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The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon
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Default The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

The otherday I was reading some Tau fluff when I realised how many worlds in the langugue could be broken up and segmented and rearanged creating new meanings, and the same time I had also created a note of some Tau words which I didn't know the meaning to. Hence I began this project.

Below you will find a compiled list of words which I have re-translated. I have used both TO lists and another from Cyngus website to cross-referance and look up words whoose meaning I was unsure about. Other words I have 'back read' to extrapolate indirvidual segment meanings.

Currently I cannot go any futher with this list as there is a number of words which appear in offical fluff that I have yet to find the meaning of, hence I hope that some of the TO Tau scholers can give me the real meaning to these words.

Something else which I picked up on a number of occaisons was GW fluff which included the symbol 'q' within a Tau word. Considering that the Tau langugue does not use this symbol I have considered it a typo and hence that word does not exsist in the Tau languge.

Additionally some words that GW has given litteral translations, I have proved to have other meanings. With the litteral translation being the meaning of that phrase, not its consituant parts.

I woul wish some of you to take a look over the Tau words and provide me with a meaning for the ones left blank. Thankyou.


[size=16pt]The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon [/size]
Games Workshop has creating many words of Tau language, however many of them are composites that relate to phrases or meanings rather than words in their own right. Hence it is important to break down what is known of the language into its constituent parts.

Before we look at words and their meanings it is important to look at the way the Tau structure their written communication. In the same way us humans write with spaces between our words the Tau do as well. However a ‘space’ in the Tau language is also the equivalent of a full stop or semi-colon, basically separating one meaning(s) from another to aid in the speaking of the language. This is why there is no additional punctuation to the Tau language, such as a full stop symbol.

The apostrophe in Tau Xenolexicon itself relates to the linking of multiple meanings to create a further meaning, in much the same way that when you write descriptively you use adjectives to describe nouns. By so doing you can make the noun appear very much different from what it is. This is most evident in oxymoron’s, a good example would be ‘bitter sweet’ now sweet in itself is a noun to describe a taste sensation in the same way as bitter. However when both are put together at first you would think; “How can something taste both bitter and sweet?” the reality is however that ‘bitter sweet’ itself contains a different meaning to the sum of its parts. Yet at the same time both meanings are held in relevance.

It is in this way that the Tau language is different to our own as the real meaning must be extracted from the word and then applied to what that would mean in English. Hence such literal translations are often poor and it is better to use a metaphor or ‘make like’ to describe an object or action rather than trying to give an exact word or phrase.

This links in with the apostrophe system in Tau Xenolexicon because the Tau language is made up of a series of modular words which can be merged together to create a meaning which serves as a word in the Tau language.

To describe using an actual example the word Mont'ka has the literal meaning of War Strike, coming from Mont; War and ka; To Strike. Together both word segments read as Killing Blow.

