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[BatRep] Defend CoD, Tau 2k vs DA SM 2.5k <Campaign>
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Default [BatRep] Defend CoD, Tau 2k vs DA SM 2.5k <Campaign>

This is the first battle in a club oriented campaign using City of Death rules. Everyone starts with 5000 points, there is SM player (dark Angels), one Mech Tau player (Me) an Ork player and a Chaos player (Khorne) who decided to take a Chaos Warhound as part of his army. The Orks and Eldar are unknown quantities at this time because the Tau have not been near them. I had a Fire Team sight the Titan earlier.

We are playing on the city map from last years mega city battle run by GW. The Dark Angels have run their spearhead straight into the Tau, who are holding a largish temple which they had spent two turns fortifying.

After some random rolling for scenario conditions the Tau are royally screwed. Relief Scenario, basically I can put troop choices only into a single building, and the turn I have no scoring units in it AND the opponent has an intact scoring unit there, the scenario immediately ends. All my Heavy Support, Fast Attack and HQ stuff must come in as reinforcements. So I am tied to a fixed position. War is not fair.

So to the Order of Battle

Space Marines

1 unit of 10 Terminators (in white)
3 units of Dark Angel Space Marines (10 Marines each)
1 Landraider armed with lascannons, dozer blade and smoke dischargers
1 Razorback armed with lascannons
2 units of Devastator (4 plasma, Sgt, Loader) (2 Lasguns, 2 Hvy Bolter, Sgt, Loader)
1 Dreadnought (lascannons, CC arm)
1 unit of scout snipers (4 Snipers, 1 Hvy Bolter)
1 SM Commander (Powersword, Plasma Pistol)

offboard is one 10 man unit of Jump Marines


I unit of 8 Pathfinders with leader
3 squads of 12 FWs, each with a Warfish
1 unit of Kroot 11 Kroot with 3 Kroothounds


HQ One Shas&#39;O with everything, Iridium, Stim Injectors, VRT, CIB, Plasma Rifle and MT, Shield Generator.
HQ Two Shas&#39;Vre TL MP with MT

Elite 1 Monat TL FB, Shield Generator
Elite Two Monat Shas&#39;Vre AFP, PR, HWMT
Elite Three Shas&#39;Ui TL MP with MT

2 Piranhas with FB
1 more squad of FWs with WF

1 Drone Sniper Squad
2 Ionheads

We choose up strategems

Marine Player selects Master Sniper, Deep Strike (for his Jump Marines) and Combat Engineers
I take Deep Strike (suits) Infiltrate for the Kroot, Medicae Facility (the building I have to hold), Fortification (the building the Kroot occupy), Plunging Fire for the upper floor squads and Tank Barriers. Note that neither one of us knew what was going to be put on the table, as far as unit choices. I was concerned that I would be facing vehicles so I jammed up as many routes as I could.

Here is how the set up looked, as the DA SM player has the table quarter furthwest from the camera. Note that he stuff most of his troops into the table center behind the grey ruins. Since I am tied into the defense, three squads start there, the Kroot infiltrated into the red manufactorum at upper right and my Pathfinders moved left and unloaded onto the 2nd floor of the left building.

He has his snipers, a marine squad and a Devastator squad jammed into a small reddish ruin at upper right. A dreadnought, Terminators, two other marine squads are tucked behind the center building. Devestators share a place with a landraider top left.

After setting up but before we rolled for initiative, I planned on loading up 2 DFs and trying to flank everyone or at least get mobile. He won initiative and chose to move first.

On this turn, the SM player moves his Terminators inexorably forward and his left flank SMs advance towards the Kroot. Also his Jump Marines Deep Strike in front of my Pathfinders. I wiff on all reinforcements, no wait I got one Ionhead which is out of the picture to the right (big board).

In terms of casualties, the SM Snipers KIA 4 Kroot, the Dev 1 squad slays two of the Pathfinders, the Landraider kills one Pathfinder and the other Dev squad and the Terminators maul the units in the main building for 4 KIAs. The Medicae facility saves a one.

The Pathfinders illuminate the Landraider, and it is hit by 2 seeker missiles for no effect (the Rail Rifles had no effect too). One DF loads up and moves off to the right, a second one moves over and the third squad DF reverses 6 inches, deploying i;s drones to tie up the Terminators. (Hey I have to throw speed bumps out there). The Tau firing for this turn is mostly ineffective, as they can shoot the Terminators only.

Turn two the Space Marine player gets his Jump troops because hey, they really need them. The Terminators and all the Space Marines move up, the Landraider makes a difficult terrain check and clears the building it was in.

