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Ranking Symbols
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Default Ranking Symbols

I know that the tau have to go to through trial by fire to rank up. But, does the tau have a ranking badge to represent there ranking?
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Default Re: Ranking Symbols

There symbols is the armor they carry. in the orage color scheam the white colors mean commander.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Ranking Symbols

I generally would do as funshade mentioned above.

Have your leaders of units have something that no other rank and file model has. A shiny mark on their helmet, a different coloured shoulder pad/helmet... Add a dynamic pose and you're golden.
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Default Re: Ranking Symbols

I can't do it here- don't have the tech skills, but Tash came up with a cool system I think once.

essentially it was=
one bar= Shas'La and a smaller Bar for 'Team Leader'
two= Shas'Ui
and Five of course- Shas'O
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Default Re: Ranking Symbols

I use a different colour for the shoulder pads of the team leaders of every unit of fire warriors and battlesuits
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Default Re: Ranking Symbols

I think the traditional way of doing it is how valar has said, painting some parts different colours to show their rank.

All the team leaders in my army have their helmets and (for FW's) shoulder pads painted white
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Default Re: Ranking Symbols

C:TE pg.55 Fire Caste Markings

There isen't much info. but it's a start.
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