A: Meanings; ‘Below’ or ‘Under’ in relation to status
Al: Meanings; ‘Small’
Aloh: Meanings; ‘Cold’
An: Meanings; “Location” -in relation to a specific place
Anuk: Meanings; ‘Birdlike’ or ‘flying feathered creature’
Ar: Meanings; ‘High’ in social standing or class or ‘dignified’
Au: Meanings; ‘Age’ or ‘Era’ or ‘A period of time’.
Auk: Meanings; “Impure” –in relation to the physical attributes of an object
Aun: Meanings; ‘Ethereal Caste’ in a personal tone
Aun'bork'an'retha: Composite Word; Meaning; Ethereal Bork'an University
B: Meanings; ‘Shepherd’ or ‘guide’ or ‘basic’.
Bap: Meanings; “lost”
Be'gel: Composite Word; Meaning; Orks or ‘Simple creatures’ Has no direct translation, or links with other Tau words. It is an anomaly in the Tau language.
Bentu: Meanings; ‘Wise’ or ‘Gifted’ or ‘Gracefully intelligent’
Bentu'sin: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Wise-gifted ones’ this has the meaning of Demiurg in Tau phrases.
B'kak: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Sand Herder’ or ‘Guide of the sands’.
B'nim: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘A basic foodstuff’ much like humans would consider bread or pasty food.
Bork: Meaning; “Snow” or “Ice”
Cal: Meaning; “Hard” or “Tough” -as in the physical properties of a material
Caor: Meanings; “Spinner” or “Creator”
Cea: Meaning; “Civilised” or “Enlightened” -in reference to those who see that the whole is greater than the one when it comes to society.
Cha: Meanings; ‘Purpose’ or ‘Action’
Co: Meanings; A Negative Prefix to a phrase, placement within word denotes what is negative. Eg Co’cha means ‘bad purpose’
Co’ge: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Not’ or ‘or’
Co't: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘But’ or ‘in contrast to’ or ‘not alike to’
Cova: Meanings; Break, shatter, dismantle.
Cyr: Meaning; “Time” –in reference to an arbitrary period of
D: Meanings; ‘Twin’ or ‘Together’
Da: Meaning; “Darkness” or “Absence (of light)”
D'yi Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Bottomcheaks’
Dao: Meanings; ‘To accept’ or ‘To receive’ or ‘Be given’
Demlok: Meanings; ‘Canyon’ or ‘Gorge’ or ‘Cut Waterway’
Doran: Meanings; ‘Calm’ or ‘Peaceful’ or ‘At peace’
Doran'ro: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Calm mind’ or ‘Peaceful mind’ a phrase referring to a relaxed state of being.
Du: Meanings: ‘Position’ in relation to a physical place or object.
Du'a: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Down’ or ‘Under’
Dua'vr: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Beside’ or ‘Next to’
Du'oc: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Up’ or ‘Above’
Du’Eio: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘High’ or ‘Taller’
Ea Meaning; ‘The’ or ‘It’ or ‘!’ putting emphasis on a phrase. Placement within phrase dictates what is having attention drawn to it.
Eio: Meanings; ‘Tall’ or ‘Large Vertically’
Eio'kio Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Tall Plant’ or ‘Tree’
El: Meanings; ‘Hero’ or ‘Commander’ or ‘Very Important’ –in reference to social standing
Elan: Meanings; ‘Strong’ or ‘Sturdy’ or ‘Support’
Elan'gu'cha: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Sturdy Frame Action’ or ‘Skeleton’ or ‘Framework’ or ‘Scaffolding’ Its is a metaphor relating to the way a framework has a contact force action on what opposes it, or allows an action to take place because of it.
Elan'Ro: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Support Mind’ or ‘Skull’ –submeaning ‘important’
Eldi: Meaning; ‘Wing’ in reference to a physical limb of a creature. –submeaning ‘important’
Elro: Meaning; ‘Have a Voice’ or ‘To Speak’ –submeaning ‘important’
Eoro: Meaning; ‘To Lead’ or ‘To Guide’
