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The Tau Empire: Socialism or Communism?
View Poll Results: Do you think that the Tau Empire is closer to Socialism or Communism?
Tau Empire is similar to Communism 8 16.67%
The Tau Empire is similar to Socialism 9 18.75%
I'm not sure 1 2.08%
Other 21 43.75%
Who Cares? 9 18.75%
Voters: 48. You may not vote on this poll

Old 25 Apr 2007, 00:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Tau Empire: Socialism or Communism?

I was just wondering if you think that the Tau Empire is closer to socialism or communism. Please post your oppinion. Join the Campaign, the Greater Good needs you!
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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

Originally Posted by Khanaris
The Tau use a rather complicated system.

They are a two-level system consisting of an upper Hereditary Theocratic Oligarchy, with a lower Meritocratic Parliament.

The upper level consists of the Ethereals, who are born to the role, rule through "religion", and are relatively few in number. The lower level consists of councils drawn from the most able of all the Castes, chosen purely because of their ability, and they make decisions by consensus. As an overarching philosophy, the Tau practice Utilitarianism.

The idea that the Tau are Communists reveals a fundamental failure to understand either the Tau background or the concept of Communism. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding is a common relic of propaganda in the US about what Communism actually is. Since we don't have a good description of the Tau economy or industrial philosophy, we can not say whether they are Communists or not. The Caste system and the presence of the Ethereals suggests that they are not.
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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

now that is the best description I've heard of this at anywhere!!!

plus, why are we trying to apply human governments to an alien species ???

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Originally Posted by Faolin
"Human nature" only prevents a better future if we accept it as unchangeable.
Originally Posted by MechTau
Shasocastris, since my return to these boards, nothing has made a bigger impression than you and your views.
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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

so you are saying tau society is based around ForTheGreaterGoodism? :P
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

In a sense, every Tau is an idealistic martyr.

I agree with the Theocratic Oligarchy in the sense of the Ethereals, and the Lower Meritocracy applies, as mentioned above to the progression from 'la to 'o.
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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

I think that TAU are a mix of Japanese and Communists.

They have a strong sense of obedience and subordination and also they fight together for something distant, in which they believe.

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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

Thanks, Elliott. That saved me quite a bit of time. I always have to go hunting for terms whenever this topic comes up.

But yeah, you can not really call them Communists because we don't know enough about their economic model. The core idea of Communism is that the workers should own the means of production. Communism itself can be thought of as a subset of Socialism, but because it espouses a classless society, the Tau really don't fit that model, as the Castes permeate their entire society and are absolutely immutable. But a good tie between the Tau and Socialism would require an understanding of how internal commerce within the Empire works, and we don't really have that. :-\
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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

If they were communist, you'd notice three distinct benchmarks:

1. They would all have red stars and a little red book, and we'd have to paint them all in mute blues, greens, and browns.

2. Someone would have to farm. If they were not farming, then threshing wheat, riding a steel wheeled tractor, or carrying bails of unthreashed grain on their heads. All the women would have on aprons and babushkas (you've seen the films).

3. One of the Aun would have a map of New Jersey tatooed on his forehead and eventually oversee the collapse of their economy.

Aside from these obviously absend indicators, the Tau wouldn't make distinctions between the various castes. I like to think of them, and the greater good as more akin to Plato's Republic's model which I think it is based upon. While the Japanese angle comes up often, the fact is they don't have some of the hallmarks of the Samurai system: A priesthood separate and subordinated to the leadership cast for example. One Tau traite that is a demark from Japanese medieval society is the importance of the worker and transportation castes.

In Plato's Republic, society is divided rigidly based upon an inherent ability. Leaders are from the philosopher class, then come warriors, then artisans, then laborers. In Tau society you have the Etherials leading, the Firewarriors fighting/defending, water and air castes building and ultilizing machines, and the earth caste laboring. the one demark is the "diplomatic" function is not an etherial function.

So, while appearing Japanese on the very surface, the actuality is that Plato's model is a better fit.

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Default Re: The Tau Empire Socialism or Communism

Maybe we should have a sticky about this in the "other" section of the forum.

This topic seem to show up every month or so.

I really like what kanarhis posted: short and explanatory.

In a sense I dont think it really could or should be compared. We are talking about two different realities.

I have had people made that comment to me: about the tau being commies, and it kind of annoys me because

1- they use the term in a derogatory way.
2- they dont even know what communism is or how one should apply this terms

It really makes you wonder what they teach those kids these days in school... 8)

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Default Re: The Tau Empire: Socialism or Communism?

In my opinion the Tau are similar to the society described in "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. ;D
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