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Am I reading it correctly?
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Default Am I reading it correctly?

I have two questions:

1. On the death of the Etherial. All units take a leadership test. Pass or fail they gain prefered enemy against opponant. If failed and not bonded, will they regroup if at 50% or greater? If failed and bonded will they regroup if unter 50%?

It looks so, but I don't seem to see the rest of the story.

2. Noticed for the first time they added a benefit to the PF's DF of scatter reroll if LOS to the DF. What if immobilized, shaken or stunned? Can't find it, or didn't read it right.


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Default Re: I'm I reading it correctly

1. They would regroup as normal, so Bonding would still allow them to roll for it if under 50%. If they aren't bonded and they are below 50%, they will just keep running as normal.

2. Doesn't say anything about it. It works until the Devilfish is destroyed.
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Default Re: I'm I reading it correctly

My guess is that the Pathfinder DF beacon is controlled by some kind of drone AI.
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Default Re: I'm I reading it correctly

Yeah, I guess the DF beacon is not doing anything at all - it is just transmitting its coordinates or something, and the deepstriking Crisis suits use it as a orientation as where to strike...
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Default Re: I'm I reading it correctly

doesn't say anything about being stunned, so I wouldn't worry about it
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