Era: Meaning; Plural suffix to a phrase, placement within word denotes what is plural eg Cha'era or ‘many purposes’).
Es: Meaning; “Forceful” or “Domineering” -submeaning “Full of (him/herself)”
Fa'ta'kn: Composite Word; Meaning; Doesn’t directly translate has 'soul' as part of the phrase however it is untranslatable of this current time. Reproductive organs? Process of reproduction? The act of reproduction?
Fio: Meaning; ‘Earth’ or ‘Earth Caste’
Gal: Meaning; “To Explore” or “To Discover”
Gal'leath: Composite Word; Meaning; “Explorer Ship”
Ge: Meaning; ‘And’ or ‘with’
Gharial: Meaning; “Diplomatic Spaceship?”
Gue: Meaning; ‘Lowest’ In reference to social standing. –submeaning alien
Gue'la: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Lowest Beings’ or ‘Humans’ –submeaning Imperial humans or non-pro Tau humans.
Gue'la'sia: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Lowest Beings talk’ or ‘Gothic (speech)’
Gue'la’elro: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Human Speaker’ or ‘Human Politician’
Gue'vesa: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Lowest Helper’ or ‘Human Helpers’ –It refers to any human indoctrinated into Tau society or was born as a generations under Tau control.
H: Meaning;. ‘It’ it is an aggressive possessive prefix.
He: Meaning; “Unlimited” or “Without Number” or “Infinity”
Hesa: Meaning; numbers –in reference to Tau number symbols
He'ra: Composite Word; Meaning; “Many Wrongs” or “Misled”
H'esav'geka: Composite Word; Meaning; “We are better than you” –in very general terms. I direct translation into gothic does not currently exist.
Io: Meaning; “Food Plant” –in reference to where the food is coming from, rather than prepared food.
Is: Meaning; “Movement” or “(lack of) movement” –submeanings “cold” -in reference to an objects movement rather than that of a creature, which would be defined as action in Tau Xenolexicon. –in referance to the lack of movement meaning an object being ‘cold’
J: Meaning; ‘To Reverse’ or ‘To reflect’
Jikita Meaning; “Kroot”
J'kaara: Composite Word; Meaning; or “Reflect Image” or “Mirror”
Kaara: Meaning; ‘Image’ or ‘Picture’
Ka: Meaning; “To strike” or “To hit”
Kai: Meaning; “Big” in relation to the size of something
Kar: meaning; “Correct”
Kais: Meaning; “Skilful” or “expert” or “Competent”
Kak: Meaning; “Sand” or “Small sediment”
Ka'ra: Composite Word; Meaning; “Strike Wrong” or “Exile”
Kass: Composite Word; Meaning; “Troops?”
Kass'l: Composite Word; Meaning; “Troop Dropper?” or “Orca”
Ka'mesa: Composite Word; Meaning; “Strike Mark” or “Scar”
Kau: Meaning; “To Rest” or “To Wait” while ‘hunting’ or other activities, it can also be used to refer to eating food.
Kau'ui: Composite Word; Meaning; “Hunter Leader/Team” or “Cadre” -not a direct translation
Kauyon: Composite Word; Meaning; “Hunter that is Patient” or “Patient Hunter” –it refers to a type of Tau battleplan as well and can be used descriptively as a way of conducting plans or a project.
Kavaal: Meaning; “Strike Group” or “Attack Force” in reality this is a grouping of multiple Tau contingents to form a small army.
[glow=red,2,300]Kir'qath: –non-existent word[/glow]
Klkn Meaning; negative prefix, suffix or meaning term on its own. In reference like a Human would curse.
Kles: Meaning; “Exceptionally” or “More Than Normal”
Kles'tak: Composite Word; Meaning; “Intense Explosive” –Equivalent of high explosive
Kna: Meaning; “Silly” or “Stupid”
Ko: Meaning; “To be Worthy” or “Commendable of”.
Ko'io: Composite Word; Meaning; “Grain” or “Basic Food Plants” or “Plants worthy of being eating” in a literal sense.
Ko'io'nai: Composite Word; Meaning; “Worthy Food Plants (that are) Starchy” or “Cereal”
