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Mech Tau Vs. Necrons
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Default Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

How can I use Mech Tau to beat Necrons? This is combat patrol and my list is basically a full FOF team and a Pathfinder team, I can't change it becuase of the campaign rules, but I need some sort of stratagey to avoid getting the floor wiped with my soiled corpse.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

Well, you definatly have a problem. If you can't change your list at all, I would suggest aiming for making him phase out. Use the pathfinders to boost your firewarriors on the FoF. Also I would disembark your firewarriors as quickly as possible, as the gauss on his warriors will rip through your tanks. In fact, you might consider keeping them disembarked and firing from the back the entire game, almost like static tau. No matter what, you have quite the prediciment. Good luck and hope I gave you an idea.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

Hey man, I played 2 games against Necrons myself, and they can be a problem. Here's what I found effective...
1) Decoy Launchers. About all they're getting are Glancing hits, but they're getting MANY so get these on everything!
2) Keep out of warriors LOS. They're strong, but slow. Take advantave of tau range, and mobility to keep them from doing massive damage.
3) Dont play just for victory points (if posible). Table quarters would probably be good for you. Mobility can take/prevent him from taking a spot, with a single well placed 6th turn move. Also, it prevents him from moving everything to you, and just slamming the hammer of his army into your skull. He'll have to concider taking and holding locations, and if he doesn't then just take them yourself. I won by 950pts in a 1000 pt game by zooming into his territory w/ stealthsuits last turn (500 points).
4)In a firefight he'll win, and in a CC battle, he'll probably win too. That is, under normal circumstances. Try to confuse him, and create chaos. I believe it was Tyr who once said "you dont fight the army, you fight the general".
NOTE: 12 Fire Warriors vs 28 Warriors is a BAD IDEA. Yes, even if your FW's are in 5+ cover. (I tried it)
5) Assume he'll make his WBB rolls. Just do it. It sounds cheesy, but if you have them, please god think about using 2-3 broadsides to remove that problem. I know they're not Mech, but waaaa, the Tau must be able to adapt to the situation, and if you automatically ignore units because they're "not mech" then you fail that challange.

I'm rather new, so If you disagree with something, or question it, please voice that thought. It could help me too

Edit: Didn't realize you were in a campaign. Sorry, a lot of my advice is worthless then.
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

This all depends. Are you allowed to alter anything in your list? Are you able to adjust wargear options? Model count? Or are you forced to supress them with what you have?

My first suggestion is to take fire-warriors with pulse-carbines. Yes, pulse carbines. If you can, get your FOF right up in their faces, light them up. Use the Pathfinder's devilfish as a lure, drawing them to try and hit it while your FOF moves up behind cover. Then, jump out, light them up, and drop their leadership by 3-4 for the pinning test. A test is much harder to pass at LD 6-7 than it is at LD 10. Then, while they are pinned, tank shock with the devilfish (one gauss shot is very unlikely to damage it), and keep lighting them up. Or take a mix of 6 carbines, 6 rifles (still very likely to get that pinning in) so that you can boost the casualty rate. Seeker missiles on the devilfishes will allow you to soften up the necrons with a few no-save no-res casualties prior to the FOF assault. (thus making it easier to add an additional -1 modifier when they get below half). Other than that, you are going to have a hard time. Remember, force him to move where you want him to.
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

I hate to be a downer, but this is what we call a no win situation.

Without low AP weaponry you are simply not going to do enough damage to them fast enough to make a difference. Your 2 Devilfish are going to be handled rather quickly by his guass flayers.

The only chance I really see you have is to play keep away and use your mobility to try and stay out of LOS the entire game. This way you maybe able to force a tie at least.

Sorry I'm not more help here.
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

Combat patrol is what makes this one really tough. Basically with pathfinders, fire warriors and 1 devilfish you are facing off with probably 2 units of 10 warriors.

