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My 1500pt army
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Default My 1500pt army

This is my new list for fighting marines and other armies with +3 saves normal. 1500pt army.

HQ: Shas'o armed w/PR, MP. Support system: Shield generator and hard wired Multi tracker.

ELITE: 1st squad of Crisis Suits: One shas'vre w/PR,MP,FB and hardwired multi tracker, two shas'ui's one armed w/PR,MP and a Drone controller( 2 Drones), the other armed w/PR,MP, and BC.
2nd squad of Crisis suits: One shas'vre w/PR,MP,FB and hardwired multitracker, two shas'ui's one armed w/PR,MP and a Drone controller( 2 Drones), the other armed w/PR,MP, and flamer.

TROOPS: 3 squads of (12)Firewarriors all w/ Shas'ui team leader
1 squad of (11) Kroot w/shaper and +6 upgrade ( now I know you guys always say use 20 but I only have 11, alot of them broke or got glued in correctly.

HEAVY SUPPORT: 2 Hammerheads w/Railgun and smartmissle system. One Broadside no support system cause I didn't have enough pts.

So what do you think ^-^.
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Default Re: My 1500pt army

First of all, all crisis and broadside battlesuits must have a support system on it. So drop those FBs on your shas'vres because all your anti-tank is covered by your heavy support and replace them with a support system. Also, take out the drone controllers on your shas'uis and replace it with an MT because it's cheaper and you get more firepower. And take out the BC and flamer on your shas'uis because it's almost useless against marines and your hammerheads will take care of anti-infantry. If you want to you could make the railgun on the hammerhead an ion cannon because it can penetrate 3+ armor but I would just stick to the railgun because it will force lot's of saves and it is good anti-tank. Your shas'o is looking pretty good 'cause that's the configuration I use and it is probably the best one. The troops are good except that you should take out the +6 armour save on the kroot. It's penetrable by most weapons, hard to roll for, and you'll save some points from which you can use to upgrade your other guys. 8)
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Default Re: My 1500pt army

ok, First recommendation. Fireknife, Upgrade your commander to a Fireknife 'El for 85pts and change all the Crisis to Fireknife. more flexible and no majority issues.

If you cant get the kroot to 20 drop them and get a fish for one squad and use the rest of any points left over and drop the Broadside to get another fish.

and the crisis change means you dont need an Ion, keep the 2 rails for some AT.
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Default Re: My 1500pt army

While I don't think changing all of the suits to FKs is necessary, I would definitely not mix weapons in a squad... that's just a recipe for inefficiency.

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