Kor: Composite Word; Meaning; “Air Caste” or “Air”
Korar: Meaning; “Airship”
Korst'la: Composite Word; “Death being” or “Reaper”
Kor'vesa: Composite Word; Meaning; “Air Helpers” or “Tau Drones” (Note the translation "Faithful Helper" is inaccurate as it does not follow the rest of the language).
Ko'vash: Composite Word; Meaning; “Worthy Cause” something that is commendable in Tau society.
Kar'tyr: Composite Word; Meaning; “Correct Punishment?” or “Justice”
Kre: Meaning; “Traitor”
Kunas: Meaning; “Agile” or “Dexterous”
Ky: Meaning; “Me” or “I” in reference to self.
Kyse: Meaning; “Belt” in reference to asteroid belts in space.
L: Meaning; “To drop”
La: Meaning; “being” or “Creature”
Lar: Meaning; “Valiant” or “Courageous”
Lar'shi: Composite Word; Meaning; “Valiant Victory” or “Hero” –in reference to a one off act (it seems)
Leath: Meaning; “Deep Space Spaceship?”
Lissera: Meaning; “Group” or “Team”
Lisseri: Meaning; “To Accept”
Li: Wild / natural.
Li'Sun'yi: "Wild Flower".
Lynu: Meaning; “Steadfast” or “Persistent”
M: Meaning; An “un-” prefix, not negative meanings however. Used in the same way we might use inverted commas when using a descriptive word which doesn’t quite work.
Mal: Meaning; “Insect” or “Arthropod”
Mal'caor: Composite Word; Meaning; “Web Spinner” or “Spider” in reference to insects.
Mal'kor: vespid
Mesa: Meaning; “To mark” or “To Identify”
Mesme: Meaning; “To add” or “To combine” or “To Join”
Mon: Meaning; “Black” or “Greys” –in reference to colour (it seems).
Monat: Meaning; “An Individual” or “Individual Freedom” or the name given to a single Tau acting alone.
Mont: Meaning; “War” or “Battle”
Mont'au: Meaning; “War Age” or “Age of War” –submeanings referring to the anarchy of the early Tau castes and hence cane be translated as ‘The Terror’.
Mont’au’gue’la: Composite Word; Meaning; ‘Age of War Humans’ or ‘Chaos humans/cultists’
Mont'da: Composite Word; Meaning; “War Darkness” or “Fog of War”
Mont'ka: Composite Word; Meaning; “War Strike” or “Killing Blow”
Mont're: Composite Word; Meaning; “War Strength” or “Warlike”
Mont'yr: Composite Word; Meaning; “War Experienced” or “Veteran”
Myr: Meaning; “Knife” or “Blade”
M'yan: Meaning; “Un-happy” or “Not Happy” or “Sad”
M'yen: Composite Word; Meaning; “Un-forseen” or “Un-expected”
M'yenshi: Composite Word; Meaning; “Un-forseen victory” or “Un-expected victory”
N: Meaning; “Second” In reference to placement rather than time.
Nai: Meaning; “Carbohydrates” or “Starch” in reference to a foods nutritional content.
Nan: Meaning; “Sword” or “Hand Blade”
Nan'Sha'is: Composite Word; Meaning; “Sword Gas Movement” or “Sword Wind” in reference to a sudden fast change. –submeanings an attack made by Eldar forces.
Nars: Meaning; “Stone” or “Rock”
Nem: Meaning; “Piercing”
Nim: Meanings; ‘Foodstuff’ or ‘Food’ or ‘Staple meal’
Ny: Meanings; “Fur” or “Hair”
Ny'oni: Composite Word; Meaning; “Fur-covered”.
O: Meaning; “High Commander/Leader” or “Heroic Commander/Leader” this suffix in a Tau name denotes the highest Tau rank one can achieve.
Oi: Meaning; “Shinning” or “Reflecting”
Ol: Meaning; “Bright” in relation to light intensity
Olku: Meaning; “Decision” or “Choice”
Oni: Meaning; “Covered” or “To Cover”
Or: Meaning; “Compelling” or “Authorative”
Or'es: Composite Word; Meaning; “Forcefully Compelling” or “Powerful” or “Charismatic”
Or'mon'kor: Composite Word; Meaning; “Authorative Black Air” or “Powerful Black Air” –in reference to the ‘power’ of pinning the drones posses –submeaning ‘sniper drone’
O'ran: "Courage" –in reference to the act of.
O'res'la: Composite Word; Meaning; “Heroic Barbaric Beings” Or “Ork Raiders”
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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