Mathhammer says you can't win. Go for VP's (table quarters or objectives will just result in him standing on them, or the middle in the case of table quarters). In a VP game try and go second, keep out of range till turn 6 and then try an FOF after his last turn, maybe you can take a unit below half, since he doesn't get a WBB at games end.
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

Aim for a draw or focus on mission objectives. That is your best bet. He is going to be very slow at 500 points, and you may be able to simply stay outside of his range and LOS for most of the game. It may not be the most fun game either of you have ever played, but these things happen in a campaign.
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

Mathematically speaking, your odds aren't particularly good in a straight firefight. His Gauss weapons can kill anything you have with little problem, and you have no weapon that has much hope of getting past both 3+ armour and WBB rolls.

12 Firewarriors at BS 5 shooting at a necron warrior. (Number of Shots * chance to hit * chance to overcome toughness * chance to penetrate armour * 50/50 chance of failing WBB)

12x FW, BS5 = 12 * .83 = 10 hits * .67 = 6.7 wounds * .33 = 1.10 unsaved wounds * .5 = .55 dead Necron

Mathematically speaking, you have roughly a 1 in 20 chance of killing a Necron Warrior with a Pulse weapon - and THAT'S with a BS +2 boost from markerlights.

(someone check to make sure I have the Necron Warrior details correct. I'm working off memory here)

Basically, this is a lopsided battle EXTREMELY in his favor if you just try to duke it out. However, the only thing you have on your favor is speed and range. Sadly, you don't have both at the same time. In order to get your 30"/36" inches, you have to be out of your 'fish. It takes at least 2 turns to pick up and move to a new firing line, and in those 2 turns your target has also moved 12 inches.

MAYBE this might work for you as a strategy...
[Note: The following requires 4 seeker missiles and SMS systems on the 'fish - Decoy Launchers are, as always, highly recommended]

Turn 1: Open up with a salvo of seekers for some quick-early kills. You should probably be able to knock out 3 (if you're lucky 4) warriors with the seekers. You might also be able to down one more with your firewarriors. Ideally, you'll be between 24 and 30 inches away so your Devilfish will be out of range. On that initial barrage, you have a pretty good chance of taking down between 3-5 warriors.

Turns 2-5: Once those seekers are gone, you've pretty much accomplished about as much as you can hope for in a single round of shooting. So try playing 'keep-away'. Mount up and head for cover. Over the course of the next 4 turns, SMS them with your warfish from behind cover if at all possible. The goal here isn't really so much to do any damage, but to stay away from his gauss weapons. You merely need to get 1 of his squads below 50% to be ahead in VPs, but it's absolutely VITAL to stay out of sight and out of range in order to pull this off. If you CAN keep the SMS's firing, you should be able to drop 1 or 2 more over those 4 turns. Just keep firing at the same unit, but be careful not to let him use it as a lure.

Yes, this is "chicken-d'ya". He'll call you nasty names and get irritated. It won't be any fun. BUT... well, just blame it on the person who put you in the no-win situation in the first place.

But, if he does get agitated, maybe he'll make a mistake you can exploit. You have quite a bit of Dakka packed into those 2 skimmers. It's enough to probably drop 2-3 of them if you FoF with both gunships. And, if you hit a weakened squad, you might even be able to drop the last of them in one go, denying him the WBB roll altogether. Also, if you get a chance to deploy another 30-or-so inches away for another volley, take it. Whatever you do, though, make sure you're mounted and able to move for turn six.

Turn 6: Make a quick land-grab. You have 2 squads, so make the most of it. If he has the last round of shooting, hope for the best.
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

Oh yeah. If you get the choice, choose to go second. He isn't going to have range on the first turn, anyway. And if he brings Destroyers, just park both skimmers behind terrain. This gives you one free shooting phase at the end of the game, plus you can wrap up any objectives with fear of retaliation.
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Default Re: Mech Tau Vs. Necrons

Great, I now know what he's taking, hes got a squad of Warriors, a unit of Flayed one, and some Fast Destroyers. Unfortunatly, I only have the SMS on one fish though both have decoy's and Multi's. I will push for an objective based game, and try to take one unit down to half size so we are equal for scoring units. And I usually take second turn anyhow.
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