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Funniest CC ever
Old 05 May 2007, 04:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default Funniest CC ever

OK i was fighting a 2 on 2 match but thats not the point. point is i was fighting a warboss. he attacks my sniper drones in the open. due to their stealth abilities i get I of 10. i some how deal 2 wounds on him and he misses both saves. he only kills one drone so i win the assult. he louses his leadership and we roll initiatives. i roll a 5 he rolls a 2. i couldn't believe it. i got a sweeping advance on a warboss!
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Default Re: Funnest CC ever

A squad of some 13+ kroot getting sweeping advanced by 2 SMs, :-\ well it was funny for my opponent.

Nothing to do with the rules, but for some reason before the game started my broadsides leg joints broke. Not the ankles, but the ball sockets where the legs join the torso. Fortunately the model could still be put together and stand up on it's own (as long as no one touched it). About mid-game my opponent pulls some Space wolf special trick and has his scouts come out of my deployment zone and go straight into cc with my BS's. SW scouts comming from behind, guess what my BS did? Moving his troops into btb, the torso of the BS fell over making it look like the BS bent. That's right, my BS decided to take in in the rear (how embarrassing).
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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

My Shas'O once killed a daemon prince in CC :funny: My opponent keeps on saying it's cause he wasn't kitted up :. Still, that wouldn't usually happen any way
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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

I one killed a 2 Grey Knight terminators with 2 firewarriors, how weird is that?

Also, i killed a Grey Knight Terminator Captain with an Ethereal
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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

me killing the nightbringer in CC with FWs
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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

The Nightbringer can't be harmed in CC by FW's.
You need at least S5 to be able to wound the thing.

Mine was a lone shas'ui taking down a Grey Knight Justicar that had fumbled his attacks.
He got a bayonet after that commemorate his actions.
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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

Once my stealth suits where attacked by a 5 squad assault squad (I had 6 stealth suits) and out of 6 close combat roles I got 5 he failed all 5 and 4 of his 5 men died. Then his powerfist only killed 1 stealth suit and my kroot went H2H next turn and killed the last one. My only shining moment in h2h without Kroot (Not including the kroot crushing the last guy). It is something I joke around a lot about. (It has only been a week and I still haven't shut up about it .)

p.s. it was against Blood Angels for the first time and I forgot about the rule if you roll a 1 then you roll a die again and that is how many additional inches you move. That is how he got there so fast he got 6 inches+12 inches jumpack+6 inches assault it was not cool :P, untill I wiped the floor with him ;D. I killed everthing in his army my best battle to date.
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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

I've seen 3 fire warriors kill 300pts of chaos chosen of doom in 1 round of combat
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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

Tell me how that is possable...

I don't believe you. One aspiring champion had three attacks every turn and wiped the floor against 10 tau FWs.

PS. he had a lighting claw and I got my sweet revenge and won with a hammer head... ;D

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Default Re: Funniest CC ever

8 fire warriors killing a solitaire.
Shas'o taking 12 attacks from a godfex and causing a wound back
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