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Army configs.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Army configs.

Hi, I need some help creating an effective army. I play against a fairly wide spread of races, so probobly not an easy question.

I play against primarily space marines, both pretty shooty, but one with almost completely deepstrikers. Next I play with a tyranid player (cookie cutter swarm army), an eldar player, Chaos (Iron Wolves!!) and sometimes an ork player.

So far I own 24 firewarriors and a Shas'o. I have plenty of units to borrow, so any suggestions will work!

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Default Re: Army configs.

Really hard to say what to take, you might want to get some mobility with some mounted squads of Fire Warriors against those fast moving nids, eldar, and deep striking SMs. Though the first thing I think you should get is a hammerhead, there always useful.
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Default Re: Army configs.

Hi RRKeith,

welcome here!

If you want to take my word as a non-gamer yet (yes, lurking in darkness till now and studying theory before practice as I have no Tau Army yet), it heavily depends on what tactics you will employ and what kind of Army you would like to play - if Static (means more defensive Line of fire), Mech (means mostly vehicles and embarked Troops in Devilfish) or Hybrid (which is somewhere inbetween).

You will find many articles here about various tactics, also describing these three mentioned Army compositions.

But for start I would buy some Devilfish for FW, some XV8's and maybe XV88's (if you want a more static-like heavy support), maybe a Hammerhead and also Stealthsuits and/or Pathfinders. It is very hard to tell what to start with from a scratch, because you have to try your options and fight some before you can better tailor your army to suit your needs and also fighting styles you encounter.

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Default Re: Army configs.

For the time being, I would expand as a Hybrid list. Pick up a Devilfish for one of your Fire Warrior teams, and maybe a Hammerhead for Heavy Support. See how you like using the different styles. There is no sense in buying Devilfish for all of your Fire Warriors if you decide you want to go Static with Broadsides.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Default Re: Army configs.

Thanks for your advise everyone! Quick battle report.

First off 800pts, 2 troop HQ

-firewarrior squadx12 bonded
-Devil Fish, BC, MT, TA


-Burst cannon

MT,FB, PR, Shield drone.

And a broadside

I was playing against a SM, and Iron Warriors.

I was forced to start in the middle so I didn't expect a victory.

First turn, SM landspeeder flys up, hits the side armor of my HH, destroys it 150pts down the hole. Moves his assualt squad within assault range for next turn (keep in mind FW's are in DF's.) Also moves a razor back with a full load within I'd say 24 inches. I had 2 choices, pull the FoF and try to battle my way out, or run into the waiting guns of the chaos...I deployed. I killed all but 3 of his assualt squad in rapid fire, and put a wound on his SM captain. My broadsides LOS is blocked by the DF, and my Shas'o finishes off the SM captain with his fusionblaster. Then the Irron Warriors sat some more, except moved up his Monstrous creature and vindicator tank to engage the other razorback. SM next turn rips into my FW's the assault squad made it into assault and the now disembarked SM's cut a pretty good hole in the other squad. Both below half strength (thank god for bonding knifes +1 ld!)

Needless to say I lost. all my FW's died, as did my broadside. SO I launched a jumping shas'O campaign on the Iron Warriors. They won..

Any suggestions?
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Default Re: Army configs.


1- Don't FOF assault marines, unless there are only a couple left. They have jump packs and thereby ruin the FOF tactic by jumping over the Devilfish. You should have just kept your troops inside, they are much harder to kill there. Remember he needs 6's to hit your Devilfish in hand to hand.

2- Skimmers don't block LOS unless they are landed/destroyed. Your XV88 could have shot underneath it.

3- Try to get decoy launchers on all your skimmers; they will live longer. Also they all need to have multitracker too, so they can fire after moving more than 6". Make sure you move them more than 6" every turn too.

4- Why do you have a TL on the Broadside? He is all by himself and does not benefit from it at all.

Commander Scoutfox
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Default Re: Army configs.

Put a TA on that broadside. Alternatively, shield drones are handy too, if he gets targetted with lascannons much.

The other advice was sound...don't use FOF in general against very fast infantry, unless you can be certain that nothing will survive to get into CC.

However, dropping drones as a distraction is nice. Provided you ensure they're positioned so he can't use them to massacre closer to you, they're not worth his time to assault, and they can annoy him for some time.
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Kroot Shaper
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Posts: 39
Default Re: Army configs.

Originally Posted by Scoutfox

2- Skimmers don't block LOS unless they are landed/destroyed. Your XV88 could have shot underneath it.
Correct, but a mass of FW and assault marines in assault does.
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