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Guide to Tau Weapons [Excessive Mathhammer]
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Default Guide to Tau Weapons [Excessive Mathhammer]

First off...these are average kills for a single target, out of cover, with no funky rules. YMMV. Rapid fire isn't included, as I presumed everyone here could handle multiplying by two. All BS are assumed to be 3 unless the weapon only comes mounted on a platform that is always better, such as a hammerhead. Templates are listed on a per model under template. Simply multiply by the appropriate no of victims to get your casualty rate.

XV weapon stats available at http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=42676.0

Effective BS Table:
TL BS2 = BS 3.33
TL BS3 = BS 4.5
TL BS4 = BS 5.33
TL BS5 = BS 5.83

Note that the biggest gain is going from TL BS 2 to BS 3. This only affects gun drones in our arsenal, but it's worth noting that a ML used to boost them instead of an equal number of FW with carbines is more efficient.

Kroot Rifle:
GEQ: .22
MEQ: .08
TEQ: .04

Kroot Gun:
GEQ: .42
MEQ: .19
TEQ: .07

Pulse rifle/carbine/Pistol:
GEQ: .42
MEQ: .11
TEQ: .06

Burst Cannon:
GEQ: 1.26
MEQ: .33
TEQ: .16

MEQ: .44
TEQ: .22

Rail Rifle:
GEQ: .42
MEQ: .42
TEQ: .07

Neutron Blaster:
GEQ: .42
MEQ: .33
TEQ: .06

Seeker MissileBS 5)
GEQ: .69
MEQ: .69
TEQ: .12

Railgun(BS 4) Solid Shot
GEQ: .55
MEQ: .55
TEQ: .55

Railgun(BS 4) Template
GEQ: .55
MEQ: .09
TEQ: .09

Ion Cannon(BS 4)
GEQ: 1.65
MEQ: 1.65
TEQ: .28

Coming soon: statistical averages of kills per point per unit.
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