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Flamer templates
Old 30 Apr 2007, 11:23   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Flamer templates

Hi there...

I have never played with multible flamers in one squad before - but have now in the guise og 3 XV8's each with a flamer, burstcannon and multitracker - question is now in which order you place the templates and determine number of hits on the enemy unit?

Is it:

A) Each suit takes in turn to place its template and the number of models hit is counted (some of them could be hit by multiple templates thereby causing 2 or 3 hits on a single model) THEN we proceed to wounding and saves.

B) One suit places its template and number of hits is counted - then roll to wound and save. Second suit does the same (might get fewer hits due to removal of first suits template casualties). Then followed by the third suit.

In each case the individually XV8 fire its burstcannon/s after having fired the flamer/s.

Furthermore the Tau ares gifted with a vehicle upgrade that allows a Hammerhead to fire its weaponsystems upon multiple enemy units - The Target Lock.

Question is: When do I determine which enemy unit is targeted upon by each Hammerhead weapon system?

Can I fire my submunition Railgun at Enemy Unit A and then decide to follow-up with the two burstcannons against the same unit or can I decide after hits are determined where I want to fire my burstcannons f.ex. at Enemy Unit B,


Must I (before rolling any dice) designate which Enemy Units that will be engaged by each of my Hammerheads weapon systems?

Can anyone clear this out for me as it caused quite a break and some discussion at yesterdays battle!

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Default Re: Flamer templates

1: All models in the unit fire at the same time, so you would place all three flamer templates down, and count the number of hits. Then you roll the nine dice for the three burst cannons, and add up those hits. Take the total number of hits from both weapons systems and roll for wounding. Note that you might have a lot more hits than there are models. Roll for wounds as normal.

2: Basically the same as above. All the shots must be allocated at the same time, since they fire simultaneously. So, if you have a Hammerhead with burst cannons you can target three different units. The way you do this is by saying burst cannon #1 fires at unit one, #2 fires at unit two, and the railgun fires at unit three. You can't hit a unit with the submunitions, kill off everyone but the IC, and then shot the burst cannons at him. It all happens at once.

Commander Scoutfox
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Flamer templates

Thanks Scoutfox - that makes sense-

Rules clerified

Over and out.
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Default Re: Flamer templates

Flamers work differently than normal weapons. You do not place all 3 Flamer Templates at the same time. You actually have to place and resolve casualties for each one seperately before moving on to the next. I would suggest doing this before you resolve the non-template weapons in the unit, or else your opponent can selectively remove models so as to diminish the hits from the flamers.

I think this is all on page 30 of the main rulebook, but I am using the Adepticon FAQ and I don't have the rulebook in front of me at the moment.

So case B is actually correct in this case for question 1, although it seems counterintuitive. Except that you would resolve all of the flamers one-by-one and then resolve all of the other weapons, or vs. versa. The idea is that you can not hit the same cluster of 5 models with 3 flamers and then claim 15 hits against the unit.

Scoutfox is correct for question 2. You have to decide how to divide fire before you roll to hit for any unit or model with a Target Lock.
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Default Re: Flamer templates

It does say you do them one at a time. Huh, seems contrary to the way every other weapon works. Page 31 under Multiple Template Weapons. Strange. I was wrong, my bad.

Commander Scoutfox
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