1 is really suffering, getting near half strength. I rapid fire his firewarriors, and magically manage to kill 3. I get very lucky, they fail Ld and run off the board 8) My commnader instead of shooting his commander like he should shoots the Kroot, killing anotehr couple. My Firewarriors kill anotehr two or so, down to 5.

Mr. Mr. Turn 3- His commander shoots my commander, inflicting one wound. The Kroot rapid fire my firewarriors, getting them down to 3.

Finally to Dus'Nett's delight the fire support fufilled their duty, cleansing the foul heretic aliens ( my army is Ke'Lshan. No aliens, thank you very much) Leaping forwards, Dus'nett silently cursed the drones that absorbed his rounds even though he himself was using the same technology.

Geek Turn 4- My Firewarriors pitch together to shoot his Kroot, killing them off FINALLY. My Commander jumps forwards, shooting his Plasma Rifle at his Commander- unfortunatley mine is just not cut out for this work, his Plasma-CIB being much better for the job then Plasma-BC. I manage to kill off his gundrones.

Mr. Mr. Turn 4- His commander kills off FW1 squad.

The remenents of his once proud firewarriors pumped rounds into the last member of the enemy force, the heretic commnader. He himself shot him, removing parts of the suit from its body. The enemy returned fire, again hitting him where it counted with a plasma charge.

Geek Turn 5- I shoot his commander with everying I got. My Commander takes off one wound, the firewarriors being saved. Only 2 more.

Mr. Mr. Turn 5- His commander shoots my commander, taking out another wound. Mine's only got one left :-[.

Now in a heated duel, Dus'nett pumped even more ammunition into his enemy, watching as the armor absorbed his men's shots. Suddenly, a third plasma charges strikes Dus'nett, and all goes black...

Geek Turn 6- I shoot his commander again, the plasma rifle taking out another wound. Only one more to go! The Firewarriors again have no effect...

Mr. Mr. Turn 6- His commander shoots mine again, killing it. He jumps towards my poor, helpless firewarriors...

The Firewarriors watched in sheer horror as their commander's suit hit the ground, reduced to scrap like the devilfish next to him. Fear hit them more than vengence, and many were barely able to hold their weapons to aim against the enemy.

Geek Turn 7- I'm really psyched now. If I can take out ONE wound, I win... otherwise, I'm dead. I shoot my 8 shots... and have no effect AGAIN.

Mr. Mr. Turn 7- He goes up and kills off about 1/2 of my firewarriors. Got 4 left, pass Ld magically.

The fire ripped through the line, killing every other man. Those that survived bravley returned fire, but to no avail, until every loyal Tau on the field lay dead.

Geek Turn 8- I can still get this... I pray to the dice Gods, promising sacrifices...

The Dice Gods Hate me.

Mr. Mr. Turn 8- His commander wipes out the rest of my men. Game over.

The Total is him ahead by just about 45 VP's (47.5 I think), which considering the approximate nature of the points values, we consider a Draw... though of course he goes off and brags about his win.

Overall, a good game. I think I got unlucky with the Devilfish, it cuold have done a lot more if it wasn't stunned and killed. I also had the wrong to-wound value for his Commander- I was going with a 4 for my FW's, not a 3 like it should have been. IIRC, it seems he was also using 2 Plasma Rifle Shots without being within 12" (EDIT: Just checked my 'dex, realizing the Plasma Rifle is S6... stupidly confused by my Guard Codex... how embarassing), but whatever. That may have changed the nature of this close game, but I'm not sore over it. I just need to remember to think everything out and remember all the rules. Overall, great way to spend an hour or so.
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