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The DJ's turntables. A battle tactic for hybrid lists.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default The DJ's turntables. A battle tactic for hybrid lists.

I have developed an effective strategy for hybrid lists. Now with hybrid lists you often want to mix heavy support units that are semi-static with ones that are mobile. Often certain units that are considered too mobile or too static are omitted from these lists. I have a tactic that uses the extremes of mobile and static Tau lists to their best advantage. The DJ's turntables work as follows

You use broadsides at the rear of your force, we call these the "DJ". The DJ keeps applying long range beatdown in rythmic succession, taking out as usual important targets from long range. Pirahnas are the DJ's fingers, where you "scratch" and impede your enemies using fusion blasters and possibly deploying the pair of gundrones attached to the Pirahna to impede your enemy so your DJ can blast him away with his mad beats. The DJ's arms are crisis suits, stealth suits, along with any troops in devilfishes, essentially your less than pirahna speed mobile units act as a cohesive connection between the DJ and his fingers. Your more stationary troops such as troop choices that are not in transports stay in front of your DJ. These are the DJ's bodyguards who ensure that the mad beats are continuously coming out from the DJ's. The DJ's arms are moving back and forth, but not as much as the fingers. When the enemy tries to attack the fingers, you call back those fingers and arms while moving around the other arm to counter attack their attack. Against opponents who attack the center, you can easily flank them with both arms.

Broadsides Broadsides Broadsides
Stationary Troop Choices-------all along this line, (kroot behind bsides--------
Arms Arms

Arms Arms

Fingers Fingers

Any comments?
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Default Re: The DJ's turntables. A battle tactic for hybrid lists.

It seems.... decent. You could possibly factor in the type of enemy being faced. but why do the Pirrhanas have FBs? Why would it be better than a burst cannon? And why must the Kroot be behind the Broadsides? Is it not possible for them to infiltrate into a jungle on the side and defend a flank? Also, this does not have to use the "extremes" of mobile and static, and is vulnerable to an all-out assault rush by infiltrating genestealers down the center or lictors. And what about a very, very artillery-focused army that will just shell the broadsides, negating any protection his bodygaurds could give him and just gaining the enemy victory points?

HINT: the answer to the last question is a) sheild drones for meat sheilds and b) sniper drones for the bodygaurd.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 48
Default Re: The DJ's turntables. A battle tactic for hybrid lists.

yes, I forgot to add the drones in for meat shields. I often use then along with my stealth suits to field a large squad of at least 12 gun drones and 6 stealth suits.
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