P: Meaning; “A place” or “There” or “In” or “At” a prefix denoting the physical placement of an object or area.
Por: Meaning; “Water Caste” or “Water/liquids”
R: Meaning; “Long”
R'myr: Composite Word; Meaning; “longknife”
Ra: Meaning; “Wrong”
Raik: Meaning; “Time” –in reference to the passing of and measurement of
Ray: Meaning; “Walker”
Re: Meaning; “Strength”
Ret: Meaning; “To Teach” or “To Instruct” or “To Inform”
Retha: Meaning; “Temple” or “University”
Res: Meaning; “Barbaric”
Ro: Meaning; “Mind” or “Brain”
Roi: Meaning; “Smell”
Ru: Composite Word; Meaning; “Built” or “Crafted”
Ru'fio: Composite Word; Meaning; “Earth Caste Built”
Run: Meaning; “Structure” or “Building” –in reference to buildings in general.
Run'al: Composite Word; Meaning; “Small Building” or “Hidden Building” or “Outpost”
Sa: Meaning; “Well”
Sa'cea: Composite Word; Meaning; “Well Civilised”
Saal: Meaning; “Children” or “Young Adult” or “Trainee”
Saum'ol: Meaning; “Napalm”
Sav: Meaning; future prefix
Sav'cyr: Meaning; “Time to come” or “Future”
Sav'ge: Meaning; “With” –in reference to something occurring in the future
Savon: Meaning; “Keen-eyed” or “Good Eyesight”
Sha: Meaning; “Gas”
Sha'is: Composite Word; Meaning; “Gas Movement” or “Wind”
Shan: Meaning; “Army?”
Shan'al: Composite Word; Meaning; “Army? Small”
Shas: Composite Word; Meaning; “Fire Caste” –not referring to fire as an entity
Shas'ar'tol: Composite Word; Meaning; “Fire Caste High Command”
Shas'ka: Composite Word; Meaning; “Fire Caste Strike” or “Star?”
Shas'ka’demlok: Composite Word; Meaning; “Fire Caste Strike Canyon” or “Canyon of the sun”
Shas'shi: Composite Word; Meaning; “Fire Caste Victory” or “Victorious Warriors”
Shi: Meaning; “Victory”
Shi'mont'ka: Composite Word; Meaning; “Victory War Strike”
Shi'va: Composite Word; Meaning; “Victory Cause”
Sho: Meaning; “Energy” -in reference to the creation of and transfer of
Sho'aun’or'es: Tau word for Source of power, generator, engine, drive.
Sho'ka Composite Word; Meaning; “Energy Strike” or “Energy Weapon” or “Plasma Weapons?”
Sho'kara: Composite Word; Meaning; “Energy Image” or “Gate/Portal” -submeaning lens
Shovah: Meaning; “Farsighted” or “Prophetic”
Shtlk: Composite Word; Meaning; “Defile” or “Desecrate”
Siral: Meaning; Return
Sin: Meaning; ‘Ones’ or ‘peoples’ or ‘group’
Sio't: Composite Word; Meaning; “Premeditated Aggression”
Skether'qan non-existent word
Soo: Meaning; “Artfull”
Su: Meaning; “Grey”
Suas: Meaning; “Join in” or “Become”
Suam: Meaning; “Fire” or “Combustion (the act of)” –in direct reference to fire and flame, rather than the ‘Fire Caste’ which is different.
Sun'yi: A plant found on Tel'Oshi. It has large, beautiful petals, but only lives for a little over a Tau'cyr.
T: Meaning; “Of” or “To”
T'koreth: Composite Word; Meaning; “Galaxy”
T'roi: Composite Word; Meaning; “a smell type of”
Ta: Meaning; “Soul”
Taal: Meaning; “To Preserve”
Ta'lissera: Composite Word; Meaning; “Marriage” or “Covenant”
Ta'ro'cha: Composite Word; Meaning; “Soul mind purpose” –The meaning translation reads more as ‘Three minds, one purpose’ and is an anomaly
Tash: Meaning; “Endures”
T'auk'cka: Composite Word; Meaning; “Of Impure Stock?” or “Hybrid” or “ba**ard”
T'auk'cka'M'me: Composite Word; Meaning; “Bastardised” or “not of an expected breed, for its kind”
Ta'uk'me: Composite Word; Meaning; “Soul ??? ???” –submeanings Kroot Hounds
Tak: Meaning; “Explosive”
Tau'sia: Composite Word; Meaning; “Tau Speak” or “Language of Tau”
Tau'va: Composite Word; Meaning; “Tau Greater” or “The Greater Good”
Tio've: Composite Word; Meaning; “Contingent” or a “Group of Cadres”
T’n'cha: Composite Word; Meaning; “Of Second Purpose” or "On the Other Hand"
To: Meaning; An exclamation of unbelief
Tol: Meaning; “Office (of)” or “Position (over)” or “Authority (of)”
Tor: Meaning; “Land” or “Distance/Area”
Tor'ils: Composite Word; Meaning; “Land Measurements” –roughly translates as centimetres
Tol'tor: Composite Word; Meaning; “Authority of the land” or “Position of Power”
Tor'kan: Composite Word; Meaning; “Land Measurements” -roughly about one kilometre
Tor'lek: Composite Word; Meaning; “Land Measurements” -roughly about one metre
To'Tau'va: Composite Word; Meaning; “Tau Greater” or “By the Path!”
T'suam: Composite Word; Meaning; “Of Fire” –translation of ‘Belt’ is incorrect
Tsua Meaning; “Extreme Values” –relating to extremes on a scale of numbers
Tsua'm: Composite Word; Meaning; “Not extreme” or “Middle” or “Normal”
Uash'O: Tau regional [Shas] command.
Ufa: Meaning; “Breakable” or “Fragile”
Ui: Meaning; “Team Leader” or “Expert” –in reference to the second lowest Tau rank
Ui't: Composite Word; Meaning; “Expert of” or “Leader of”
Ukos: Meaning; “Spoon”
Upt: Meaning; “Mountains”
Va: Meaning; “Greater” or “Better” or “Improved Upon”
Va'yan: Meaning; “Happier”
Vah: Meaning; “Personal”
Vah'cha: Meaning; “Goal” or “Aim”
Vash: Meaning; Between
Vash'aun'an: Composite Word; Meaning; “Between Celestial Space” or “Warp Space”
Vash'ya: Composite Word; Meaning; “Between Worlds (planets)”
Vesa: Meaning; “Helper”
Vattra: Meaning; “Fleet” –in reference to spacecraft
Vior: Meaning; “Aggressive”
Vior'la: Composite Word; Meaning; “Aggressive Being”
Vr: Meanings; ‘Equal’ or ‘Next to’ in terms of social standing.
Var: Meaning; “To Raid” or “Raiding”
Vral: Composite Word; Meaning; “Undercut”
Vre: Meaning; “Veteran”
Xar: Meaning; “Physical”
Xar'vesa: Composite Word; Meaning; “Physical Helper Suit” or “Battlesuit”
Xauk: Meaning; “Create new life?” or “Birth”
Xesa: Meaning; past prefix
Y: Meaning; “Individual(s)” or “One”
Ya: Meaning; “World” “Planet”
Yan: Happy –submeanings “Mood”
Yi: Meaning; “Cheeks”
Yanoi: Meaning; “Moon”
Y'eldi: Composite Word; Meaning; “Individual Wing” or “Winged One”
Yen: Meaning; "To Imagine" or "Forsee"
Y'he: Composite Word; Meaning; “Individuals Without Number”
Yio: Meaning; “To Hear” or “Listen”
Yr: Meaning; “Experienced”
Y'xauk: Composite Word; Meaning; “Individual Create?” or “To Breed” or “Mate”