One the other hand I receive one Piranha and one Battlesuit (PR & MP). They bolster the PF squad on my left flank.

Firing- The Landraider eats the two Pathfinders Drones I stuck out in front of my PFs (no one has a LOS to any of my vehicles), Devastator squad one kills a rail rifle toting Pathfinder, The Space Marines in the center fail to cause harm. The Terminators open up on the objective and kill five Fire Warriors. Marine Snipers claim another Kroothound. The Razorback shoots and slays a single Fire Warrior in the objective building. There are two squads there and no leadership checks yet.

The FWs in the objective shoot back, taking down a two Terminators, the Pathfinders Devilfish kills a Jump Marine with it&#39;s BC, and the newly arriving &#39;suit kills a Jump Marine. The Ionhead misses on the Terminators again. The Piranha has no shots at a vehicle so it misses 10 Jump Marines ten inches away with a Fusion shot.

Turn three basically consolidates the SM troops in front of the objective building.

Two more "suits arrives via Deep Strike (my Shas&#39;O) and he lands behind the Predator, while AFP suit lands near the Devastator Squad which has been galling my Pathfinders.

Marine fire from the Predator shakes the Piranha, and the Landraider blows it up shortly thereafter. My Pathfinder DF is stunned by fire from the Devastator Squad and the Marine Snipers have themselves another Kroot.

Two drones (red) sent out in a forlorn hope are shot by the Terminators (otherwise they would have had to CC them). The Pathfinders rout. The Drones kept the Terminators from advancing this turn, ha!

Two more Terminators die in a hail of pulse rifle fire from the objective building&#39;s Fire Warrior defenders. The Kroot manage to kill a Space Marine. The Pathfinders miss firing at the Terminators.

Turn four is going to be one massive CC in the objective. This is a campaign game and units lost stay lost. I could feed a bunch of bodies into the CC and go down in a welter of blood and feathers, or, I could withdraw. I decide to withdraw but also to bleed the Space Marines where I can.

Another Ionhead arrives on turn four and I do not bring in my Snipers or the last Squad and Warfish. Newly arrived Ionhead gets into the fight, stunning the Marine Dreadnought, &#39;suit (PR, MP) cannot harm the Landraider. The Shas&#39;O Stuns and immobilizes the Razorback.

AFP suit kills a Terminator and jumps out of the game, and CIB Shas&#39;O walks into the building hiding Devestator Squad 1 (surprise) and waxes four of them.

He could have CC&#39;d them but it was time to pull out the chocks and take off, so he VRT&#39;d off the board.

The big CC brawl starts between the 9 Jump Marines and 7 Fire warriors. They have higher initiative and they slay six Fire warriors but the Medicae facility puts five back on their feet (much laughter at this-I invisage Tau FWs smacking Space Marines with their IV racks and pelting them with bandages). The FWs do manage to kill a single Jump Marine and stay locked in melee with Terminators bearing down on them.

We call the game as the single dead FW from the CC made that unit non scoring (They also failed leadership by 1 pip). I had 2 squads reduced to less than 50%, lost a Piranha and had 2 Pathfinders out of 8 left. In return I only managed to make the Razorback a non scorer (the Dev squad would have been toasted if I stayed.)
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Default Re: [BatRep] Defend CoD, Tau 2k vs DA SM 2.5k <Campaign>

updated with more info
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Default Re: [BatRep] Defend CoD, Tau 2k vs DA SM 2.5k <Campaign>

that sucks... good luck in the next round...

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Default Re: [BatRep] Defend CoD, Tau 2k vs DA SM 2.5k <Campaign>

Nice report, that one fish has excellent camo, I looked at the pictures for at least five minutes without noticing it!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Defend CoD, Tau 2k vs DA SM 2.5k <Campaign>

More images and I hope this clarifies things a bit more. That 150 point Shas&#39;O rocks the house, another turn or so and I would have killed two more units easily.

Hmph. What did I learn? I should have gotten some anti infantry barriers too instead of plunging fire, then I could have made the dead zone where he basically started his assault from impassable. Yeah his Jump Marines carried the day but if they were alone then they would have been fried fast. Another turn of breathing room would have let me deploy into more locations. It is a campaign and it ain&#39;t over yet. FWI I am probably going to refuse this type of scenario again, I&#39;ll just withdraw and hit elsewhere.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Defend CoD, Tau 2k vs DA SM 2.5k <Campaign>


IMO, if dead units stay dead, you should have withdrawn sooner to minimize casulaties.

Good battle, though, and excellent Minis. Not to mention good photos

P.S. I smell Karma
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