Raik'an seconds “time location”
Raik'ors minutes “time authorative “
Rotaa day
Tau'cyr year “Tau time”


Word segments deduced and cross referanced with www.cygnusx1.info/tau/lexicon.asp;
CODEX: Tau Empire
Firewarroir (Black Libary)
Kill Team (Black Libary)
Battlefleet Gothic
Chapter Approved (UK GW website)
Model Transfers Sheet

Note: Where conflicting meanings have been found the majority meaning has been taken, unless the composite word conflicts with other word segment meanings, in which case the re-translated (and in my opinon more accurate) meaning has been taken.

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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

WOW amazing!

Karma and sticky for sure!

This looks great for naming commanders and cadres and stuff.
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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

Wow... this is awesome! I would definitely agree with the karma cookie and sticky..

I'm probably going to use this in naming a lot of things..
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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

Done. One suggestion I would make, however, is to fully cite your sources as the bottom, especially Cygnus if you used them.
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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

argh, now everybody can look up my name :P

Originally Posted by jais
I need it! I need it! I need it! anton's vagina that is...
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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

Err Thanks, but this is not complete yet. I was really wanting to have the answers to the missing words;


I have yet to track down these meanings and before this is really compete I would wish to have the answers. If anybody can give me a definition of these word segments I would be honoured.

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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

I jsut got a cool commander name: Bork'Anuk (Snow Hawk)
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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

well Savon Saal your names not that bad it means keen-eyed trainee . so you have a chance at a promising career as a pathfinder or stealth suit pilot and a good shot at making squad leader
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Default Re: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon

Awesome. How many time do you spend in this?
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